Even today, March 4

Blitz review of events and those in Belarus, a world history.

Cloud …

…and windy. Temperature: -7 — 1 C.

Do not pass:

The Belarusian State Philharmonic will perform El Jerry.


Anti-government demonstration in Baghdad.

In Geneva, another round of Russian-Georgian talks about the war of 2008. Also in Geneva International Film Festival begins on human rights.


In 1634, in Lyschitsy near Brest Belarus born nobleman Casimir Lyschinsky, who wrote "A Treatise on the non-existence of God." But the 17th century was not the era when the atheistic utterances could get away with. Lyschinsky sentenced to death.

In 1890 Halshany born Belarusian poet and Uniate priest Vintsuk Brave (died 1978 in London).

In 1956, in Bialystok started to go Belarusian-language weekly "Field". The first chief editor of the "Niva" was George Valkavytski.

In 1992, Chavez organized a failed military coup in Venezuela, which has caused a great leap of his popularity among the poorer segments of society.

In 2004 there was one of the most popular online social networks — Facebook.

There is a reason:

Feast of St. Casimir and fair Kaziukas in Lithuania.

MINUS 365:

A piece of old Minsk sold for $ 10 million.

Quote to remember:

"Friends, why include electricity, when you get up at three o'clock in the morning to go to the bathroom? Keep on the nightstand next to the bed, a flashlight."

"Some people sing in the shower while standing in the water for half an hour. No, guys, three minutes in the bathroom — more than enough. I counted three minutes — and you do not stink."

"How long will we tolerate applications of foreigners who come to us and say that in Venezuela there is a dictatorship, and its president — a tyrant? Anyone who does so, shall be expelled from the country."

"Thank you, President (to Putin — PC) Thank you, brother, you know, I feel in Russian at home."

Hugo Chavez

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