Experiments to create a time machine

"What a way to change the time chosen for the building? No chemical reactions or the handwheel or gravitational vortices do not offer great prospects for all these processes impact on time is very limited. Moreover, it is impossible for the data management process calls into question their use in advanced vehicles.

Working on the theory proposed by the author of these lines, while, due to a physical phenomenon in certain conditions when all the familiar electromagnetic forces. It follows that with such a force can be influenced by time: made on the basis of this theory, Time Machine can be easily managed and higher specifications.

The first model of the Time Machine "Lovondatr" was completed on April 7, she earned 8 April 1988. At the same time received the first in more than modest results. In the construction of the great and selfless assistance have specialists of the Moscow Aviation Institute, Plant. Khrunichev, NGO "Salute" and "Energy". First "On location" soon published in the newspaper MAI, it happened on the 30th anniversary of the first manned flight into space.

Its somewhat strange name of "Lovondatr" installation was due to the following story. With a semi-underground production design, which resembles a round cage with door, received official protection in the form of "experimental electromagnetic traps for wild muskrats." Needless to say, this little trick possible to ensure an active part in the production of "trap" even bosses rocket plant (consisting, by the way, from the inveterate hunters) …

In just five years were four experimental setup of varying difficulty. Lentil-shaped apparatus, apparently resembling UFOs included: closed spatial design with special electromagnetic properties, the control unit, power supply and instrumentation. The proper configuration of electromagnetic fields generated by electromagnetic work surface (ERP) — nested dolls on the principle of layers of flat magnets twisted as ellipsoids. The outer layer of the shell was attached to the force or time itself was a shell. Mode defined by the control unit can be quite varied, and for each model, it was possible to take the entire area beneath the favorable ratio of frequency, voltage and the switching behavior, among which of course were the best.

The maximum value of the changed times are set within the little "doll". During the experiments, there was, as expected, the change of time and outside the installation, and only such a change with the opposite sign was on the order of magnitude lower internal (quite in accordance with the laws of geometry — is inversely proportional to the cube of the distance) …

The measurements were made with a pair of spaced quartz oscillators, as well as by comparison with a reference clock signal and the exact time of the testimony of electronic and mechanical watches, placed in the payload bay. In the first model, the difference was a testimony to half a second per hour, subsequent modifications, it was increased to 40 seconds per hour.

The volume of the payload bay, located in the center of symmetry, all of the time machine does not exceed the amount of football. That is why the services of the traditional pioneers of new forms of transport — the experimental dogs was abandoned. The honor of being the pioneers of time got a miniature mice and cockroaches. The first experiments with the movement of insects and mice in the past have ended in failure for the experimental (the difference of two seconds is not, alas, almost no one survived). Those who had been careless enough to be around pilot plant, there were painful symptoms similar to those described in the experiment with the "Eldridge." Only after processing scheme "testers" — animals moved to migrate.

Late in the evening March 18, 1990 during the test improved versions in the sky above the laboratory appeared and began to describe circles huge UFO with three "parking lights." Caused by the brigade of "Good Evening, Moscow" was able to photograph "trehzvezdnik" on videotape. Later, despite the rigorous repetition of the previous experiment, a mysterious stranger and did not appear. That was when it was assumed that the UFO responds only to the first of the experiment. In the stories that already have similar examples.

In the early twentieth century, a time to try a new radio band signalers, receivers appeared mysterious messages on deciphering which decoders are fighting today. Cost position of the axes graphics signal numbers time lag and the echo as before the astonished gaze of a strange tables and star charts.

Encrypted echoes appear only during the first gear on the new radio wave. According to the hypothesis, the transmitter echoed some unknown spacecraft tracking our technological progress. By the way, if this is the tip-alien, according to one version, his homeland, he made no secret on star maps were clearly marked and the star of the constellation Leo the Lion Tait. Perhaps, now that the pilots "messenger of Lviv" show curiosity than the first experiment.

By the way, if you remember what types of UFOs often appear during testing new missiles, aircraft, radar, flying near the Moon "Apollo", about experiencing very long telepathic communication Novosibirsk and during other events, no less interesting from the point of view of Earth stories, you will find an interesting detail. The most curious and indifferent to the technical progress of humanity is just three-star facility. Now it is sometimes called "the Belgian triangle," though he has the most that neither is Russia's "registration", but this is later in greater detail …

When April 30, 1991 has earned a new version of the Time Machine, from the very beginning of its operation was modulated so as to transmit a coded message to those who can get it. At the end of the text transmitted was requested after five minutes to confirm the receipt of the transfer. Second in the second came at the height of our old friend! ..

It is unclear whether their mysterious alien time machine to communicate. But now experiments have confirmed the use of such devices with an open circuit to generate lift in a UFO-like machines: a 400-gram model showed rod 10 grams.

The next step — The laboratory checks eyewitness that the alien ships can draw energy from space with high-voltage wires with light, creating protective cocoons, teleport, etc.

Fiction? While fiction. Are we ready for it? "

Vadim Chernobrov

Category: The prophecies and predictions, visions and hypotheses

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