Evraz has commissioned a new lava at the mine Esaulskaya

March 17, 2011

Evraz has commissioned a new lava № 26-26 at the mine "Esaulskaya" Company "JUzhkuzbassugol." Stocks stope up more than 1.5 million tons of coal a valuable brand "F".

In order to ensure industrial safety in the new lava mounted modern modular decontamination plant, which will allow for seam degassing. The installation is fully automated and equipped with sensors explosion. All the basic parameters of the mine atmosphere — the concentration of methane, oxygen, temperature, and other methane-air mixture — displayed on a computer controller. This makes it possible to respond to possible contingencies.

In preparation for the new lava upgraded gazootsasyvayuschaya installation shafts, mounted four additional (redundant) fan for removing methane from the gob, completed installation of flue-Ex network mining. All the necessary tunneling, mining and capital, installation and decontamination work.

"Ensuring the safety and creating the most comfortable working conditions of miners Evraz believes one of the priorities of industrial activity. Much attention is paid to the technical means of verification, notification, personal protective equipment. In addition, the mine "Esaulskaya", as in all enterprises "JUzhkuzbassuglja" is implemented by a complex system of personnel access control, allowing to minimize the so-called human factor "- the vice-president for the protection of health, safety and environmental Evraz Alexander Kruchinin.

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