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This prophet XI century is very unusual. Although most of his life he lived in Europe, but went down in history under the name of Johannes of Jerusalem. The reason is simple: his famous book "The Secret of the prophecy," he wrote in just three years spent in the Holy City …

The main thing is that, unlike most of the visionaries, Johann accurately indicates the time period, which includes his prophecy: "When the thousand years of the millennium followed suit." We are talking about the third millennium, in which we all live for 12 years.

In ancient chronicles about Johann from Jerusalem mentioned very sparingly. However, from the fragmentary observations can be seen that in everyday life, he may have been the healer and also an astrologer and astronomer. Birthplace of the seer, presumably in 1042 in Wesel (a town in Germany, in the district of Düsseldorf), near the Benedictine monastery. As he grew, he became a novice, and then a monk at the monastery, where the then master all of science.
Chronicles of the time did not report the later engaged Johann. We only know that he was frequently in Italy, came to Rome, and a few months or years of living there. Then I went to Byzantium, where learned the Greek language, to get acquainted with the texts of ancient philosophers and historians. Some sources say that inquisitive wandering monk even reached Central Asia.

In the year 1117, when Johann was already at an advanced age, providence led him to the Holy Land in Palestine, conquered by the Crusaders from the Seljuks. While Jerusalem is one of the symbolic center of the then world, the cradle of religions. There Johann examines Jewish kabbalah, the mysteries of Arabic algebra and value figures. But the most important is that learned monk was admitted to the inner circle of initiates, the Jewish rabbis, Muslim sages and masters of the Gnostics, who shared their secrets of Knowledge.

Still, it can be assumed that the great prophet learned knowledge of the future from the source — from the Almighty, who discovered the secret of time Johann from Jerusalem. In one of the manuscripts says that he often went to the desert to meditate, pray and meditate. Today, one would say that the Prophet entered into an altered state of consciousness in which receive) access to global information field. It is not known whether he drew out information about the near future and, accordingly, does that make predictions about current events. But the fact that he opened the third millennium, no doubt.

This information is presented in Johannes' Secret prophecies "that ended shortly before his death. He died, probably in 1119 or 1120, based on their being born in 1042. In the chronicle said about this: "He called on the Lord, when he was twice marked as the press." She was considered the number 7, which in Christianity is given a symbolic meaning. Consequently, he was 77.

It is assumed that Johann six times he rewrote the manuscript of his book of prophecies. Three lists he entrusted the Grand Master of the Knights Templar, the creation of which was active. Four others have left myself to pass them on through those wise men who will find the road to the mysteries of the future. And for good reason. It is known that Nostradamus met "secretly prophecies" when he worked on his "Centuries". If you compare the two texts, it is obvious that the Frenchman largely came from the prophecies of Johann, ahead of his more than three centuries.

The fate of the seven instances of 'Secret prophecy "has developed in different ways. Some were lost. Others sometimes disappeared for centuries, before suddenly appear again in the most unexpected places. One of them was brought to Rome and St. Bernard, most likely, is still in the archives of the Vatican. Another (seventh) was found in Hitler's bunker. In 1941, he was found in a library in Warsaw Jewish community and sent to Berlin. There, on the personal instructions of Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler's "secret prophecy" passed for learning specialists of medieval history, then Himmler personally handed translation of the manuscript to the Fuhrer, who intended to create a "Thousand-Year Reich." But he said he "does not need the tips." Among other captured documents "prophecies" were taken to the Soviet Union and the fall in the KGB archives. In connection with his reform during the restructuring, among other religious books priceless manuscript was handed over "to the proper", so that the prophecy of Johann from Jerusalem just surfaced with the advent of the third millennium.

Nine centuries — a vast period of human history. During this time, had changed beyond recognition the world in which it lives. To avoid confusion as to which is the era of prophecy are, each of them begins with clarification in this regard.

1. First, as discussed in the "Secret prophecies" — is the political situation in the world and its future changes.
At the beginning of the discovery of America predicts Johann and settlement of the unknown in his time the Asian part of Russia. He says, and the formation of giant empires gentlemen who will govern without faith, on the basis of totalitarian regimes.
2. In the prophecies, and the second is called the danger that threatens humanity. This global terrorism. Amazingly, almost a thousand years before the present day prophet foresaw that the bloody mayhem begin Islamic fanatics: "false Messiah, carrying weapons with them, will rally around him blind.
As before, he will speak of justice and law. And hot faith wrong to smashing, and it will take revenge for the crusades. "
3. There are prophecies and "block" on the scientific and technological achievements of mankind to the beginning of the XXI century: "And the earth, the sea and the sky inhabited as a man. And it will be torn to power equal to God, knowing no boundaries. "
In other prophecies Johann specifies some of the current achievements. For example, radio and the Internet: "Everyone will know what's going on in different places."
Predicts transplantation of human organs and even criminal trafficking: "The price of man — no more than it weighs all entirely for sale, as the pound back of the pig. Who will take the ear, heart who wants nothing remains sacred then. Disputes go, and the blood, and for the mortal body, like carrion vultures gathered to share. "
Here you can add a self-fulfilling prophecy and the dominance of gay and AIDS: "A man wants a man and a woman friend lusts. And their blood becomes impure and evil crawl from bed to bed. "
4. As a result, the prophet predicted that because of the desire to unrestrained technological progress humanity awaits the collapse: "A man will rush the horse is blind. But it ended for him at once: he beats Spurs will drive the horse in the forest impassable, followed at the end of the way only the abyss. "

First of all, it would be an irreparable damage to human nature: "His head is heavy with knowledge, but does not understand why he lives and dies. As a blind man, he will destroy everything in sight. At heart he is a dwarf will remain. But with the power of the giant steps ahead of the giant steps, not knowing which way to choose. It will be like a madman, waving his arms. And as a child, plaintive squeak. "
The result would be faced with environmental troubles and the devastating impact of natural disasters, "In many places where the ground shakes, all cities will be lost after leaving the ground. All that without the advice of the wise once built, everything will be destroyed. Mud with mud bury selenium, earth asunder under new palaces. But man, pride, obsessive, obstinate and stubborn. "
In particular, the prophet warned of an impending global warming because of the damage to the ozone layer of the atmosphere: "Ray of the Sun scorch the entire Earth, and the air can no longer hide from the fire of his men. Will only have only a curtain full of holes, and the light will corrode burning eyes and skin. "
And also about the dangers of genetic engineering and cloning in relation to the people: "The man will be free to do things the way he wants. But by whom, the laws of life has changed, it will become a mixed creature living in a lump of clay? Does a child of God and his ilk, or the spawn of hell? "

All this will end in tears: "For all the earth will rise towers of Babel, and it will be in Rome and Byzantium. But the field will cover the desolation, and bread is not enough for hangers. And people who do not have tomorrow, get a large ground fire. "
And the prophet predicts that all these troubles will turn into a disaster because of overpopulation of the world: "And there will be so numerous people in the world that they liken the ant heap. Crowd they go from place to place. Will they alone treatment — start all-out war. And that's when it's time barbarian hordes. "

Although the prognosis of Johann from Jerusalem at the beginning of the new millennium looks bleak, but the end will be a triumph of humanity reborn, "will open people finally begin to understand the eye and each other, they will become the body of one: one — a tiny part of it, all together it will be the heart. Something new is born — the Great Man. "
Prophet predicts great scientific discoveries that will be made with this new man, "Know it the spirit of all things: to know rock, water, and a living entity, and the look of another person, entering into the mysteries of life. And he will reveal the door behind the door in the endless maze of new life. Creator it will be a powerful and invincible, he of all people bestow knowledge and the body finds it perfect. "

And humanity will make a breakthrough not only in knowledge but also in the development of the world around him: "It will be a master of water, build a city in the depths of the sea, feeding them fruit. He will live in all the places a big state, and all will be allowed to him. "
Not forgotten genius Johann and the cosmos: "A man will overcome the boundless sky, hit the road in your shiny ship, as the new Odyssey, one of the sun, in his odyssey from heaven."

In the new society of the future will disappear evils and vices now existing, "And everyone will live with others in unison, everyone will know about the world and about the body, to treat illnesses before they occur. Understand what you need to help others, to go ahead together. And after a time, where there was greed, he will open the hearts and pockets of the poor. "
Moreover, Johannes of Jerusalem is a prophecy, which says a change of the physical nature of man, his body: "His body is updated at all: people learn to swim under the waves, fish become big. Other birds will fly up, not being able to fall like a stone on the ground. Will communicate with each other, to open your mind to all, so that the message of the other can be taken. And will live as long as the oldest of the men, who were given the Holy Scripture says. "
Finally Johann from Jerusalem makes another important optimistic prophecy: "To build a person in heaven, on earth and in the sea of the city. But his memory will retain what had once happened. And he will know what next to him. Not be afraid of his own death, because his life would be several lifetimes. And he will know that the light never goes out. "
Come true if all of these prophecies? Living may see …

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