EvroZhKH — the same icicles only in profile

Especially for those who believe that Western Europe is smeared with honey, and through it flow rivers of milk and honey. What is it all right, everything is calculated, all the angles are straight, people do not know how to cross the street at a red light, do not use foul language and even cocoa. So, the news from Helsinki, Finland.

A man was killed by falling ice blocks http://yle.fi/novosti/novosti/article2276276.html
An elderly man was killed when he fell from the roof of a block of ice and snow. The tragic incident occurred in the 13 hours on the street Viherniemenkatu in Hakaniemi.
Dangerous sector on the street was listed warning signs, but the man ignored them and went on. He was killed on the spot falling on it a lump of ice.
Representatives of the home reported that the roof of the house had been cleared of snow on December 29.
During the day, 3 more people affected by the snow and ice. In particular, in the morning in the Kluuvi snow and ice fell from the roof of a passer. He, fortunately, escaped with injuries.
Helsinki Police warn pedestrians of the risk, which is accumulated on the roofs of melting snow and ice. Also icicles are a danger to pedestrians.
And on. Despite the fact that the representative allegedly addicted to compliance with the rules of Europeans ignored the barrage itself tape, the police still filed a criminal case against the housing society (whether local HOA, whether the management company, or the housing department — does not matter) under "causing death by negligence. "
Police opened a criminal case against the authorities of the house, near which a man was killed by falling on his head a block of ice  http://yle.fi/novosti/nov…le2279629.html?origin=rss 
Police are investigating the death of a man in a fall on his head a block of ice in Helsinki under the Criminal Code, "causing death by negligence."
An elderly man was killed on Monday in Hakaniemi when he fell from the roof of a block of ice and snow. Police suspect that the housing society that did not remove the snow from the roof of the house properly.
In a thaw falling from roofs melting snow and ice pose a great danger to pedestrians.
Also, slippery streets and sidewalks are dangerous. In clinics accessed by a large number of people with broken limbs. In Turku the number of calls increased by 50%.
And the last is ridiculous. I found this news is not himself, it was sent to me with a bunch of other, united by the theme "news of regions of Russia")) So no matter how many Finns do not bristle (evropenilis), will they not get away from us — they are our province. At least the former, and so we'll see))

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