False signs and wonders of Antichrist

Seducing men, the Antichrist will show many amazing miracles. Chosen vessel of God, the Apostle Paul says, "His coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, and with all unrighteous deception."

In the interpretation of these words of St. John Chrysostom says, "with all power and signs and lying wonders — said, that is, the Antichrist will show all the power and all that is possible to seduction, but will do nothing of the true" (4 Bes. -I). He performs great signs, according to the Apocalypse, so that makes fire come down from heaven to earth before people. And wonders that was granted to do, he deceives those who dwell on the earth.

The miracles of antichrist is mentioned in the Gospel of Matthew: "false Christs and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect." The plural verb "give" indicates that false miracles will create not only the Antichrist, and his followers.

Antichrist, on the paternal interpretations that will be a great magician and sorcerer. Apocalypse points to three types of miracles: 1) To deceive many people Antichrist will bring to light the sky. This miracle of St. Andrew of Caesarea says, "not surprisingly, to deceive the eyes will see the fire from the sky. We know that, by God's permission, and the working of Satan, fire came down from heaven and burned up the herds of Job. " 2) put a great magician breath to the image of the beast, why this image will talk.

The same holy about it says, "tells us that demons often said by the statues and images of water and trees, a statue of Apollo, and others. I think, as a dead body, such as Simon Magus when the apostle Peter showed dead Romans moving. Apostle denounced him, showing how rebel dead, whom he raised up. " 3) The Antichrist played dead and then resurrected. Mentioned miracles he will surprise the whole world!

As for the commission of the Antichrist and his assistant "great signs", then, science and technology and is now "doing wonders." By that time, will be made a whole series of great uchnyh on discoveries and inventions. And now many discoveries that have or may have military value, the state kept secret. Many more secrets from the government will be in the kingdom of the Antichrist. Obviously, the Antichrist and his top aides will use the secret of the invention as proof of his genius and his power.

In addition, and now at seances performed many wonders with demons, as spiritualism is nothing but communication with the spirits of evil. At the same time communicating with evil spirits will, of course, so close and widespread that the barrier between life people as material beings, and the kingdom of evil spirits almost disappear. In the depth of his fall into evil people themselves become the demons and devils will live among the people and to the people …

"The Antichrist will create false miracles — some imaginary, some naturally, once worked as Egyptian sages. With the development of science and technology today, these "natural" miracles, or, in other words, these tricks to create a lot easier than before.

Striking news items that are held in the West from experiments in which chemicals are used to promote the "expansion of consciousness" to the realm of "invisible world." With electrical stimulation of the brain, he can acquire personal experience of the "divine."

"As the father of lies, false actions by the Antichrist will deceive the imagination, so that the people will have the like seeing the resurrected dead, however, as it is not raised, as if seeing the lame walking and the blind to despise, while there was no healing."

If they do not like that now all kinds of sorcerers, mediums, magicians? Let us recall the sensational at the time and the testimony on television revival of dead sorcerer Longo or "television bridge" for the beznarkoznoy operations at the mere suggestion Kashpirovsky followed by a grand for "telemaga" scandal …

"Tormentor this will rearrange the mountain, one lying specter, not a reality. In the presence of a busy crowd of many nations and classes, praising him for his dreamy wonders, he will issue a strong voice from which shaken where crowds gathered before him, and with the audacity to say: "Know all the nations, the great force of my power. That's before you all that I command great mountain, which stands opposite to it, according to my opinion, because of the sea now moved here to us. " And say nasty, "I command thee, pass through here is the sea." And in the eyes of the audience will mount, nothing podvigshis from their bases. For, in the beginning of creation hoisted and put God Almighty, over the government will not have this vseskverny, but will deceive the world Arcane dreams.

Also, another mountain, which lies in the depths of the great sea, in the form of a very great island, so commands descend from his seat in the audience to be fun on land, on the pleasant shores. Although the island does not move out of the sea, however, it would seem the hill, standing on the land. Another serpent still stretch out her hands, and gather a lot of reptiles and birds. Similarly, set foot on the abyss and go through it as on the land, representing all dreamy. And many believe and honor him as a strong God. But who is a God, those bright eyes will be heartfelt, and sincere faith in the accuracy they will see and recognize him. Anyone who has the fear of God, and who are bright eyes of the heart, just be aware that neither the mountain did not move from his place, nor the island was moved from sea to land.

Yet these things will make your name Antichrist. For they do not tolerate that was referred to as the most pure name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, because he will be theomachist and son of perdition. When will these things be accomplished by what was said, and the people worship him and praise him as God Almighty in heaven, from day to day will be anger and turn away his face from him. And they will, finally, serious famines, plagues long, continuous earthquakes, depletion of food everywhere, the great tribulation, distress everywhere, incessant death, the great fear, unspeakable awe. Then the heavens will not give rain, the land will not yield fruit, the sources dry up, rivers dry up. The grass will not grow, does not seem to land on a green, tree roots to be frostbitten and will not give offspring, fish and whales at sea izomrut. And the sea is contagious emits a terrible stench and noise that people will fall unconscious and die from fear. "

"The Antichrist will be a great magician, magician and sorcerer, he will be an instrument of the devil with the most of his youth and surprise people with his false force like the magicians of Egypt, producing miracles in satanic aid. He will be able to seduce men rebelled against God, when fierce winter cause rise stem, erect or fire from heaven, or will fly through the air without the aid of an aircraft. Such "miracles" and still make the Hindu fakirs, Brahmins, Arabian dervishes and … illusionists in the circus. "

"Can there be a special authenticity sign from heaven? Require such signs, of course, demanded it, attributing it to him credibility. Can we conclude that the sign from heaven is surely a sign from God? From Divine Scripture shows the contrary. The expression "sign from heaven" is very vaguely attributed then, and now the majority of men who are not familiar with the sciences, refer to the sky what is happening in the air and in space nadvozdushnom. So, the sun, the moon, the stars are recognized in heaven, while they float in space, rain, thunder, lightning-called phenomena of the air, whereas these phenomena occur in the air, in the earth's atmosphere, belong positive ground.

Scripture tells us that, by the action of the devil fire of God fell from heaven and burned up the sheep righteous Job. Obviously, this fire formed in the air as it is formed by lightning. Simon Magus surprised wonders slepotstvuyuschy people who act in it recognized the power of Satan great power of God. Especially brought Simon to surprise idolatrous Romans, when in their numerous meetings, declaring himself to be God and his intention to ascend to heaven, suddenly began to rise in the air. Tells of this blessed Simeon Metaphrastes, borrowing povedanie of the ancient Christian writers. A terrible disaster — the lack of true knowledge of God in man: it takes the devil for the deeds of God.

Before the Second Coming of Christ, when Christianity, spiritual knowledge, and they shall turn the argument to extremes among men — false Christs and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect. In particular antichrist himself will abundantly lavish wonders amaze and satisfy their carnal philosophizing and ignorance: it will give them a sign from heaven, whom they seek and crave. Ignorance and carnal philosophizing, seeing these miracles did not stop to think about: immediately take them to the spirit of his affinity with the spirit of them, in their blindness recognize and profess the action of Satan's greatest manifestation of God's power. Antichrist will be made very quickly, without thinking.

Be not conformed to men, that miracles do not have it any good, reasonable purpose, no particular value, that they are alien to the truth, full of lies, that they — monstrous vsezlobnoe, meaningless acting, growing surprise result in confusion and self-forgetfulness, seduce, deceive , captivate charm luxury, empty, silly effect.

Is not it strange that the miracles of the Antichrist will be accepted unconditionally and enthusiastically apostates from Christianity, the enemies of the truth, God's enemies: they prepared themselves to open, operation adopted messenger and tools of Satan, his teachings, all actions it blagovremenno enter into communion with the spirit of Satan . Worthy of deep attention and crying that miracles and deeds of the Antichrist will lead to difficulty in the most chosen of God. The reason for the strong influence of the Antichrist will be on the man in his infernal cunning and litsemerstve that artfully cover up terrible evil, in his unbridled and shameless audacity in promoting it abundantly fallen spirits, finally, in the capacity for the creation of miracles, though false, but striking.

Human imagination is powerless to represent himself the villain, what would be the Antichrist, the human heart is unusual, even spoiled, to believe that evil can reach the extent to which it reaches the Antichrist. He blew itself as trumpeted itself Forerunner and icons him call himself a preacher, and the true knowledge of God reducing: do not understand Christianity see in him the representative and advocate of the true religion, joining him. Trumpet shall sound, he call himself the promised Messiah: shout, to meet his pupils carnal sophistry; saw his glory, the power, the brilliant abilities, extensive development of the rudiments of the world, proclaim him a god, to make it fellowhelpers. Antichrist will reveal himself meek, merciful, full of love, full of all virtues, recognize it and so give in to him because of his sublime virtues of those who accept the truth fallen human truth and renounced it for the truth of the Gospel.

Antichrist will offer humanity dispensation higher earthly wealth and prosperity, will offer honors, riches, grandeur, comfort and carnal pleasure: finders earth will the Antichrist, they will call him as their ruler. Antichrist opens before mankind such tricks theater performances disgrace amazing miracles, unexplained by modern science, he lay the fear of the storm and its divom miracles to satisfy their curiosity and reckless gross ignorance to satisfy human vanity and pride, satisfy carnal sophistication to satisfy superstition lead to bewilderment human Scientist: all men, guided by the light of his fallen nature, alienated from the leadership of the light of God, carried away in obedience to the deceiver.

Signs of the Antichrist will mainly be in the air layer: This layer mainly dominated by Satan. Signs will act most to the sense of sight, charming and deceiving him. St. John the Evangelist, contemplating the events of the world in the revelation which are to precede his death, says that the Antichrist will make great things, and he do skhoditi fire from heaven to the earth before humans. On the sign indicated by Scripture as the highest of the signs of the Antichrist, and the place of the signs — the air: it will be a great and terrible sight.

The test for the saints of God will come terrible: cunning, litsemerstvo, miracles persecutor will intensify deceive and seduce them, subtle, insidious and covered invented ingenuity harassment and embarrassment, the absolute power of the torturer put them in a very difficult position, a small number of them will seem insignificant before all mankind and think they will give a special weakness, and general contempt, hatred, defamation, harassment, violent death made them by lot. Only by a special assistance of divine grace, under the leadership of its elected God vozmogut resist enemy of God, to confess before him, and before men of the Lord Jesus. "

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