For the police released a unique protective breathing masks


Ministry of Internal Affairs to the end of the year will receive 10 thousand unique protective masks equipped with thermal bactericidal respiratory conditioning. This was told to "Izvestia" Commercial Director of the Chelyabinsk "Second Breath", which produces balaclavas, Michael Poletaev.

Thanks to new police officers will be able to even in the 50 degree weather to be detained criminals — the inhaled air will warm up to room temperature due to the special design.

— Respiratory blocks created by Balaklav Nanotechnology — Thermal energy heats the exhalation portion of inspiration. To ensure that the bactericidal effect of several layers of fabric impregnated with a special composition with the addition of nanosilver, which prevents the growth of bacteria. By the same token, our masks are working for people suffering from asthma and chronic bronchitis, for which the onset of cold weather becomes a problem — told "Izvestia" Poletaev.


According to him, the respiratory unit for Balaklav designed for one thousand hours, includes a system of nano-, micro-and makrokanalov to help him collect heat to warm it and exhalation portion of the inhaled air.

— A man in a mask can breathe the air of minus 50 at room temperature. In this case, the mask does not get wet from breathing in the cold, because the condensate is outside the block in the expired air, — assured the manufacturer.

According Poletaeva, the contract for the supply of 10 thousand products from the Interior Ministry will be signed before the end of October. In the divisions of Ministry of Internal Affairs and balaclava masks nanosilver will appear in the November-December.

A spokesman for the Internal Troops Vasily Panchenkov explained the "News" that the heat-shielding balaclavas come in handy in the winter special forces, including riot police, SWAT, special forces and intelligence units.

He added that if the item is used wisely and not to make a mask shows, the balaclava for fighters is very necessary and even indispensable.

— Civil people wound scarves — covering the nose and mouth. Soldiers in combat so can not — he needs to have his hands free. Therefore, this function is assigned to the subject uniforms — the press-secretary of internal troops.

According to Michael Poletaeva, the Interior Ministry has not yet decided on the color Balaklav who will buy, but the company is ready to make a balaclava any color, "even pink."

Retail price, depending on the design of the thermal block (filter, which immediately balaclava sewn in or attached separately) — from 2 thousand to 2.5 thousand rubles apiece. For MIA manufacturer has promised to make a discount.

However, he stressed that the mask does not overheat the body, if a person is physically active and has a bactericidal effect. Now they are used by rescuers.

Head of the Rescue Service of the Chelyabinsk region Igor Shalkovsky wrote in a report that "Instrument provides a comfortable temperature conditions in the body cold as minus 35 degrees". In his view, the thermal device can be viewed as the missing piece of clothing rescuers, he is fully focused enough to sharply continental climate and a range of exercise are well adapted to humans.

Photos from the catalog of "Second Wind"

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