First the bees die, and then — people

Vang was wrong for two years

In one of the prophecies attributed to Wang, the death of bees all over the world was set for 2004. But they began to disappear in 2006. And, as scientists believe, is this ecological disaster has reached alarming proportions.

Every winter in the U.S. are killed more than a third of bee colonies. Although I tend to not only withstand cold tenth. Disappear in Europe every year to 20 percent of bees. Drastically reduced their population in Latin America and Asia. Such alarming statistics in the report led experts recently Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the Agricultural Bank Rabobank. Scientists estimate that in 1961 the number of bee colonies in the world has fallen by half, and the number of bees per hectare fell by about 90 percent. Than it threatens us?

Einstein, as always, was right

The famous physicist Albert Einstein, who differed brilliant insight, back in the 1940s predicted that if bees die out, then four years after that, and people will die. Maybe, and jokingly said, and hit the target. The fact that the disappearance of bees from our planet could increase already started a food crisis.

— After pollination by insects grow crops that provide one third of the human food supply — explained what was going on the candidate of agricultural sciences Igor Doronin. — A list of plants and trees that do not grow and do not give fruit without pollinators, rather large. It includes: nut trees, apple, melon, many berries, citrus fruits, onions, broccoli, squash, beans, peppers, eggplant, cucumbers, tomatoes, fava beans, coffee, cocoa, avocados and coconuts. All the most delicious! Moreover, useful: these products we get 35 percent of calories, and most of the minerals, vitamins and antioxidants.

"Farmers still manages to produce their products with a smaller number of bee colonies, and there are no data on the reduction of the crop — the report says. — But the question is, how long they will still be succeeded in the continuation of this trend. "

Or honey, or cellphone

That kills insects? The exact causes are unknown. On the World Fund for the bees are just the most likely: "The bad environmental situation, reducing the number of honey plants (due to deforestation), bee diseases, a general weakening of the immunity of bee colonies and most importantly — the use of chemicals in food production. It has been established that pesticides can impair immunity bees. "

— Since pesticides can be handled — says Doronin. — For example, in Germany, France, Britain and Italy have already banned some of their views. But absolutely no chemistry can not do: every year, the world population increased by nearly one hundred million people. Maybe other countries to ban their use even in the daytime, when the bees collect pollen?

As another possible reason scientists call electromagnetic radiation. Its source — the cellular communication. Insist on this, scientists from the University of Punjab (India), who conducted an experiment in his state. Scientists observed the families of the two bee hives for three months. Bee hive in the first subjected to electromagnetic radiation from the two mobile phones, which included two times a day for fifteen minutes. Bee hive in the second than "irradiated." In the end it turned out that in the first hive queen bee put half the eggs than in the uterus "unirradiated" hive. Accordingly, the bees became much smaller. Decreased and the amount of honey that the bees made of "irradiated" hive. Moreover, the worker bees from the first hive stopped returning home after collecting pollen.

But representatives of the Russian cellular companies danger of electromagnetic radiation for insects categorically reject. And from cell phones, we would not give up, even if we will be without honey.

Experts predict that if the current trend continues, the bees may completely disappear by 2035. So, by 2039, according to Einstein, and the people on earth will not.


Blame mites?

— Cause of death of the bees may be the most banal — says Lyudmila Solovyov, Candidate of Veterinary Sciences, Department Head, prevention and control of bee diseases bee Institute of the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences. — Most likely, insects destroy mites. Specific disease they cause — varrooz. As a result, the family is left stock, leaving the hive and die. This is closer to the fall.

To detect mites need careful analysis. Their deadly impact is not immediate, and after 3 — 4 years after infection. Treatment time-consuming — manual, in fact. Bees, for example, is heated to 45 degrees. Not all beekeepers can do that.


Biologists are alarmed disappear from the face of the earth a thousand species of living things

The world faces global extinction crisis?

A new study by 174 scientists from 38 countries, showed that in the next decade about a fifth of all vertebrates and a third of all sharks and rays are threatened with extinction. In addition, experts say, because of habitat destruction and over-exploitation of natural resources to extinction each year are 52 more species.

— We turned the territory of a third of the Earth in the habitable area for food — said biologist Michael Hoffmann of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, speaking at a recently held in the Japanese city of Nagoya conference. — The destruction of the environment can not affect the biological diversity.

Hardest hit in recent years was caused to animals in South-East Asia, where, along with deforestation and hunting occurred agricultural expansion. In Central America, the tropical Andes and Australia, 41% of amphibians — on the verge of extinction.

Alarm beat the conference and an international team of scientists led by Chris Reading of the British Centre for Ecology and Hydrology.

— Snake populations on different continents in the past had declined several times — reported Dr. Reading. — In 20 years of observing the snakes were not in the history of the case to sync disappeared several different species, living in different parts of the world.

Of the 17 studied populations of eight species of snakes that live in the UK, France, Italy, Nigeria and Australia dropped by almost 90 per cent of 11 species. Among them — aspisovaya viper, copperhead common in Europe, Gabon viper and rhinoceros viper from Africa. The sharpest decline was in the time after 1998. Why after this year — remains a mystery. Year nothing special even by climatic norms do not stand out.

Ecologist Chris Reading believes that there may be several reasons: climate change, a sharp decline in populations of frogs, which feed the snake, and the reduction of habitat due to human activities.

At the same time, the study, published in the journal Science, found that the loss of living things could be 20% higher if it were not for the efforts of environmentalists to save. Therefore, by 2020, environmental groups are planning to establish protected areas to 25% of the land and 15% of the seas. Now — for comparison — are protected only 14% of the land, and only 1% of the oceans.

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