European paradise today

European paradise today

The transformation of Western European countries into a huge trash in the past two decades, but obviously sieve-active and focused. European governments, referring to a completely ridiculous reason, open wide the doors of their countries to of uncontrolled immigration from Africa and Asia. This creates a huge problem, which spent quite unimaginable sums of money from the pockets of taxpayers. Only exacerbated the problem, but the money will still disappear. What are the reasons for this lie surprising and illogical behavior of European leaders is clearly harmful to the people of their countries? One of the main reasons, in our opinion, is the inconsistency of plans for the future of the European population and the backstage world government (read this concept can be in the books by John Coleman "The Committee of 300. Secret world government" and Anthony Sutton, "Who controls America?"). Apparently, the destruction of the remnants of the white population of Europe is trying to speed up here, are they in such a favored method of selecting the two "evils" less … [cut]

Ashes Klaas


Merry neat obkurennaya country where the parades dressed transvestites march past of canals and windmills, and friendly locals waving them tulips — this is the reputation of the Netherlands in the eyes of foreigners. Cloaca Europe, occupied by drug addicts, drug dealers and people from third world countries — a Dutch see their country. Picking up on the board, "democratic values", they bring them to life, ran into everything they fought for, and now things are packed for exile.

Head of the school of

I'm fluent in Dutch. I look like a Dutchman. If you do not cut short. If co-circuited — me immediately guess Russian.

I came to the Netherlands for almost ten years-ago when workers were still small, the Dutch were friendly and sociable, and outstanding ho-dili guilders — the most beautiful paper currency in Europe.

Even then, I experienced the shock of Amsterdam spilled everywhere sweetish odor of marijuana and hashish. They are steeped in it. People, streets, parks and even a dog.

For local it is as familiar as for us — the smell of gas polluted streets. But that's not used to tourists and can lead.

Already at that time the number of monuments in Amsterdam loses number café-shops, where the waiters on duty baffle visitors asking, "What sort of grass at this time of day you prefer — Amstel Gold, Sativa, Indica?».

However, I am interested in this topic is a little — I was going to conquer the world of sports: first, he played in the wrestling club as a professional, and then began to test in promouterstve, promoting promising athletes.

In his spare time cramming in good faith "Huje Morgen" (good morning ") and" Huje nah "(" good night ") and studied the city.

In those years, I still found a funny joke, "Dutch children grow up in the Dutch fairy tales in which good always smokes evil" …

Over the years of my stay in Amsterdam "co-syak" became cheaper, and alcohol prices higher. In parallel, growing and penalties for drinking alcohol in a public place, which eventually reached 18 euros today — if sipping from a bottle of beer.

Well, if you're holding a bottle of spirits — are you at all, my friend, have got. Pay for the one-something outrageous 90 euros. But with the "herd" you could always walk around freely in Amsterdam.

Not forbidden to even come up for a spark to the police. Why be afraid — they can at this point raskumarivatsya: while away the time in office, passing each other herd with a plan. Although the consumption of cannabis on duty under the law and put a small fine, turn a blind eye.

In the morning, I conscientiously studied the press — the best way to master the language. But there mus-sate favorite Dutch theme.

The Institute has conducted a study of marijuana-tion of new research! Scientists have concluded that cannabis is perfectly removes post-traumatic syndrome in psychopaths and asthma — asthma among mathematicians.

Who would doubt. Institute for the Study ma-rihuany — a trough that regularly feeds conop-levedov that year. It is clear that they are all out get out, proving: the usefulness of this piece to health must be decontaminated not.

Sections of the international events were full of rave reviews about the "Dutch experiment" advocates the legalization of soft drug users from other countries.

They all sang hymns "democratic values" and make optimistic forecasts, saying that the use of hard drugs curve in such a loyal country like Holland, is about to go down. Is not it time to other countries to fine-th experiment to join?

And once I was able to see the effect of the miracle of the experiment on a single particular person. My friend, a Dutch citizen, stole a car and went to prison.

In Russia he was given such a task would take several years, would put padded jacket, handed a saw — and he would go chop wood in the open air somewhere in the infinite expanses of outer Siberia. In the Netherlands, the same mark-my thundered behind bars for two months.

Dutch pokey little different from thorium-san: quiet, clean, well fed. That's just boring. Tele-visor is, but it is not clear from what consid-erations, show only two pornokanala.

A friend then told me it all started with the fact that during the police on duty asked the bypass beginner, not a drug addict if he. And while my friend had never been a drug addict, he took so out of curiosity, and blurted out: yes. The policeman immediately brought him a disposable syringe with methadone and burn.

A friend threw himself test dose. The day passed quietly. The next day he again ordered a shot. A week later demanded increase the dose.

In general, when a friend in two months out of prison, he was already finished junkies.

Now he sits on heroin and together with other addicts in E walks at night in rail-ing station — there is all the suffering already give out free syringes filled with methadone to junkies could hold out until the morning until bated-ryatsya pure drug.

Methadone — a substitute for heroin distribute well as from special buses plying on city-owls emergency drug assistance. All for the good of man, all in the name of the man! Van Gogh's ear would not have escaped.

No wonder that "smoke free" — vi-card zitnuyu Holland — here were pulled workers from third world countries. After all, he's Hozh the smoke of their own country.

Again, in my eyes all the major cities in the Netherlands appeared ethnic quarter-ly, have captivated people with red, black, yellow skin.

I have never in my life was not a racist, and this hour I do not consider myself one. I do not care what color of skin, would be a decent man. But different-colored migrants brought with him the habits that have turned net Postcard Dutch cities in the overgrown landfill.

Natives of Africa and Asia are on the street, eating on the go shish kebab with rice and mayonnaise, and leftovers thrown under the feet of passers-by. Probably because they walk through the jungle.

In the whole area of Amsterdam provides for better smotritelno march in the middle of the road, or debris to fall out of the windows you right on the head. Day-gi colored migrants mined or theft or trafficking in hard drugs.

Amphetamine, cocaine, ecstasy, crack, LSD, of heroin — all this nonsense you offer at every turn, though in a whisper, but not very openly. Immigrants from third world countries are using their color of the skin, as a safe-conduct, and just that — once in a toe-discrimination.

One meal in a tram. In the back seat collapsed stoned dirty nigger. He was smoking a huge joint, although the transport of smoke, are prohibited, others spat at his feet and swearing loudly. However, all tram passengers pretended not to notice him.

Naturally, my Russian blood boiled. I went over and asked him to put out a joint and stop swearing because the tram children. The negro opened his mouth even wider and louder from there it started "facts" mixed up with "Faking". I grabbed him by the collar and dragged him to the door.

My God, what's begun. "Racism! — Yelled competent worker. — Call the police! I killed because of the color of my skin! "

Very quickly the police showed up. And … I proved to be guilty round. Negro parental leave almost immediately-reflux with apologies, I was due for another two hours at the site, proving that not a camel and not a racist.

Any Dutchman has long been at the sight of aggressive black, prefers to turn aside. Too good chance of running into a knife or pu-lu.

It seemed to him to obkurke you racist sentiments pink elephant — and hello. You on the cemetery, and him in jail with all the amenities — watch porn for methadone.

In the European Parliament, opened a window in the Euro-Rop for a wave of migrants has been illustrated first-sion that the newcomers from the Middle East and Africa will lift the economy of his callused hands, and then one day become civilized law-abiding European-mi.

It turned out — a bluff! No assimilation. Algerian living in a ghetto in Amsterdam and Haarlem ten years, and may still know a few words in Dutch and those indecent.

At the same time, children in it — three or four, he lives on welfare and bayonets perceives any at-tempts European liberals get it considered local-sary to consider the orders. He has his own cult-ra! Their traditions! His laws!

Over the last five years, the population of Dutch Muslims increased by half a million. Filmmaker Theo van Gogh, a liberal Democrat and a kind-hearted human rights, made the film "Humility" — violated the rights of European Muslim.

Wanted to achieve for the Arab Frau better fate. So what? He was killed in the heart of Amsterdam-ma Arab who shot him ritually re-cut my throat and stuck a knife in the heart. Like, do not go … With our broads ourselves to deal.

And even after such vykidonov become Dutch-CEM amazingly simple.

Enough with the help of a lawyer to request the authorities to a residence permit. If denied — the case-chitsya not earlier than one year. And while 12 months can live completely legal. Then you just have year after year to repeat the request "due to changed circumstances."

All the while, the municipal government will pay rent of your apartment. And you can just take the empty house and live in a commune squat. The authorities in this case liberal. Well, if there are children in the visitor — his family are deported from the country have never been.

That is exactly what has settled in Holland with two superfluous him millions of migrants.

Ale, the police!

Police in the Netherlands is working fine. But not because the citizens of a liberal society is not prone to anti-social behavior, and thanks to the tradition of total denunciation.

Dutch consider it my civic dollars by God to call the police and report if that over-tag. Over the speed limit — and a few pe-rekrestkov you stop the patrol car. One of the witnesses managed to remember the number of your ma-chine, and give the signal.

Stopped where parking is prohibited, — be sure to find dozens of good people, co-which do not leave it unattended and report about it to the right place.

Or there is a fight in the street — like the one around. But because of the curtains of all the windows and cracks being watched dozens of attentive eye, which are then tell what they have seen, and who first began. Testifying in court for the Dutch honorable. Knock — not zapadlo.

The worst crimes — aggression. Worse than just evasion of taxes. But theft is considered a trifle.

Thieves caught red-handed in the third and even a fourth time, may award a penalty of 30 euros. However, at the seventh time, say, well, everything, man, you've got major problems now. And … sentenced to 60 hours of community service in the kitchen to the ma-aged.

Therefore it is logical that near Amsterdam locat-ditsya biggest black market in Europe — Bevervayg. In the hangar selling stolen Parfait-Municipality of clothing, equipment, weapons. For the lease of space merchants pay about 300 euros a month — and are traded without restriction.

Weapons in the Netherlands — the same affordable commodity like marijuana. After paying 250 euros a year, you can become a member of a shooting club and build a good arsenal. My friend has-cal sniper rifles, assault rifles, machine guns.

He also bought the anti-tank gun Fly-roar — so long, on the bipod. His patron pro-Bevan frontal armor of the tank and armored protection for all classes of limousines. Why would such a friend, "fool"? Police democratic States would not be so tactless asks questions.

Police beat well enough to have that-be not to go to the disco, where the iron door next to the window-loophole flaunts ad:

"Today in our club — a party with heavy drugs." Yes, soft drags prohibited. But the private area — a sacred thing.

Thanks to such a logical somersault, the international drug mafia in Holland feels great. The country won the civilized consumption of marijuana gradually evolved into the world's main entrepot of heroin.

Recently, there has gained momentum Yugoslav mafia — Albanian Kosovars took control of most of the drug business in Amsterdam.

And the police? Police remind absorption schena pursuit of violators of parking.

What power? Help police authorities not to be distracted from this overarching lesson.

Recently, for example, they passed a law that couriers provozyaschie less than 3 kilograms of cocaine, should not be arrested! Now everything is driven by 2 kg 990 gr …

My honeyed

I was standing in line at the supermarket to buy food for dinner. I have before me two guys grab each other by the codpiece on jeans and gently kissing her-are.

The queue is moving slowly, the guys are kissing and slobbering all languid, I'm sick. But God forbid, to show that I do not like it. Will the same story that racism.

Men with painted eyes in of women's dresses and sandals, muscular legs — a common sight in Amsterdam.

Sex proposals that murmur in the back tourists colored pimps on every corner, so do not just fit into my head: "The girl? Mal chik? A horse? "

The inhabitants of red light districts — prostitutes and their pimps — so feel themselves masters of life that break videoappara-round tourists and even the photographers are confronted in the channels of. The police did not prevent.

Paul live goods in the windows do not define at times even under the directory — for one individual may be present both male and female characteristics. Prostitutes in the Netherlands, as well as drug traffickers — all colors of the rainbow.

However, the Chinese girls of easy virtue prefer to sell only to the Chinese, Africa Kanka — Africans, Turkish women — Turks. And only the girls from the former Soviet Union are ready to go to by any.

Eroticism and sex museums in Amsterdam is abysmal. Visitors here can not wait any non-expectation, for example, to meet them will leave mana-ken-maniac on wheels, and the words "Hey! Oops! "Will open his clothes, showing a giant genital organ.

Option for Men: plastic nimfoman a minute, climbing into his pants to everyone. But it's all tourists-tech tops. In the city of sin, and is steeper.

Somehow walk with a friend in the city. Look — in the Great Church, it's called, is music. We see half-naked girls to come across. Cute. We were surprised — and for them. At the entrance to a security guard standing, smiling.

— Guys, you can not go there!

We have taken offense. And what, we ask, problem-ma? Guard as neigh "You look at the poster-those. Know how to read? Today, Saturday, at the Great Church — Disco for lesbians. "

And I realized — Dutch priests for women-ki will hand over the church to lease even bestiality.

Recently, I read an interesting figure: over the past 2 years, the population of the Netherlands decreased elk on 20,000 people. And this despite the rabid, pro-hundred imigratsii crazy!

Naturalized here is simple: it suffices to live in the country 5 years, have a job and to respond to the commission for a few template of issues: the type — "What city is the capital of Goal-land" and "how much is a loaf of bread."

Who is leaving the Netherlands?

The answer is — the indigenous Dutch people, those who have not yet lost the brains, MCSD or sitting down on soft drugs. As a rule, are rural, farm-ry close to the ground.

They no longer want to live in that dump, which has become their home country.

Ashes Claes knocks at their hearts. And so today, simple Dutch peasants link their belongings and chat with cows and sheep, and the invitation by the Government of Australia, massively emigrate to the country of kangaroos.

Ivanov sent

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