EVRAZ NTMK shipped the first trial batch of railway wheels on the European market

EVRAZ Nizhny Tagil Iron and Steel Works shipped the first trial batch of railway wheels on the European market. In the address of the Czech company Investcom party was sent wheels intended for steel ladle. The quality of the wheels is fully consistent with the regulations in force in the European Union.

In accordance with the requirement of the customer railway wheels made of special steel grade reclaimed ER-9, which is used for the production of tires for export. The hardness of the wheels was not less than 255 Brinell units. To achieve the necessary parameters have been developed new modes of heat treatment and machining of wheels. In a short time made templates to control the geometry of the product.

After an extensive renovation wheel production EVRAZ NTMK leads the development of new types of wheels, appropriate, including, technological EU standards. Now the company in various stages of development for more than 18 types of railway wheels.

In the near future the company — product certification standards of American and German railways for later access these markets.

The Regional Centre for Corporate Relations "Ural" Department of Media Relations

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