Felling sick suburban forests may reach 3 million cubic meters

 Up to three million cubic meters of timber can be harvested annually in the suburbs, cutting spruce bark beetle affected, the head of the Federal Forestry Agency (FFA) Victor Maslyakov.

"To put in order in a forest near Moscow within five to eight years should be harvested per year to three million cubic meters of wood a patient. And of course — reclamation and planting new forests. Moscow region to form a forest seed centers for growing quality planting material," — said Maslyakov at a news conference at RIA Novosti.

According to him, in 2012, in the suburbs of the patient logging timber amounted to 600 thousand cubic meters.

As previously reported FFA, annually for three years from the federal budget will be levied on billion rubles for bringing order to forests of the Moscow region, where acute problem of pest distribution of bark beetle. Money is also needed for reclamation, sanitary logging and plantations.

The total forest area in the suburbs is about 2.1 million hectares. According to a survey lespopatologov (specialists in diseases of the forest), on 35 thousand hectares of forests is necessary to sanitary measures — an analysis of litter, and cleaning sick trees.

According to the Forestry Agency, one of the causes outbreaks of bark tipogrofa that destroys spruce forests in the suburbs, it was the dry summer of 2010. During the warm period, foresters with the bark beetle lesopatologami fought by setting traps in trees and used the so-called trap trees (beetle infested trees, which are laid out on the edge, and attract to yourself pest). Bark beetle attacks only spruce and can destroy wood in a month.

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