Flooding in Sochi

25.06.11.Poka thousands of Sochi residents were without electricity, drew water from basements and porches, saving property and life, the site of administration of Sochi was reported that "on the night of 20 to 21 June due to heavy rain flooded several streets and was suspended several substations. "

Again the "force majeure" or is it negligence and corruption in the construction of alien officials Olympic and Olympic facilities in Sochi municipality?

On the initiative of the city created a special commission to investigate the causes of the incident. At a meeting in the city administration were made in two versions. "First — unpreparedness stormwater to a lot of water. And the second — is a tornado in the mountains. " The second version of the specialists reject. So who is to blame? And why was charged in absentia is rain? Not to compensate Sochi Sochi residents? But how long will these "bureaucratic mischief" can endure Olympic capital? After all, the natural resources of Sochi, as human patience Sochi residents are not limitless. As you can see, nature is out of myself, tired of the mockery.

In the night from 20 to 21 June, in fact, rain. But these rains in the resort frequent phenomenon and permanent. But this time the flooded streets of the city, where the direct or near water is building the so-called "Olympic facilities." For example, Kurortny Prospect. Flooded neighborhoods Mamayka, Don, Gagarin, Central. Old-timers have not seen this ever.

The impression was that the mountain Sochi River changed course and suffered its waters through the streets.

Without power more than 12 hours were almost 10 thousand people. Knee-deep, and even on the chest in water were pedestrians hurrying to work. Water flows carried by a rabid Tchaikovsky Street, from the alley Hlebozavodskaya. In the construction area understudy, opposite a bakery, a stream Hludovsky showed his character to the fullest. He unrolled a huge cocks, carried and broke building cars, swept on the road freight and passenger cars.

At the fork in Tchaikovsky Street poured into the water element mezhkvartalnye expensive street: Novoselov, Color Boulevard and Gagarin. Water flooded entrances. Was flooded kindergarten № 45.

Moreover, the level of water in the river Sochi remained normal, and she did not leave the coast. Water carried off to sea handbags, purses, cell phones, bags, shoes, caught in the elements pedestrians dragged behind a building materials and fragments Kurortny Prospect. Affected people, affected private and city property. City and Citizens suffered enormous damage.

And, really, in this situation, the Investigative Committee and the Olympic prosecutors should pay, finally, attention to thousands of applications from citizens about government corruption in illegal construction of Olympic and non-Olympic facilities, the fact of mass ecocide bearing such consequences. Stop illegal construction. But no! Those who create the massive disaster, who does irreparable harm to the city-resort and its residents continue to aggravate the situation by signing, orders and decisions.

Example, one might say, looting during the disaster could be seen on the street Novoselov. While the stormy waters of the raging creek everything turns on the way, one meter from the flood, Novoselov, 5-A, enthusiastically continued building. Without permits. Dangerously close to the kindergarten playground dug pit. Demolished rare trees. Put the construction fence. Caught up with large-sized vehicles and leads dig under the apartment buildings of Sochi residents Moscow company "Independent development company." The same company is planning to build a 18-story commercial skyscraper and is briskly selling apartments in it. How many streets are not legal residents appealed to the mayor and to the deputies, no action is still pending.

Of provocation by the emergency officials for the road-doubler personally Mayor Pakhomov and City Council deputies warned repeatedly.

Were warned and representatives Rosavtodor. But there was no response. Officials and warned against the construction of non-cargo port in Imereti. But they would not hear anything until the Sochi ordinary storm has not washed billions of rubles, and human life at sea. Then came Mr. Kozak and all written off by force majeure.
As you can see, mutilated Sochi and attached "Olympic" billions are solid force majeure.

No longer in doubt the fact of falsification of positive environmental reviews by people who may, in Sochi have never been. And to the point of environmental analysis of the situation in Sochi not held by those who can and should significantly affect inadmissibility emergencies and illegal construction. For example, public urban planning and environmental advice Sochi, water management. Expert reports prepared and signed by those who have no idea what the Sochi and what dangers it stored in soil, water and atmosphere.

Here, for example, the positive conclusion of CJSC "Ecotrans-Dorservis" on the road-doubler, published online this unknown company in Sochi, inexplicably won the tender to give the environmental studies for the task FGU DSD "Black Sea" led Kuzhel. This man, along with other officials of the Municipality persistently sought understudy not ZZHBI industrial area and a residential neighborhood to the deforestation of sanitary protection zone, directly in Hludovskom creek. Achieved. With the help of the same, I think, is clearly positive assessment, drawn not the Sochi specialists and experts of one of the subsidiary companies, which he himself represents. Recall that the project was developed by JSC "Petersburg-Dorservice" according to the task FGU DSD "Black Sea" and the environmental study for the project made CJSC "Ecotrans Dor ¬ service." That is what is written in the rationale:

"Construction of the highway" understudy "fits into the reconstruction of the transport network in the city, the project provides for the urban plan Sochi." All these statements are false, because according to the PHC (land use and development § 46) on Tchaikovsky Street is a sanitary protection zone, not subject to change.
Completed assessment of the impact on the environment is based on the results of environmental research conducted in the summer and autumn of 2008, which give a full picture of the initial state of the environment and are a necessary basis for reliable calculations. And this fact is false. Since it is not a complete picture of what such a "assessment" of the question. Judge for yourself.

Specialists far from Sochi, JSC "Ecotrans-Dorservis" based, as mentioned above, not on its own, but on older surveys write:
"The ecological status of soils in the proposed construction area should be considered to be generally unsatisfactory, since in most samples recorded exceedances for benzo (a) pyrene and petroleum products. The concentration of lead in the soil … exceeds UEC ".
"The state of the atmosphere. The main source of air pollution in the city of Sochi is road transport. "
"The state of surface water bodies. In the area of the planned highway are four surface water bodies: the river Sochi Hludovsky stream, creek and river Bocharov Psakhe (Mamayka). According to research in all water bodies experiencing higher than lead of fisheries regulations. The largest water pollution characterized Hludovskogo creek, which over a large storm water collector. "
"Acoustic environment. According to studies, the levels of noise in residential areas, close to where the road is projected to exceed the permissible levels of noise: the equivalent noise levels range from 46.3 to 67.2 dB, the maximum of 56.4 to 70 dBA. As a rule, the excess observed in homes that are located in close proximity to existing roads. "

Now, nervous, hold on! According to the same Company:
"The total amount of waste generated during the construction of the third stage of Kurortny Avenue is 2 million tons, of which 4 hazard class only 189 tons. The remaining waste is the 5th class of danger. "
At the end of this terrible tale experts write that "The project to build the third stage Kurortny prospect received in 2009, the endorsement of the State Ecological Expertise".

So the question arises: Gentlemen officials, why do not you respect the people among whom you live, surrounded himself with high walls and greenery from the noise, din, dust and dirt? Why do you think that the destruction of Sochi Sochi residents and noise, exhaust fumes, pollution of soil and water, creation of emergency, you should go with it? After all, no one has been abolished in the Criminal Code items such as negligence, abuse, and abuse of office, forgery and falsification of documents, ecocide. So who is still held responsible for the fact that pissed off Sochi peaceful streams, trying to hammer them in sewage?

Workers fleeing from the disaster on the remaining tree trunks nedopilennyh Tchaikovsky Street, explained the reporter they did not expect such a small stream, which they were told to take iron pipes, suddenly their score and get out of the reservoir. One can understand that the workers were not expecting it. They are artists. But what will this Mayor Pakhomov, Lord Commander of the FSI DSD "Black Sea" Kuzhel and those who gave positive obviously illegal expertise, allowing a mockery of nature and living in Sochi people?

We are waiting for an answer to these questions from the Investigative Committee and the Olympic prosecutors. We do not believe that the blame for the rain, if only because it rains in Sochi to the construction of the Olympic and non-Olympic facilities in the areas of water was much, and this flood — never!

It is likely that Sochi will disappear from the face of the earth, as Atlantis, is not surprised the world Winter Olympic Games in the subtropics. Not disappear due to force majeure and due to overwhelming greed and stupidity of officials and companies, who see in our city government and the interests of the resort, and a private shop for private gain.

Svitlana Kravchenko




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