European tolerance: sexual minorities and promotion of pedophilia

Sexual Minorities, pedophiles and other generation of European tolerance were unexpectedly background Vladimir Putin's visit to Europe, and in popularity second only to the Russian non-profit organizations interested in the fate of which journalists more often. Group that promotes pedophilia, in the Netherlands and, although valid

Norbert de Jonge one of the founders of the club Martijn ("Martijn"), which promotes tolerance for pedophilia. Jonge frequent guest of various TV shows, where he shares his views on sex education for minors. Pedophile comes to television, where it seriously ask: what does he think about this topic?


"I think many immediately think of penetration. Such contact is possible, perhaps, in fourteen years. However, when it comes to oral sex, I think that from this can have fun and child at an earlier age," — explains his "position" Club founder Martijn Norbert de Jonge.

— So you think that a girl of ten or twelve years old she may agree to accept caresses of a pedophile?

"I believe that in our society everything is upside down. And I believe that we need a different society, where it was discussed to open" — leaving open the question of Norbert de Jonge.

Ad van den Berg has created once the Party of love for the neighbor of freedom and diversity.

The party program contained such, for example, items such as the legalization of child pornography. Children from 12 years of age should be allowed to have sex, gambling, use recreational drugs, said the politician.

"We're talking about teenagers, children between the ages of 12 and 16 years old.'s Speech about them. These children are at an age when they are able to articulate their desires, what they want and what is not. I myself had a case with one of my buddies. I said to him, think about yourself to begin with, whether you want it? " — Says the founder of the club Martijn Ad van den Berg.

Please note: the pedophile himself says that he was a minor partner. But no police response is not caused. 80 percent of the population of the Netherlands, these ideas are not all the same parts, and the Party of the love of one's neighbor was forced to self-destruct because of the danger of mob violence on the part of parents.

The prospect of a very real — Dutch journalists were filming a report somehow, that ordinary people think about their neighbor — an open pedophile. And then he went outside and was immediately beaten.

Now, the former offices of the Party of pedophiles and Martijn club actually closed. They long ago no one appeared. One of the offices is, by the way, in the Muslim quarter. And it is believed that it was because of the proximity to the harsh and intolerant Muslims pedophiles office had hastily cover up.

However, the organization's website is active, de Jonge and van den Berg, appear on television. And the club is legally still exists. In the past, the club tried to stop, but just a few days ago, the court ruled in favor of pedophiles. Allegedly, the constitutional right to form such associations of citizens can not be violated, and hence the ban on its activities illegal.

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