Europe from the inside. Part 1

Preface: telereality

In poor areas of the north-west of Paris (Montmartre walk from the tourist twenty minutes) through the streets of fetid streams are flowing and people are sleeping on mattresses on the street in the middle of garbage. But it will never be shown on TV — when it comes to Paris, we will be in a hundred thousand times to see on the screen the Eiffel Tower.

Who went on a tourist trip to some European capital, do not say you were in Europe. What you have seen — a "Potemkin villages" (the expression is well-known in the West). In any European city there are certain quarters especially for tourists. There's clean and beautiful. There are other places where tourists do not get. There's no barrier — a tour guide there will not lead, and he did not want a tourist. After all, he came to take pictures of beauty, and the garbage he had seen enough and houses. Here are pictures of the tourists and the same palaces, then hang noodles around as everything is fine and good.

Speaking of Potemkin villages. But in fact it was not! Think about it, do the Empress, one of the prominent figures of the time, could not distinguish between his own eyes drawn from these villages? This apparent stupidity was invented later and envious competitors Prince Potemkin.   About Love

The Germans believe that their steeper no one in the world, the Swiss nobody to talk sense that the nation is the world smarter, better place them in Geneva and Montreux. Americans have a question about the most beautiful country and the most developed nation is not worth it. Here, for example, Ukraine does not like anybody. Even the "first-class" Ukrainians of the western areas, which for some reason Stalin took from Poland, like the same Germany, Switzerland and the United States. Every stone on the road if that road to the west, causing them reverence. West for them — an earthly paradise, ideal, where everything is perfect. And the brightest patriots — what used to that now, among immigrants who return to their much-loved home can save in the force.

People are desperate to protect a way of life in the West, are often unaware of how they are contrary to common sense. For example, one familiar to my story about how cold the winter in houses in Europe (save expensive gas) said the following: "How good and healthy! Not that we have — so hot in the apartment that has nowhere to go. " A disconnect from the batteries, so will scream bloody murder: "It's an outrage! Where is the government watching! Here in the West … "

Almost all Ukrainian officials when they go on a business trip abroad, eager to take a plane ticket is not Ukrainian, and Western Airlines. It would seem, what's the difference? Aircraft same time in the same way. But no, the only Give KLM, because it is more prestigious.

Such an attitude toward himself and toward the West is not accidental. It is purposefully formed by Western propaganda, which feels at ease in the media almost all post-Soviet states. This is the basis of the magical influence that it has on the Slavic states after the ideological and then political and economic destruction of the Soviet Union in the Cold War.

And as there really is? Know whether we are striving for? European Union is very close, so to understand how people live there is not difficult. To do this, just a desire, honesty to oneself and a fair amount of courage to not be afraid to dispel such pleasant illusions. The purity of street

Our media are fond of saying that the sidewalks on the west washed with soap. Do not retell this nonsense to others. Garbage on the streets if not exactly there, but really less. And if the shampoo and wash where, does that camera once. So the cleanliness of streets — is to achieve more PR than janitors.

And we all believe in some kind of German thoroughness. Allegedly, people in the West in the life of a cigarette butt on the sidewalk will not leave. I remember in the early days of the West look — dokurivaet guy and a cigarette butt onto the pavement, so much more deliberately shoots a couple of meters. I'm shocked. I tell a colleague — how so? I firmly believed that all Germans are akkuratisty, and now this. Yes it is a Yugoslav probably calmed me a colleague. A week later, an event in a family house with frontage onto the street. During the break out is all the "pure Aryan" to smoke, and in the same manner: by clicking on a few meters butts right on the road. Urn they even eyes were not looking. Not homeless, all entirely by intellectuals, artists. So I realized that in the West where there is not a purely do not litter, and where negros with five in the morning all the scrub.

But the first and most powerful impression of the West was still dog shit. Narrow streets in the cities, not lawns. From the walls of the house — a narrow sidewalk and the roadway immediately. Children start especially not accepted, so content with pets. Many dogs, purebred — units. Basically walk their normal mongrels, often several at once. Tales of the fact that in the West, dog owners collect gifts in special bags, or are tales or history. In parks and now you can see the machines that for 20 cents you can buy a special package with two cartons for easy picking. But popular for some reason they do not enjoy — whether it is a pity money, or engage in this process is not desirable. Periodically, the city authorities are carrying out promotions: hang posters of cocoa dogs in the final stage of the process and an appropriate inscription. It helps the weak, when you walk down the street, you can not lose vigilance for a second. About the money

Here it is — a cherished theme. We tell the West, we mean money, we're talking money, we mean the West! Yes, for the money we would have tolerated any shit, think a postsovkovy our residents. Well, why not, count other people's money.

Let's start with the upper middle class doctor. A doctor at the hospital earns 80,000 euros a year. This amount can be found in some of our publications as proof of Western prosperity. But let's take a closer look. 80,000 per year, or about six and a half thousand a month — without the deduction of taxes that the EU is exactly half the income. So, in the hands of our doctor will get a little more than three thousand. The modest two-bedroom apartment in Vienna is about a hundred thousand euros if there is no money, you need to take. Rent cost about a thousand. So, if our doctor rents an apartment, from its three thousand, one he would pay for rent. From parents to children here do not remain flat — sensing weakness elderly sell the apartment and the money to move to a nursing home.

Of the remaining two thousand two hundred euros to pay for the maintenance of the apartment (such as our Housing office), plus about a hundred euros for utilities. Especially expensive gas, which heats the room and heats the water. Then there are the medical insurance (free here treat no one will), petrol and parking (if you have a car) or a monthly ticket on the metro and tram (65 euros), and other little things that are inevitable but all together still take a good two hundred EUREKA. Another five to allocate for food — not at expensive restaurants (there is one in a hundred will fly lunch), as well: when eatery when at home to eat.

And yet at all about all he has left the whole thousand! He can spend it wherever he wants. He can go to a ski resort in the winter or on Miami for a week (no more!) In the summer. Or take the car in installments or apartment and give this a thousand for the loan. But this is a doctor, one of the highest paid professions. And how to be a nurse or some corporal Bundeswehr to get your hands on no m
ore than nine hundred euros per month, and all of the above mandatory spending are the same? Here and there are interesting shops in plasma TVs, just turn them something to be seen.

Once I heard that the level of welfare of a nation can be judged indirectly by the number of air conditioners at homes. So, in Europe, air conditioners in homes at all. They were even in the stores do not sell. This is partly explained by the peculiarities of the climate — extreme heat as well as cold, it's not there. Of course, if desired, and the big money can be enjoyed without any problems, but that almost no one does. It's not even the price of the air — at a price of 400-500 euros at the very least, many urban families could afford it — that they are not able (or do not consider it reasonable), it is to spend 100 euros a month for electricity which it consumes. Where are the Europeans

As where they live? Clear where, in lavish mansions, not just seen it on TV, will our inexperienced compatriots. And if they say that there is still a pretty decent areas of European capitals can be found with a communal toilet and shower in the hallway, do not believe it! So it does not fit into their view of the affluent West. What should I do have to admit, still is. But it is certainly a rarity. A majority of the hard workers living in high-rise buildings, often linked to huge apartment complexes with endless corridors in our dorm.

Small manicured European villages — just lovely. Everything is so neatly and accurately, that the impression of a toy. The windows are always flowers, the threshold of ideal purity. However, on a visit to invite the inhabitants of these houses do not like: inside there, as everywhere, in every one.

Since all the money you need a lot, you need to look for reserves of economy. The most natural savings on food and heating. Subsequent winters can often be seen in the houses of the open windows. Although winters in Europe are not cold frost just a few days a year, but still, if we have ten plus hardly anyone will be the window wide open. It turns out — here in the apartment warmer and does not happen, so from an open window does not become colder.

Here's how it describes one our former compatriot:

"… The thermometer stuck at around" 18?, And when I asked for a glass of hot tea, I was told that in Germany they drink tea for breakfast only. At dinner — a couple of sandwiches and a bottle of mineral water. Lusty son to her grandmother, but she did not answer his affection. Oh, Grandma, Grandma, but is this the way we made you when you came to visit us in Moscow! Night in the apartment was even colder, thin, scratchy blanket my father in law, brought by him from the war, not warmed, every half an hour I woke resounding chimes.

Six months later, the tomb was not his grandfather: his living descendants refused to extend the lease on the place and grandfather's bones were assigned to the warehouse where the remains are evicted from their "homes" of the dead. I did not know that the grave can just destroy that even this tiny piece of land does not belong to you forever. He was buried here in two or even three stories, so escaping from the horror of communal apartments, I have to finish the horror of communal grave.

It is known that in German homes temperature tends to zero, the Germans are sleeping with a hot water bottle or a red-hot bricks under duvets. But it is one thing to read about it, and another — when a fairy tale, so to speak, it becomes true story. As I wrote in my apartment-in-law was so cold that I got frozen nose, from time to time my son and I ran to the car and started the engine, greedily inhaled the stifling hot air. "God, why am I here, what have I done with my life!" — I thought.

On the fourteenth floor in my grandmother's batteries were red-hot, it was impossible to turn them off, and we kept the window open. And then from the early days had to get acquainted with the other extreme. "Let's give her mother money for heating!" — I begged her husband. — "It's useless, she put it in the book, and everything will remain as it is." Two weeks later, we moved, finally, in his own apartment. But when I turn on the battery in a few minutes the valve is again twisted. Included heating furtively, when her husband was not at home, stealing a shower: water also costs money. No, we were not poor, but, sometimes, poverty does not live in his pocket, and in the gray matter of the brain. "

And in the shops for some reason stoked desperately. Maybe to people who own apartments in the frozen, drawn there to bask … About the store

Be that as it may, the abundance in the western stores, no one in doubt. Everyone remembers the words M.Zhvanetskogo that in the western half of supermarket products — all items which we only know the other half — is that we currently can not even imagine. Maybe his words were relevant ten years ago, but not now.

In fact, it is exactly the opposite: in our stores are now a lot more choices. That which we call a terrible word "isolationism", they called beautiful by the term "policy to protect domestic producers and create new jobs." This policy leads to a significant reduction of the range of goods. On any commodity group in the European countries, the picture is as follows: a pair of local producers, three or four European — everything. Even American companies to break into the European market is daunting, what there talking about others.

One of the common myths we — as if Europe is any special equipment quality. What's the point for the manufacturer — is unclear. And given that choice, and hence the competition we have above, if not stupid. Here and there are queues to guarantee workshops in the West no less than our shovels East.

"When you have the first strawberries? At six in the morning! "- Humiliated laughter curtain. But this is far from the truth. Well, maybe not in six, it Zhvanetskiy bent, and at seven, when the stores opened, they really can buy strawberries. Big, beautiful, the taste is indistinguishable from those of the beautiful and equally tasteless pears and apples.

The latest sign of the time — if before the electronics were all Made in China, it is now increasingly caught "Panasonic" and "Browns" made in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. For Western concerns enlargement was really beneficial: it is noticeable even on that as soon dropped the price of home appliances. However, the people working in the new "equal" EU countries according to the principle: as long as you work — paid sick — your problem. No you will not pay sick leave and maternity leave at all about something serious to say. People sometimes revolting about this, but the owners have restored order the old-fashioned way — fired the ringleaders and the rest of the promise that if they did not calm down, generally outsource production to another location.

And true that in Europe only sell artificial Christmas trees — they are in the store, of course, there is, but no one takes them. For two or three weeks before they are opened Christmas Christmas bazaars where a half dozen euros you can buy the usual live Christmas tree height of five feet. European service

I once broke my laptop. The screen went blank — and all! Nothing to do, I found the service center, go, show equipment, so they say, and so … I was immediately warned that the inspection costs 60 euros. Okay, I said, do not care nothing more. The next day I come to me and say they need to change the motherboard and the case will cost me 600 euros. Since the price of the laptop was a little cheaper this amount I paid only 60 for the "diagnosis" and went home with a heavy heart. At t
he first opportunity I handed the laptop to Kiev, where the master of his repaired in twenty minutes it took for 150 hryvnia — twice lower than in Europe had only "see."

Then I learned that there is nothing at all do not repair. All the defective equipment is sent to the plant, and from there get a replacement. If under warranty, then no problem, everything is free, though a long time. And if there is no guarantee, it is better to throw it away. Rigging

When I first saw the size of a wheel excavator, then it went in a good mood all day: when I remember this unit, so there is a smile involuntarily. But even more I was struck by the machine to collect the fallen leaves. A sort of a vacuum cleaner on the basis of the average of the truck. A worker drives a huge corrugated hose, which sucks the leaves inside. This unit emits a terrible noise, and on a visual assessment of the effectiveness — rake faster (and much quieter). Religion

In Europe, Catholicism dominates unchallenged. As an alternative there is a Protestant church that is committed every ten Europeans. Mass immigration in recent years has led to Muslims that Islam is steadily on the number of parishioners in second place. At present, most Muslims in France — 8.2%, then the balance of Muslims is: Netherlands 4.9%, Germany 4.5%, Switzerland 4.3%, Austria 3.3%, UK 2.2%, Denmark 2 1%, 2.0%, Sweden, Norway, 1.8%, 1.2% Italy, Spain 1.0%.

Catholicism remains a major force. Each district has a church. Optionally old — a lot of new, modern architecture can be said of glass and concrete. On a rectangular tower equipped with powerful speakers that convey the bells: every quarter of an hour for a few seconds every hour for one minute, and on Sunday at eight in the morning hammering indefinitely.

In schools with first class — mandatory lessons of the Catholic religion. On the lessons in jeans singing pop songs with a guitar. If a child from a family of a different faith, no problem: write a statement and get a release. What Austrians do not understand at all, so it's like a person can not be religious at all. After an hour I explained to my son's teacher that we are from Ukraine, where nobody ever went to church and just never thought about the issues of religion, in the column profiles of "religion," she wrote, "the Serbian Orthodox Church." Ornate ways of logic I did not even try to explain yourself.

The Catholic Church is strong administrative structure and its close relationship with the state. In Europe, there is even a special church tax. This is not what our church candle to buy: you do not pay tax — zagremit in court: there is a serious crime.

The teachers of religion in the schools obey their religious leadership — diocese, and there are strict orders. For example, recently in the newspapers wrote about a time when religion teacher fired for what she divorced her husband. And none of the courts in this case is not valid — the church lives isolated life by their own rules. The OSCE and the Helsinki Human Rights Group did not even stutter — their task is to seek out splinters in the eyes of those countries that are located somewhat to the east.

In the army, an institution of military chaplains — an exact copy of our former political officer. Officers are different from ordinary except that increased fatness.

Recently went napryazhenka with church personnel. Fewer and fewer indigenous people of Europe want to carry a feat of celibacy. But here, the eastern countries bailed out — opened in Western Ukraine Catholic seminary graduates are sent to the service in Western Europe. There are even exotic cases where bastion of Western civilization — a Catholic church Vietnamese or Korean pop. About Alcoholism

We are all convinced that the West is all solid non-drinkers involved in a fitness center. And drinking, it is a natural feature of Russian, something like narrow eyes of the Chinese. The most interesting is that in the West, too, so consider.

And here they are. On personal observations — drink a lot, but on the street or in the park, as we have, — never. One time I saw the guys drinking beer in a park on a bench, came closer — in Russian talking. Who funds let sit in the evenings in pubs who have some money with obscenities — quietly downing nasty schnapps or beer at home.

Moreover, the impression that women are drinking more than men. The teacher could easily afford to drink beer during a tour with the class.

And how do you this picture: man pulls up to the gas station in a jeep, buy two 100-gram bottle of vodka and pills of the smell. Comes around the corner, one bottle at once to himself, the other in his pocket, tablet jammed and drove off. B-p-p, and this they call us drunks! About smoking

Smoking more than a drink. Everything. That women, men. Women seem to be more. Smoke a lot and everywhere, sometimes even in the subway, even though it is already regarded with disapproval. And this despite the fact that cigarettes are quite expensive — pack costs about 4 euros.

It turns out that this is their place of lunch. Work begins on our concepts early: firms tend to start work at six or seven in the morning and finish at three or four o'clock in the afternoon. Accordingly, there is no time for breakfast, for lunch too. Gorge after working in some diner, and before that suppress hunger cigarettes. Marriage and family

Married in the West almost no one lives. That is, they are, of course, mate, many for a long time, sometimes for life, but marriage is not recorded. The most common word — boyfriend (girlfriend). So when they say it's clear that this is not about each other in our understanding, and not even a lover, namely, the live-in boyfriend. Several reasons for this. Here and Western individualism and the general state of the cultural degradation.

But still the main economic aspect. As you know, to work in Western countries is not necessary. If, for example, a man has a wife, she can not work. But what about in the case of a divorce? This issue is governed by European law in such a way that if a husband, and he usually made a living is to blame for the collapse of the family, he must keep his ex-wife for life. If you blame the wife, the husband is not obliged to pay. This stems from the collapse of the family was considered adultery, drunkenness, a large embezzlement, and the like.

In Maupassant's short story is like a rich man's wife, has got a lover and decided to get rid of her husband. And as luck would have it been anyone but it is not necessary. She hired a prostitute, like himself, wore it at the same underwear, explained how to react. Arranged so that it is in the dark did not realize who it is, and here, and the private detective was. And their husbands of these stories is also fairly described. But this Europe of the past century.

Now Western justice has come to the view that to understand who is right and who is wrong in the destruction of the family at times impossible. In addition, under the banner of "humanism" and the denial of traditional values is now believed that if someone in the family committed adultery, then blame him inhumanely. It's just that people have such needs, and the needs in the consumer society — is sacred, they should be unconditionally necessary to satisfy.

In the 1970s in Western Europe began the liberalization of family law, and laws were passed to abolish the concept of guilt in regard to the destruction of the family. But what about divorce? What to do if his wife did not work, and the family fell apart. No guilty. Who will keep his ex-wife if she does not want to work, not work, it has the right? Is not responsible for the divorce, the
concept of adultery has become politically incorrect, and drunkenness, and beat up his wife — is a disease. But to pay for those who do not want a divorce after work, the state is not ready. And the laws of the State issues. The preamble of the law on child support says that the standard of living of his wife (or husband drunk) should not fall after the divorce. No matter, she left her husband and he is her husband or drink and live with him was impossible. After the divorce, drunk, eligibility for the slave. No guilty. A working husbands or wives of alcoholics — that's their business, even as they want. The law is this: who is working, that contains the disabled divorced spouse. That is the principle of guilt guilty, was replaced by the principle of "no fault to blame."

Thus the EU has a law on alimony to former spouses. The law is as follows: a) child support former spouses have a higher priority to child support to children, and b) pay alimony to former spouses, usually for life, and c) the size of the child support is about half the total income of the former spouse. And since 2002, even after a second marriage, the ex-husband still have to pay child support his ex-wife or husband.

Imagine, there was a girl in marriage, and her husband was drinking, quit his job — for us the situation is very familiar. So, the choice it is not very big — or to live with him and support him or get a divorce and to continue to maintain. It is not surprising that such an approach to formalize their relationship just want to complete an idealist, of which little is found in the West. On the women

Most of the women in the West, not that ugly, but just terrible. In this case, both men and women, a characteristic flattening of the head on the sides. According to this feature, by the way, it is easy to find the broad-our beauties. Those who are not moderators on television and in fashion model agencies look older than their age. Often, when you see a man and his wife, the impression is as if he is with his mother.

There are women from the "middle class" — those who look after themselves for a career refuse to children involved in sports and believe every calorie eaten. Personally, I have them associated with dried roach. This is the dead end of civilization — the loss of his youth to shock them, and inevitably a lonely old age — the horror.

A very young, so sorry for those now. Sick, weak. What do you want, chips and Coke? Plus a wholesale smoking, alcohol, thoroughly spoiled gene pool.

Separately, to say that the Europeans refuse to have children at all. Normal West family — husband, wife and BMW. Two children in the family — an incredible rarity. The sad fact, a significant part of modern women do not have children and do not intend to. Give birth to a child for the modern woman in the West — is a feat. Not everyone is able to have a huge category of those who recognize the need to choose between a career and a child and make a conscious choice in favor of a career.

A few reasons:

Reason number one: the movement for women's equality. In the English version, it sounds like "equality" of women. Maybe in this movement made sense in the fifteenth century, but now it's the opposite effect: the first to react to it the man with whom such movement takes no responsibility for the support of his wife. As a result, she is constantly in fear of losing their jobs because a male roommate does not have to contain it and never will.

Reason number 2: the generation gap. As already described, for the grandparents can not count.

Reason number 3: the liberalization of the economy. It is the Soviet Union could afford a three-year paid maternity leave with job. About the benefits of such a Western woman can only dream of. A huge number of people in the West are working as private entrepreneurs (photographers, hairdressers, consultants, etc.) — for them do not provide almost no social support.

As a result, she is left alone with her pregnancy and the uncertain financial prospects in the future. With this in mind, at all surprising that at least someone is solved. How to Dress Up in the West

In China under Mao Zedong's all go to the same blue cotton trousers and jackets. All the west, and the Soviet world shuddered in horror at the thought of such inhuman living conditions of Chinese. You are nothing reminiscent of today's life? Great Mao ahead of the West in matters of fashion half a century. If you sit on the bench on any city street in the West and pay attention to who wore what, it turns out that one hundred ninety-eight passers-by will be referred to as blue cotton pants jeans.

Affects the absolute unwillingness of girls like it. A typical student style: ending above the navel jacket, torn jeans or army pants, lowered on hips and hanging at the bottom of filthy rags, rubber shoes, a large cloth bag over his shoulder. Belly naked, tattoo on the sacrum, in the navel, nostril and lower lip — a pin. With this approach to the wardrobe, you know, that about any cosmetics we are not seeing.

Obviously, the modern Western girls just capitulated to the mass attack of virtual beauties. The dominance of advertising frankly erotic content with the virtual beauties excites guys stronger than their real counterparts. From this is born a protest, nihilism, which, however, does not go on wearing huge jeans dragging on the ground "antiform."

Interestingly unlike in Europe of Japanese and Chinese tourists. On the face of them you can not tell, but in a manner to put the difference is huge. If the Japanese species, like all Westerners, the most shabby, the Chinese dress tastefully and very neat. "Scoop", a word … About our women in the West

Any our most average-looking girl in the West, a real beauty. This led to pride, but there is only shame. One friend told me that a normal western man to marry a Russian woman will never take — too much of a difference in mentality and upbringing. I have seen exceptions, but generally all is well. A man who is looking for a wife in the Slavic east — it is usually a pig. He had the convolutions of the fact to realize that most free can have live sex slave, which in this case will still serve and clean up. The main thing is not to know the language, then the police will not go!

However, there is a category of our women who have successfully marry a foreigner — is cynical aferistki, which always have a detailed action plan for the next few years. Sometimes, indeed converge and live normally. But there are — one, the main mass of the same then pours bitter tears of despair, loneliness and shame. On the history

In general, everyone in the world invented by Americans. They own all the technological advances. They first flew into space and won World War II. Soviet Union also took part in the war against Hitler, but very slightly. Somewhere far away in Siberia accidentally ran into wandered there Minorities fascist baggage. And bombing of defenseless civilians. Hardly you will find a European who will say what holiday is celebrated on May 9. In any case, my son's teacher this holiday is not known.

Such a representation of the current Western Europeans have about the latest stories, as they are taught in school, so it is written in all the books that I've read, as they say on TV.

In the library section of the cosmos can not be found, although a mention of the first artificial satellite and Gagarin. The conclusion from reading simple: first in space have always been Americans, and immediately landed on the moon! Desperate to find one such volume rather technical book at least some mention of the findings of the Soviet Union, I began counting does not even mention the achievements of Americans — but just image the Stars and Stripes in the illus
trations. The figure turned out to be devastating.

In Ukraine, there is a game show where you have to choose the answers to the questions, built on the principle of growth and, accordingly, monetary reward. Exactly the same game is on German television. For our people to watch it endlessly interesting from the point of view of acquaintance with the horizon of contemporary Western European. So, the very first question usually go about the personal lives of Hollywood movie stars — and prim old lady and young boy pankovatogo is the easiest questions to which they respond as if they were asked about the personal lives of close relatives. At the same time, no one was able to answer such Valentina Tereshkova, who was left unanswered the question of the number of chess pieces. On the relation Us

Westerners might even treat you very well, but it always will be the attitude of a supreme being in relation to the lowest. The man of the West on a subconscious level programmed that Russian (in their understanding, that in general the eastern Slavs) — is, shall we say, "two-legged beasts." Right you this, of course, no one can say, but it felt very clearly. And as to the animals, they are very good, then you and I will be polite.

In one of the books about the war years I read this episode. German invader decided to wash up and ordered him to serve the Russian mistress. He quietly undressed in front of her and began to pour over the water. The German was a kind and well disposed to the woman who lived. Do not hurt her, and even shared their rations. But he could not have her feel embarrassed, because frankly felt inferior human beings. To some extent, this attitude has survived to this day.

A German friend of mine from among the intellectuals of the West to the current attitude we explained: "We have fought fifty years of each other in the Cold War. Then you happened adjustment and you started to climb to our friends. But we have for this period in the community has not changed. Why do we have now to adapt to you and also to change their minds? "

Correct a little bit of his words we can say that the anti-Soviet (which in fact was the Russo-phobia) was the official ideology of the West for two generations. How quickly we forget about it! And they do not. In this respect, the mood in their society has undergone little change. What does this ratio continues to spread to us, already had time to forget his past. For them, we would be amazed how dangerous contagious disease. Although we have already begun to be treated, it is still upon us still traces of "communist contagion" as the leprosy bacteria on the skin of lepers.

First timers to the Slavic East Europeans are experiencing a shock. Most of them striking beauty of our women how beautiful they are dressed as neatly dressed children. A surprise to many and are multi-storey buildings — their propaganda shapes the image of khat-walled cottages and carts pulled by oxen.

Sometimes it causes a failure in business. I was told the case as a Western businessman decided to introduce Ukrainians with the achievement of civilization as a perfume. He took the samples and flew to Kiev. When on Khreschatyk in the perfume store, he saw these new items, which are not yet in most European capitals, he quietly packed up and flew home.

This rejection of the Slavs is an important psychological aspect. As already mentioned, an Orthodox person is deprived of those fears, which are an integral part of Catholicism and the Europeans who are troubled rest of his life. Therefore a European at heart afraid of Russian it is for his lack of fear.

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