Evraz ZSMK started production of krypton-xenon mixture for the space industry

JSC "Evraz ZSMK" started the production of krypton-xenon mixture for the Russian space industry.

In Eurasia ZSMK mixture of rare gases is recovered as a co-product in the production of oxygen. Compressed air is cooled, liquefied, and then separated into liquid components, including the primary krypton concentrate feed to the "Chromium-3." The plant concentrate is cleaned of impurities and enriched, transformed into pure krypton-xenon mixture. It should be noted that the content of these rare gases in the air is 86 xenon molecules per billion molecules of air, krypton 1 molecule per million molecules of air. In Eurasia ZSMK recovery of krypton and xenon on the installation of 99.99% .

Each year, Evraz ZSMK plans to produce 3 million m3 of krypton-xenon mixture.

The resulting mixture is ultra pure krypton and xenon are allocated on the equipment of "Chrome" (Mr. Moore), a developer and supplier of this technology for the Federal Space Agency Roscosmos.

Krypton is used in electric lamp, glass industry. Xenon — in space: they fill with plasma electric propulsion Russian satellites of various purposes. Plasma engines have a very high specific impulse — 2000 m / s. For comparison, the specific impulse of chemical rocket engine, which is used in all of launch vehicles, satellites into orbit excretory 5 times lower — 400 m / s. The small, lightweight satellites can not accommodate heavy rocket engines. Therefore, the balloon mounted on the satellite with xenon and the motor through which a stream of accelerated xenon produced. Because of this, scientists remotely from the ground during the flight can adjust the orbit of the aircraft. 

Each year, Evraz ZSMK plans to produce 3 million m3 of krypton-xenon mixture.

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