Europe thieves: the best pickpockets live in Spain

Rob tourists can in any country, but in some countries — in style!

One tourist season is replaced by another,
but at any time of year with tourists is completely satisfied and those to whose release, unfortunately, "have joined" pickpockets.

Yes, one of the most negative aspects in the lives of tourists in 2010 were pickpocketing.

Purse? What kind of purse?

And where do you think, was done in 2010, most of pickpocketing? In underdeveloped countries? Wrong. Leader in the number of elongated pockets of tourists wallets become Spain! In particular — Barcelona.

Polls "robbed" of tourists, as well as counting all allegations of pickpocketing filed in different cities, let sociologists make a rating. It includes Cities of Europe, in which tourists during 2010 were mostly tricks of pickpockets.

By the way, this rating in Spain broke all possible records — is present in the list of four cities in the country.

Top 10 Cities-thieves Europe 2010:

1. Barcelona (Spain);

2. Rome (Italy);

3. Paris (France);

4. Madrid (Spain);

5. Athens (Greece);

6. Prague (Czech Republic);

7. Alicante (Spain);

8. Lisbon (Portugal);

9. about. Tenerife, Canary Islands (Spain);

10. London (UK).

You have bought a tour in Europe? And, having familiarized with the rating, ready to hand over the tickets? Do not rush to give up the trip.

Keep your money in …

Nothing to fear, if you, in addition to the necessary things you take with you on your trip and head. Just be careful and do not pickpocket will approach you on a gun shot.

By the way, sociologists, unveiling its ranking in terms of thefts troubled cities Europe,
does not discourage tourists from traveling there. On the contrary, these remarkable in many ways cities can see a lot of sights, enjoy the beautiful views of nature, and in general, get a lot of positive impressions!

And the potential thefts do not think seriously. It is enough if their wallets for you to look good, and become once again to pull them out of bags and pockets on the front of everybody. Why should attract the attention of thieves?

You safe trip to Europe!

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