Flood in Uzhgorod

Today in Uzhhorod because of heavy rain, which was held in the morning, on some streets formed a flood …

Residents to get to work today, the regional center was extremely difficult.

— To work today was getting a half hour. First like on the bus — the water off at the knees. Then tried to call a taxi. Almost all machines have refused to go — thanks to a good taxi driver who dared to swim the hundred meters in depth. Then we have for a long time in traffic, because, of course, the move is flooded and all go to the detour, — wrote in his Facebook journalist Andrei Ganusich.

Streets were flooded Uzhansky and Gagarin, where by clogged drains water is almost to the waist.

Flooded, as always, there was also a railway crossing at the intersection of Russian and Ankudinova.

And so all the cars go to the detour move, because of this there are formed congestion.

Again more or less heavy rain is in the disaster.

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