Fish kill in Australia

Phone call to the Ridge News Tuesday morning alerted Received: reported the death of a European carp on a dam at Big Varrambule writes

Thousands and thousands of dead fish floated to the surface of the water and covered with a beach a few meters deep. Why are they all died — a mystery. Fisherman from Lightning Ridge suggested that the cause was a lack of oxygen.

Surviving fish swims mouth sticking out of the water: it is possible, it will also be lost. Probably all of them brought to the dam flood, after which the fish remained after the withdrawal of water.

European carp — an introduced species in Australia, was first caught in the River Murray in South Australia. Food habits of carp harm ecosystem flowing water, so now it is considered a kind of parasite on the continent.

Dead fish attracted a surprising number of birds, also traces of the presence of wild pigs.

Of carp is not so much good for the rivers, but still sad to see this mass of dead fish in the dam.

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