Europe from the inside. Part 2

On the men

Who is best to assess a man, not as a woman! Many of our compatriots want to marry a Western "rich man." Not all of then are in fact the rich, but it's not about that. In the evaluation of Western men are all agreed then: stupid and greedy. Our women at first surprised, then annoyed that a spouse is nothing to talk about — anything that does not apply to his work, he was not interested.   Yet it is not clear why our women are absolutely nothing they can do with their hands. Europeans never climb alone to change plugs of electrical connection will not clean clogged drain in the bathroom — in fact there are special service! First, it gives the opportunity to earn on each other and thus increase cash flow. Secondly it increases the value of a specialist as such. In the West, in general, to have cultivated an incredible respect for specialists and craving for all kinds of titles. Engineer — West is a proud and out loud. If a person has an engineering degree, he not only wrote it on his business card but also makes the appropriate sign on the door of his apartment. And turning to it only as "Mr. Engineer".

But on the other side of the narrow specialization leads to the narrowness and rigidity of thinking. In the words of M. Zadornov, the doctor — a specialist in the right ear does not understand anything in the left ear. It was the case, sat up with a western counterpart at home in conversation, decided to smoke, but no matches. Without hesitation, I turned on the gas stove pezozazhigalki from her lit a piece of paper from the paper — cigarette. A colleague was shocked because I have gained fame Copperfield …

Amuses craving Western men to all sorts of decorative jewelry: on the feast of our man can give to another bottle. So do the Europeans. But in order for a bottle of vodka sculpt bows — before we hardly conceive. They call it art

In the summer of 2005 had a respectable Leopoldmuzeum original advertising campaign — who undress naked and in this form will walk around the art gallery — entrance free. The remaining 8 euro was given the opportunity to look at the pictures specializing in sexual theme artists, and along with "advanced" users.

Those wishing found plenty! Not that the money saved, just in the West, many people share the ideology of nudism. Demonstration of their genitalia they want to show what kind of unattainable for the average person got their high cultural level.

In outdoor advertising affects the abundance of "works of art" explicit abuse of the human body. Ebony girl with a head and a white body with the rest of the open seam on the neck roughly sewn with thick thread, a man without a head with a face on the back of a dog holding in teeth otkusannuyu human hand, a lot of options with exposed genitals on display — that's the picture that represent contemporary art it they look at you from all posts and posters.

On the campaign's billboards with such [group sex scene image] Austrian Federal Government has allocated no less than half a million euros. In life, do not guess what it is dedicated — to increase the EU's image in the eyes of ordinary citizens during the presidency of the EU. "Actors" — Jacques Chirac, George Bush and the Queen Victoria. I guess I should be born in Europe in order to understand the depth of the design. It is fair to say that when the Chancellor Schuessel saw these creations of creative thought, he ordered their immediate removal. But for a while they "graced" the Austrian capital. On Culture

Western culture — is something infinitely alien to our man. It's not that bad at all, there are good points. For example, all very polite, thanks for everything, sometimes even completely out of place. Smile a lot, why our countrymen often conclude goodwill Europeans. In fact, it's just evolved to such epic proportions hypocrisy. Sincerity is unacceptable, totally indecent.

One of my Russian friend neighbor on the landing just ducky — both met her in the hallway, smiling from ear to ear, almost bowing. And then once she shut the door. In principle, no problem: calling a special service for those coming and for 100 euros a master key opens the door. But the trouble — the phone was left in a closed apartment, and at the hands of another small child. She mileyshemu the door neighbor calling because they say so, give the phone to the service call. From his hospitality for a moment gone, immediately slammed the door without explanation. The next day, what do you think? Again, nice smile, the same boundless benevolence.

And another interesting feature we totally incomprehensible. Neighbors you feel very welcome greeted at the entrance and within a radius of about 10 meters from the entrance. If further — will not noticing as by passers-by.

The cultural hegemony of the United States in Austria limitless. And if we examine the biographies of the current European leaders, it turns out that they all have one thing in common — they are all before going into politics were in the United States. Movies and songs in German somewhere quickly, but almost completely disappeared. Everywhere totally dominated American popular culture. But the amazing thing is not even the dominance of American pop music, but how much popular in the Austrian music "country". Having lost their traditional music Austrians embraced American as their own.

On … poster shows a girl of five in a lace dress, below the inscription: "In Austria every year are victims of sexual abuse more than 10 thousand children, often in their own family." The country is now living Mozart 8,000,000, respectively, 4,000,000 male and about 2 million fathers. It turns out that every year the 200th father raping his own child. Here's a super-high culture! On the treatment of animals

For animals in the West are well emphasized. In the newspaper you can find an article about the fire department, which is a half-day valiantly pulled the dog out of the channel, the same as all pulled out and then rewarded. We would be punished for improper use of energy and resources. And probably would have done well.

Somehow come to the gas station, I see: a few people stand aside and look down somewhere. Approached — dog fell into the pit. Shallow pit — a meter and a half, but no one works. A minute later, I realized why: with flashing lights and a siren on the street rushed veterinary ambulance. Jumped out of it almost instantly on the go guy pulled out a dog, put her in a cage in the cab, the hostess sat down and the car quickly drove away. "Probably the psychological rehabilitation of dogs," I thought.

In this case, one could make broad conclusions about humanism in Europe if not the fact that a huge number of people in the West ambulance will not come because they have no health insurance or hundreds of euros for the challenge. On Police

The police work well, after calling the outfit will be in place in three minutes. Even if you do not tell them the address controller will detect your location on your mobilke and give the coordinates of the nearest police car. One day I was riding the subway late at night, there are almost no people. Then fills up a gang of local hooligans: to each other, as it happens, vyhvalyayutsya. One got so carried away that touched me with his hand. What do you think — instantly confused and apologized and walked away. Realized that I now call the police — at the next station it will be waiting with handcuffs.

Generally seen that the protection order is given utmost priority. Against the background of physical degradation of the population Police investigators l
ook downright handsome. The most prominent criminal police department for fighting organized crime. It turns out, and they have Umballa skinheads, but there are police officers. However, among the ordinary patrol a lot of girls: skinny pants in a large, hanging out with a huge gun on his belt, they look ridiculous, but without it you can not — in Europe are crazy about the equality of the sexes. If women in the police force will be smaller than men, human rights organizations raise such a howl that is more expensive.

However, sometimes the media flashed messages like Turk otdubasil police here, there Negro injected a lethal dose of sedatives. But it's all isolated cases. On machines

I remember in the beginning of the restructuring liked to write in the newspapers that in Germany more cars than people. This is not true twice. First, I am familiar with the official statistics — about one car for two people. Second, it is not solid Mercedes as imagining our shovels imagination. New and expensive cars are mostly elderly people, often, even a very old man. Young people also drives a tiny cabriolet, often very old. We are baby cause laughter and the machines are not perceived at all, and then half of these, and they are all included in the above statistics.

Garages are, but they cover the strength of 2-3% of all cars. The rest of the machine is left on the street. Lined by parking everywhere, the streets are narrow, lawns generally not at all, where there is room for large vehicles, there is a great machine, where it can only fit a small car, there is a small car. With parking eternal problem can be twenty minutes to go to the place, and then half an hour to go all around in search of a place where to stay. Fathers and Sons

Between parents and children to distance us completely unthinkable. Our quarrel can, but they still know what they are — relatives. What if someone gets into trouble all past grievances will be automatically and immediately forgotten.

In the West, everything is completely different. Then everyone from early childhood living his isolated life. You know what they think students coming out of school after school? About where to eat then. It's not made to the child's mother was waiting with dinner. Even if she is home at the time, it still will provide him money for food, and where and how — it is no longer interested.

A good illustration of the difference between the Slavic and Western mentality, in general, fairly typical case for many of our compatriots, who have escaped to the "Western Paradise" by marriage. Russian wife of a German mother hit by a car, is in serious condition. Relatives called, they said, they say, it would be necessary to arrive. After this our man rushes the first plane, even if before this and argued with her hurl. But the reaction on the part of the Germans. Germany's best friend, the woman heard this said, "Oh sure, it's a tragedy like this, you're sure you will send back a pack of diapers." But Russian is still left. After coming back she was subjected to this mental attack. All around began to explain to her that she had no right to leave because of such trifles as the tragedy mother, because after 18 years, the mother is a stranger, like all the others. And the fact that the mother in a serious condition and may be not survive, so it's a problem of the mother. As for her daughter, she is married, if the wife leaves, it will break comfort her husband and the wife is not entitled to because of such trifles as the life of the mother to sacrifice comfort her husband. From this it was concluded that it can not integrate into Europe, and she was asked to go to a psychiatrist.

Accordingly, the grandparents, then do not show much zeal to the education of grandchildren. A sense of kinship with respect to the grandchildren they have not exactly there, but that's not the way we have. For the western or grandparents of their own grandson — may be the most wonderful child in the world, but quite another plane of life. They can buy a toy granddaughter, but never abolished for the sake of his visit to the hairdresser. And to sit with his grandson when his parents are at work — an unthinkable nonsense, this is simply impossible to imagine.

Over the years, this alienation is increased so that the funeral of the mother's son may come or may not come. And not because of bad attitude to his mother, but just not to create inconvenience yourself or spoil the holiday. And no it is not for the judge, for the West, this behavior — the norm. About the nursery

Kindergartens are many, but they are nothing like the Soviet, which we have preserved to this day. Here there are no teachers holding children games and all sorts of interesting and enriching lessons, no cots in white bed, then there is not even the buildings themselves. In the West, kindergarten — is housed in a common building, often in the basement. In one corner of the toys are dumped in another — a stack of foam mattresses. In the morning the children romp on the floor with these toys. Then they brought lunch in a thermos. Then spread a mattress on the floor and they are sleeping fully clothed. Then again, tinkering with toys. And so on until the arrival of the parents. Frau looks after them, but it's not an educator, but rather a taskmaster. Its only task — to make sure that children do not injure yourself and not run away. Everything.

Who ever was indignant that we have to get up before dawn to drive a child to kindergarten, even ashamed — European gardens work from 6 o'clock in the morning. Making fun too. It is here, when he wanted to — make a child when he wanted — took. Here freedom: the child got a place in a kindergarten (not the fact that it will receive, and not the fact that in the near of the house) must be no later than March to submit an application by May you will be informed in writing whether there was a space for your child to kindergarten, and If found, then which one. If you are lucky — September 1, you can go with the child to six in the morning, in a letter to the specified institution. It costs relatively inexpensive — 257 euros per month. About the school

In developed European countries, child labor is prohibited! It is known to all, and how would not be questioned. But few people know that the child is from the point of view of the law — it is only up to 14 years. At 15 you can already safely carry bricks at a construction site. This is not a "soviet" schools of compulsory education to 17 years.

In seven years, all the kids go to the first grade of primary school. For four years, the future builders of the "rich West" draw, sculpt from clay, make figurines of papier-mache, go on trips, sometimes (a few times a year) in the swimming pool and the ice rink. Sometimes involved serious subjects, and by the end of fourth grade student must somehow learn to read and write and know the multiplication table. That is what we need to know the child before he goes to school.

In the 11 years before the parents of young Europeans is a serious question: where to send their children to study further. Who finished primary school as "good" or "excellent" — can go to school. After she has a chance to go to university. Troechnikov in high school do not take — they are in a cooperative way, or secondary school. After such a way one school — vocational courses. It is theoretically possible and get out of high school in high school and then go to college. But in practice such a scheme does not work: in 11 years there is a primary and a rigid division into the future, "white" and "blue" collar. All of the above does not apply to private schools — they are attended by children of the elite and in the Uni
versity provided. Price for teaching in the school — about 400 euros a month. It can not afford the strength of 2-3 percent of the population.

What is a diary in Europe does not know his place — "parent book" as a means of written communication between teachers and parents. But current estimates prokontroliruesh not — they just do not, unless the results of control, but it only three times in the first half. With the teacher can talk twice a year, at the appointed time, especially for the selected day. Basically, you can just come and after school, but it is necessary to speak quickly and to the point — time teachers has ended, and to discuss the problems of your child in your own time he will not. However, after a call to the last lesson of all blows away in a matter of minutes — the school remains one guard and the door is lockable.

In developed democracies to hit children in the school teachers categorically. But it is quite possible for them, such as screaming. From the latest know-how of Western teachers — bring your face close to the student's face and look at him. Another innovation — the teacher at recess allow children to move around the class only in her lap. So they do not run, less noisy, in-general, very disciplined.

During one of my visit to the school I was surprised when, during a conversation with a teacher in the hallway at my feet lay a little girl … In my query for the teacher replied with dignity that they say, have you got there in the scoop, all systems go, and at We in the West, freedom, and if he wants the girl to lie down on the floor under the feet of the stranger guys — it's her right. I was embarrassed hotties. However, all the children are dressed in such a way that's true, just lying around on the floor.

To the teacher students are turning to "you" and quite rude. With the native language problems, too: it came to the point that some schools of Western Europe, most children in the younger grades — immigrants. How in such a class to learn the indigenous inhabitants nobody cares. However, draw and sculpt the figure they will not interfere.

An interesting approach to the study of geography. Understandably, the study only the EU, but in a very original way — countries are numbered, and the student must learn by heart what number which country. For example, the teacher says, "twelve", the student replied: "Poland." That's it, nothing more than to head did not score! And instead of Russia and Ukraine on school maps often completely white spot — as here believe that the Earth is round?

However, sex education lessons here since the third grade, that is, to ten years. Visible and targeted work on the cut-off of school children from the family. This is called "self-education": every year, each class goes to the week in country inn (the parents is a pleasure to cost about 100 euros). Highlight of the program — "evening with no pants": teacher makes and girls and boys to strip to their underwear, and as such they are all talking together during the evening. For some reason, regularly arranged overnight children in school or each other's houses.

Not surprisingly, our originally unspoiled children, once in such an environment is rapidly beginning to degrade. After two or three years, they have already considered the norm to send their parents in front of strangers in the ass, do not come home at night, and all attempts to reason with them to meet the very real threat to declare her father and mother to the police. About Western medicine

Grumbling in line at the clinic — silent! The wealthy West turns in a public hospital and you can wait for five o'clock. In this next snakes will lie in handcuffs on mobile beds lie inpatients. In this case, no one complains and is not perturbed. All calmly waiting in line. Someone is reading while sitting on a plastic chair, someone is lying on the floor leaning against the wall, someone standing in a daze. This goes on for many, many hours! From time to time the nurse comes out and calls out loudly another name. The man quickly breaks down and trotted runs to the office door.

Entering the room the first thing you notice is the abundance of computers and various strange but impressive technology. Then — on unkempt doctor in quite a rumpled coat and long hair do not mytymi. But they behave very friendly, smiling and willing to answer all questions. Talk to him for five minutes, thirty-minute consultation will pay for a couple hundred euros.

Somehow, in the breast pocket of his robe side at all doctors a lot of pens and markers: there are just packed. No practical value in such numbers they represent can not, moreover, that the doctors did not write, nurses are filled on a computer.

Between doctors and medical staff — the gulf. Property, social, cultural. For a doctor nurse — the lower classes, in the dining room at a table will never sit on a machine with a lift does not work.

The level of training of doctors amazing! Can make bowel surgery without anesthesia. Give too low a dose, a person can not do anything or say anything to move, but to feel. If the patient dies while, the clinic has good lawyers, all gloss over "no sweat." In acute appendicitis can be treated for meningitis. In order to get compensation from the hospital to be rich and have good lawyers, and if you're a bus driver, no one even apologized.

Among the nurses and orderlies no better — manage to be sterilized in a hot air oven unwashed, with clots tools. This is a private road in the hospital!

At birth there is a difference between the public clinic, where giving birth at a minimal insurance, and private clinics. If in private for Euro 5000 will take birth in conditions close to a nice hotel, in the state where no insurance it costs only 4000, will be in the House for eight people where mostly Turks alone.

Salaries to doctors trying to maintain a more or less normal level, but it attained its monstrous exploitation. The Western press articles slipped as doctors make mistakes because of the huge loads. For example, the duty on two days and at the end of such a duty to take sick faint and dizzy.

To all this, can we add, as we told stories about the kind of family doctors in the West, who go from house to house their patients, know the pain of all members of the family from her great-grandmother. This is an idealistic picture of the life of the bourgeoisie of the 18th century. In modern Europe, call your doctor at home is not as such. If you just got sick — call an ambulance if their feet stirring up — stamp your hospital or to a private physician, if funds allow.

I would like to note an interesting feature of our contact and he mentalities. We decided to make gifts to doctors — well there, flowers, brandy, sweets. If you make such a gift to the doctor in the West, he decides that you do not have all the right in the head. The fact is that in terms of a liberal economy physician simply selling their services like any other commodity. Give him flowers — it's like thank gifts Seller shoe store for what he sold you the shoes. On TV

Without the TV people can not live. No fridge — maybe without a bathroom — maybe without a TV — no! This is not my personal opinion, this is the official position of the government. The fact is that in Europe there is a tax on television, which pays all. So, to prove that you're not watching TV, is almost impossible. If you refuse to pay on the grounds that you do not use this dubious blessing of civilization against you use the entire punitive mechanism of the state up to the police and the courts.

It is fair to say that people who do not watch television in the West do not really exist. About Your Computer

According to statistics
, almost every European has a computer connected to the Internet. Moreover, the most active users — elderly people over sixty years. This is probably due to the presence of free time at home — young people as well as everywhere prefer not to sit at home.

In this case, the Europeans are highly advanced in computer parts. Neither the five-year Maltz or seventy years granny does not need to explain how to use the Internet and e-mail.

This is an area in which we are compared to them — the Neanderthals. Once a Western expert on one of the events illustrated the low standard of living in Ukraine small number of computers per capita. He had to explain that this is a computer in the West as a toothbrush, and in Ukraine, though the majority of the people can afford a computer, but does not know what it's for. A bit of honey in a barrel of tar

That's what I like Europeans, so is this attention to detail — and to every door they attached a clamp to keep propping it if necessary nearest brick and borders do so at intersections could stop off on the sidewalk in wheelchairs. They even bend over to one side buses at the stops to make it easier for passengers to get out and go.

Yet they have in every big store and almost every subway station has toilets. In stores and gas stations — with mirrors and soap, and in France even with the toilet water. After Europe I will probably never understand why we do not have toilets in the subway.

Europeans are very careful to everything that they have. They do not have a single drop of our barbarism. In my house elevator built in 1962. He is still as good as new. Except for one strange inscriptions in Arabic script, there are no signs of human savagery, so familiar on elevators in our homes.

The Austrians have great respect for the Germans, calmly and even proudly calling them "big brothers." When I told one Austrian, the Ukrainians perceive such a comparison against the Russian painful, he just did not understand me. "But it's fact and what's wrong?" — That's all he was able to say to me. I do not know what to answer him.

Trams — it is a miracle of technology! This high-tech! The most economical and comfortable form of public transport. Ride in it — a pleasure, it is a pity that expensive — a trip worth almost two euros. On Construction

I once read somewhere that the skyscrapers are built in America for three months. I do not know how in America, but in Europe the houses are built with the same speed as us. A small two-storey house, usually built over a year.

Ah, those moaning about our dug ditches and abandoned … from my home to work a short path leads only one narrow street. Along it somehow dug a trench, and the street was closed to traffic. I had to change the route and go around the extra 3 kilometers. Trench buried only six months: all this time, she was very pretty furnished enclosing shields with lights.

Elsewhere on the road with a fairly busy road (the other place just was not) put a tower crane. Accordingly, closed one lane and cars must squeeze one by one. This crane for the year so nothing was never raised. He just stands there and blocks traffic. It is at this place for the second year, and probably will stand forever. In the bath

Municipal swimming pools with saunas are almost everywhere. By our standards extremely austere, but very efficiently organized. Senior citizens discount up to 50% once a week, aerobics. The pool water is changed once a year, and you can easily pick up a fungal infection — no inquiries from the skin doctor to visit the pool would be required.

The sauna is also no luxury — simple, but functional. Two steam rooms (one with an automatic steam supply, the other with a hand), small swimming pool, power shower, relaxation room, steam chamber. Go there to bathe it, if someone is trying to have a drink there though, would be a beer, he would have immediately told that he is wrong (Westerners in general love to teach others), and the drunk would simply not allowed. You want a beer — next buffet, Baldev there.

Male and female office isolated from each other only two days a week, Wednesday and Friday. On other days, they are combined into one. At the weekend a lot of people especially in the paired men and women sit alternately close to each other. However, it does not bother anyone and sex does not stimulate. Simply steamed and all the people. On the manners and customs of the Europeans

Acquaintances are invited to a coffee — they just got back from vacation and offer a view slides. In addition to my husband here, and other invited guests. The screen shots follow each other is not very beautiful, in the folds of fat bodies hostess and her friend, both in the buff. They call it freedom or culture naked body …

At a gas station in front of me just one car, and I'm late to the airport. Middle-aged gentleman already paid, but for some reason is not going to leave. Showing him that in a hurry, and it was, as it turned out, my mistake. In response, he slowly opens the door on the left, leaving it uncovered, slowly walks around the car and opens the right, a long delves into the "glove box". Extracts out a pair of leather gloves and smoothing each finger, pulls them slowly as possible. On the street twenty degrees of heat …

Instead, they honor the law to the letter. We used to have police volunteers — in the West all the voluntary helpers police. You can imagine we have this situation: stopped at the brick — a passing another driver stops and starts through the open window with indignation to chastise him for it. In the West, it is ordinary situation. And no one will do anything to him, because everyone knows that the police will be there in three minutes. And if you offer a bribe to a police officer … really, it is better to give him in the face — the consequences will be much easier. A few words about freedom of speech

The TV show plot: girl-reporter talking to the guys who were at that time in the school hallway. Pupils take turns telling them how fun and interesting to learn what they are good teachers, etc. One of the students caught in the frame, was the son of my friend. He told them that the words on pieces of paper handed out in advance. We are not talking about the Soviet Union 70, and a "free Europe" in 2006.

On the sites of most Western newspapers have forums where readers can post their opinion on a particular article, but there are nuances … As a rule, the registration of the western forums requires a serious check — in addition to indicating the first and last name date of birth, home address, phone number and frightening warnings that the introduction of false information will be punished to the fullest extent of the law. But that's not all. Your message will appear in the column immediately, but only after it reads the moderator and decide that it can be put on public display.

If a German in Germany will be against their government's policy, the message is likely to accomodate. After all, freedom of speech. But if the policy of the United States — then democracy ends. And it does not expect to post messages disapproving remarks about homosexuals. They are now in Europe, "sacred cows." Even if a gay person commits a crime, the press can not be said that the criminal-fag. The organization will give homosexuals immediately protested to the court that this publication will cast a shadow on all homosexuals. The court will definitely be on their side, because if he rejects the complaint, then he will come under fire from critics as "intolerant and homophobic."

A number of anti-Semitic remarks in the EU in general is a criminal offense. These are not empty
threats. English writer and historian David Irving spent two years in an Austrian jail just for being in his books have dared to question the extent of the Holocaust.

There is another category of crimes that instantly and ruthlessly suppressed — anti-advertising. The fact is that according to the European legislation for the contents of the owner's responsibility. God forbid someone from visitors post here with a negative review of any product, especially if it's a known brand. The lawyers of the firm to quickly organize a process for libel, and be confident that they will win it. What the Europeans are afraid of

Fear is a huge place in the life of Western man. This is very special, it is not inherent in the Slavic people of the West side of life. Built on the fear of all the postulates of Catholicism, the fear of getting sick, losing their jobs haunts Europeans their lives. They live and play with fear. For example, the widely celebrated Halloween — in advance at all stores selling all sorts of horror stories. The schools in this day masquerades — girls dress up in costumes hanged or slaughtered corpses, boys — vampire with blood dripping from his mouth. In general, the children have fun.

There are irrational fears. For example, many Germans quite seriously still fear Russian tanks. Epilogue: If there is so bad, why no one is coming back?

First of all, not too bad. And secondly, some still come back. Dig into your memory and you'll surely remember that one of your friends back there. So the verdict is simple — stupid losers, so I would be in their place, uh-oh!

And yet, it's just the opposite, very clever people. How hard is it to go to the West, and even more difficult to return. There are several reasons. In the chapter "On the money" I have tried to show in the figures, which accumulate any significant amount in the present circumstances for a person of moderate means impossible. So it turns out — people would be happy to go back, but where? His apartment, he long ago sold, the money spent, not saved new.

The second anchor — a developed credit system. On this side of life in the West have written and it really is. Apartments and cars are purchased usually in installments for many years to come. Typing of these loans people can not just pack up and leave.

I have a lot of contact with the Russian, now living in the West. And when the conversation turned to the West of the benefits of life in modern Russia, Ukraine, they all agreed on one thing. Do you think the money? Nothing of the sort! Many have learned to earn a lot more at home disparate costs.

It turned out that the only thing that certainly appreciate our in the West — is the lack of public order and the fear of other people! Then in the evening you can safely walk the streets without fear of running into a gang of aggressive adolescents in the doorways there are infrared sensors automatically turn on the light and no one would think of the lamp to break or twist the sensor. Here saleswoman never got nasty customer, and her son — not burn button in the elevator.

From the point of view of psychology, there is nothing surprising. The need for security — fundamental, it immediately follows the physiological needs and takes precedence over the need for public recognition that in money. Therefore, for a person to live in a safe environment often means more than material wealth.

Pour oil on the fire, and local Western media, the old, left over from the Cold War, the habit of covering life in the CIS countries according to the principle "the worse the better." But then, in another paradox! It turns out that more than anything else our people are afraid of … themselves! Many are willing to give up family, to live in a foreign cultural environment, to condemn themselves to a lifetime of menial jobs just to stay away from his compatriots.

But to remedy this situation do not need secret technologies. You just need to respect yourself and everyone loved the place where he lives.

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