Fires in Russia: Pridonya light fade in the eyes

In the Rostov region to extinguish fires involved aerial tanker IL-76. At first it burned only the grass, now burned about a thousand acres of forest. In firefighting use additional force of rescuers from other regions. But the weather forecast, as before, are not encouraging: the thermometer in the next few days can overcome the mark of 42 degrees.
Armed with a backpack with water and spray, Sergei Vysotsky, the third day fighting forest fires. Such volunteers in the Rostov region scores. People selflessly help residents protect farm Lobachev town picks from the fire.
Operational reports Rostov Emergency Management today is akin to military bulletins — these are constantly changing. Inhabitants of the surrounding villages and hamlets are seriously concerned — according to this column of smoke, the element is raging just a few kilometers from their homes.
To prevent last year's tragedy, when the different regions of Russia because of wildfires burned entire villages, in the Don to fight the fire thrown all his energy and even attract more — of Kalmykia and the Volgograd region. Trying to overcome the element of over 500 people and a hundred pieces of equipment, including aircraft.
The situation is complicated by the ever-changing winds — the flame he drives in one direction and then the other. Where fire can eliminate, over time it flares up again.
These artificial forest inhabitants Pridonya called "the lungs of the region." Rostov trees steppe began planting 80 years ago. Today, people are trying to save them, but the green areas are disappearing in the flames before our eyes. Rain right now would be very helpful, but weather forecasts are disappointing — the steady heat (in the shade + 38 degrees) in the area will last for at least another two weeks.


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