Freedom Day — rallies, marches and pickets

Community activists in Minsk and regions are preparing for the Freedom Day 2011. March 11 — the last day when it was possible to apply to the Board for the conduct that day events.


The Organizing Committee of Freedom Day-2011 main slogans on March 25 announced: "Freedom to political prisoners" and "Independence of Belarus." The leaders of several political parties and movements on February 16 agreed to participate in a rally and march. In a collective statement to the representatives of the Minsk city executive committee BPF, the United Civil Party, the CCP BPF, as well as the former headquarters of the opposition candidates had requested permission for a rally and a march along the route: Yakub Kolas — Yanka Kupala Park. A member of staff, deputy chairman of the United Civil Party Lev Margolin elaborates:

Lev Margolin

"Today, we have not yet received a response from the Minsk City Executive Committee for our application. I believe that, as a general rule, the answer will appear 5 days before the planned action. Our plans are very simple: to gather on Yakub Kolas, go to the park named after Yanka Kupala and hold a meeting there. "

Lev Margolin says that he can not say in advance of a positive decision metropolitan government:

"You know, when the current government does not have a firm policy, and there are variations from one side to the other, it is difficult to predict its actions. Perhaps, in the current situation where we need to lull Europe, the Belarusian authorities and will not give up in the organization of our event. But who knows? In such a situation, to make positive predictions very difficult. "

Vitebsk Region

Collective statements filed at the same time the shares in three places in the city

Vitebsk activists sent to the three regional organizations of requests for mass rallies on Freedom Day. In each area the organizers are ready to hold the celebration in some places by the authorities, said one of the applicants, Alexei Gavrutikov:

"The Committee for the organization of solidarity with political prisoners has applied in all three areas — in May Day, October and Railway areas of Vitebsk. Proxies prisoners candidates come out with posters "Freedom to political prisoners", representatives, will be presented by projecting their own statements. And maybe some of those present citizens want to express some thoughts about it … "

Vitebsk activists demand to expand the list of places for mass actions

For mass actions executive committee provided for one seat in each of the three districts of the regional center. Along with the application for shares on Freedom Day Vitebsk activists appealed to the City Council with a request to add a short "permissive" list of 10 more urban sites — squares and parks. After all, before the activists forbade holding solidarity actions on the basis that the only thing on the whole area of "public place" is already "busy":

"Counted all the sites in the city and all the areas that are suitable for mass events. Due to the fact that we have twice appealed to the Railway administration and twice we visited during the lining of our actions — that ski competition, the "Winter Fun" — we believe that the appropriate places in the city is clearly not enough. "

In the event that the authorities did not give permission, Vitebsk activists are still ready to celebrate Freedom Day, highlights Alex Gavrutikov:

"If we all fail, we will carry straight on Freedom Square, but this will be the format of an unauthorized action."

Stocks are also planned in Polotsk, Novopolotsk, Miory.

Activists recently established in Polotsk district public association "region free" is also applied in Polotsk and Novopolotsk city executive bid for the shares in the Freedom Day on March 25. Information on how to prepare stocks, says one of the organizers of Victor Kolesnik:

Victor Kolesnik

"The site near the cinema" Rodina "in Polotsk and playground next to the Urban Culture House Novapolatsk — near the so-called House of Culture builders. We will go there with banners and flags, because it is a holiday — the Day of Freedom! "

Victor Kolesnik not rule out problems with the permit to hold the stock as in Polotsk no official specific places for public events. The site near the cinema "Rodina" was approved in that capacity in 1996, the year, but since then, after changing the law on mass events, Polotsk City Executive Committee any appropriate actions were not taken.

Application for action by the Freedom Day and filed in district Miori. Local activists would like to spend it in the heart of the village, on the Plaza of the fallen.

But a certain part of Vitebsk activists considered it inappropriate to hold such shares in small towns. In their view, should join the rally in Minsk that it was more ambitious.


Picket lines will be in crowded places

In Mogilev, 25, 26 and 27 March local opposition will demand the release of all political prisoners in Belarus. These days, the opposition are going to put up picket lines. Application filed for their conduct to the city council in the name of its chairman Stanislav warts.

Picket lines will be held in crowded places of the Mogilev. Two of them — in front of City Council and the Regional Directorate of the KGB. Bid to host the protest signed by 12 activists of political, social and trade union organizations.

Alexander Silkou

"Freedom Day has now become very relevant. We want to express our holy day March 25 — in Belarus can not be political prisoners. If not we will hold the pickets, we will think over other events that will attract people's attention to this problem, "- said one of the applicants, an activist created Freedom and Progress Party Alexander Silkou.

March 25 will be held in Mogilev traditional laying of flowers to the building, where in 1918 the local community recognized in the power of the Belarusian People's Republic. For his part in the same event last year's chairman of the regional branch of the BPF Dmitry Solovyov Mogilev right KGB put on the register and made him a warning. According to the committee members — placing flowers against the public order.

"In order to lay flowers, City Council resolution is not necessary — it's absurd," — says frontovets:

"Laying flowers — it's the little that we can do now is to honor the memory of those who sacrificed himself for the sake founded the Belarusian statehood."

It is expected that in the Soviet area of the building museum on March 25 will come a few dozen people. By the symbolic signs they put flowers Belarusian national colors.

Events dedicated to the Day of Freedom, will also be held in Bobruisk and Gorki. The format is agreed. For permission to the organizers did not seek power.

Gomel Oblast

To fight for the fate of political prisoners and their civil rights

By Day of freedom and social activists Gomel Zhlobin booked in the executive committees of five pickets. Mass actions they intend to remind passer
s-by of the victims of political repression that began again after the presidential election.

Gomel tells youth activist Natalia Samson. In past elections, she collected signatures and agitated for Vladimir Neklyaeva:

"On March 25 we ordered pickets in support of political prisoners. In our society, information is provided on only one side — the side that is beneficial to our power. And we want to show the situation from the other side. In fact, a large number of people are in jail, under house arrest. These courts, which are funny to watch. We want to convey to the public the information. "

Pickets in the regional center commissioned at the sites at a department store "Gomel" and garment enterprises "Comintern", where at the time of the presidential election was conducted collecting signatures for alternative candidates for the presidency.

In Zhlobin local activists booked for three Freedom Day rally — Dnieper in the park, at the cinema "Rodina" and the Ice Palace.

Among the initiators of the pickets — the head of the regional organization of the Left "Fair World" Valery Rybchenko:

Valery Rybchenko

"We ordered the pickets to draw attention to the Freedom Day — the day the Belarusian independence, as well as the imprisonment of political opponents of the regime who are still behind bars, while others — under house arrest."

A member of the Belarusian Popular Front Zhlobin Oleg Konstantinov also filed a request to the executive committee at the rally in Freedom Day:

"March 25 — this is a very important day for every conscious Belarusian. It should be celebrated as such, once the Bolsheviks celebrated on November 7. "

According to Kastusiou, this date is essential at all — and in the fight for the fate of political prisoners, and in the struggle of each for civil rights:

"For the sake of the principle to file such a statement! And for the sake of the principle must be fought — each in his place, who as you can — must now fight for their rights, the rights of man and citizen. "

Grodno region

On the feast of the Day of the will of the regional activists will travel to Minsk

Most of the activists in the region is going to celebrate on March 25 in Minsk.

Yury Istomin

The leader of the regional branch of the United Civil Party Yury Istomin believes that much more interesting and more useful would be if more people will gather in the capital than in small isolated events in regional cities. So they consulted and decided not to submit bids for the shares in Grodno, and head out to this day in Minsk:

"We recognized that there is a long time such shares are not, and not to carry out small-numbered events, chose the format of Minsk. In Grodno, of course, there will be celebrations of the Day of Freedom and before March 25 and after. "

The head of the city BPF Vadim Saranchukou adds that, as the experience of previous years, to apply for the conduct of any shares on March 25 does not make sense:

Vadim Saranchukou

"We have sent these claims every year, but none of them was not satisfied — no matter pickets or rallies. This year, a meaningless affair decided not to do it, but it's not something that does not conduct activities only — not to file any claims. "

In Slonim and Svislochi applications not filed, but the holiday did not refuse

The situation is similar in other parts of the region. In Slonim, for example, also for the same reason, applications for holding pickets and rallies have not filed. Activists gather in Minsk, but the holiday will be celebrated with various events.

In Svislochi, as noted activist Yuri Glebik, Never before had not filed applications, but always celebrated holiday, and this year also are preparing for this:

"Lay flowers at the monuments Traugutt, Kalinouski, go to the cemetery, put flowers there, and then sit at a table in a partnership. Sometimes it happens that the 22 th, the day of death Kalinowski, we go around this place — it depends on what day of the holiday falls. "

Dmitry Kukhlei

An activist of Bridges Dmitry Kukhlei says that on March 25 they traditionally go to the graves of the rebels in their area and expect to do it again this year:

"We're going to go to the monuments of the rebels in 1863 in the villages and Patsevich Minavichy, lay flowers to tie and a white-red-white ribbons …".


Conflicts with the government are not planned

March 25 in Brest UCP members suggested to hold a rally in solidarity and support of political prisoners. Opposition parties and movements are in talks for a joint event.

A member of the Brest UCP Marat Nesterenko sent a request to the city council on March 25 carrying picket at the stadium "Locomotive". The application stated that participation in the event will be about 20 people, the purpose of the picket — the support of political prisoners and their relatives:

"Claimed participation in a demonstration of about 20 people. But we get a permit to hold the event — is unknown yet. Although it seems to me that we get permission. But what exactly do not plan — it's a conflict with the authorities. I do not want anyone to be arrested. I think that this has a negative impact on our business. "

Chairman of the Brest of "Young Democrats" Vladimir Wujek says that in addition to 25 March, was filed on the same picket also at the stadium "Locomotive" on March 19:

"I think so, that the response from officials of permitting or prohibiting picketing on March 19 will be just before the event. It is rather a refusal. "

March 25, according to Vladimir Wujek, in Brest opposition suggested to hold a major joint action:

"Right now, we are in discussion about a single format of the event on March 25 with other entities. I hope that we will reach mutual understanding on this matter. "

On the eve of human rights activist Vasily Vavrenyuk was rejected by the City Council on the picket and, later, a demonstration in the city center in support of victims of political repression.


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