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I live on the East, which Our country is far away. Glory to Putin, we are not "moved" to Moscow at the time (which sought fighter with incandescent bulbs, now the guarantor, has awarded the country's highest order of Judah) and the time difference we are left with still seven hours to Moscow. Yesterday I was a little delayed at work. Going home from the doorstep was "delighted" message eldest son that evening on Radio Mayak will transfer to the role of Gorbachev.

In the 20-00 turned on the computer, went to the website Lighthouse.

Rustle: The main hero of the hour — Mikhail Gorbachev. Mikhail Sergeyevich, a good day.

Rifleman: Good morning, Michael S..

Gorbachev: Yes, though good, is the sun, frost and sun, it's fine.

Rustle: Glad to build, and to hear.

Rifleman: I'm sure that not only we are happy, and, you know, at least half of Russians who heed the radio station "Mayak".

Hmm. But I'm not in your half. And in the eyes flashed winter 93. My dad and I went to the garage for potatoes. Kubel walked past the garbage — dug in their lone homeless man (then they just started to appear.) His father looked at him, and when we are through, said that it was the master of the factory, previously received solid money … That's it. Now most of the area occupied by the ruins of the factory buildings (some of them in their own little boys drive a shoot from the pneumatics). But before the collapse of the country's one of the bodies brought the latest Japanese mechanized line. It is not a breakthrough bot nor the 1st day or — its silly to cut the metal to new owners, buying it for … Business vouchers. Yes, how many factories have closed over the edge — are gnawed skeletons of buildings, equipment is cut and removed "over the hill", though movies about Stalingrad shoot. From farms were alone memoir — a field overgrown with weeds. Fascists never dreamed such devastation. Dead, killed, taken away (it is considered stolen over the limit), millions of people (in our region the population dropped from 2.2 million to 1.8 million (that's including migrants) — despite the fact that up to 90 was a steady increase). The population of our town had fallen from 75 to 45 thousand. In the "glorious 90th" constantly were sitting without light and heat. Only in 2004, the city began to slowly come to life (in the factories began to buy new equipment, were not cut, and recruit workers, there were orders — state. Orders). Even when he was Gorbachev began to close the military units in the districts of the town, and with the arrival EBNa (Yeltsin) — generally left with one title. A CWP in schools abolished. What if tomorrow the war?
Mr. Gorbachev continued to chant, city and Rustle Ruzheinikov assent to it. Do not over-think mr. so what you use your loaf. About similar people well in its time put VI Lenin: "You think you're the color of civilization? No! You shit civilization! ".

I am writing to comment — please wait a few seconds. I look forward to. Does not arise. I am writing another (maybe the first was a bluff) — the result is the same. Surprisingly, only about 20 of comments. If there are newer, then only commendable.

Rifleman: I would say all the same. You know, I promised that I will not read it on the air. Dear friends, I am now shook hands with one of the most courageous people of our country.

Gorbachev: Thank you, Igor, thank you.

Hmm. But I would not have held out. And do not feel sick to talk. Not for nothing that they say that journalists do not earn money, and work out. Certainly still true that they are two of the oldest profession customer service …
What our forefathers shed their blood? To like this, a stick of sausage and the ability to get rolled "over the hill" destroyed the country, again returned to the landowners (not so long ago read that novorishi restore the former landed estates, and some even with fortresses stnymi …) and capitalists? B …! For what they were dying under gunfire and bombs? What is going on machine guns and tanks, covered their bodies loopholes, perceived bullet meant another? For what? For what?

Rifleman: In other words, nothing is done rapidly, democracy — it is a very long process. In general, my dear friends, if anyone has forgotten, all the democratic processes of our country launched our current guest Misha Gorbachev.
Gorbachev: A ran oh so …

At first it was word. The right words to us were corroding the soul, and later we are breaking out of the fact that so hard, with such blood of our forefathers conquered!
And yet, where my komenty? Well, other then the fact-not (again only commendable, but their cat narevel). Time to Moscow for only 13 hours — neuzh-all eat? And on the phone with no one to talk (certainly not to injure a vulnerable soul). Although there is not. It seems to get through what is an Ingush — thanks for ruining the country (and perhaps for good reason their comrade. Stalin?).

And this is the democracy, the freedom of speech, which they say we Democrats? In other words, let the people hawala? This is the democracy for which they go to the swamp?

Guys, I have to tell you straight — Those guys you do not get! A if succeed, then you will also be worse. Russian rebellion, he w stupid and mercilessly! We have long not those gullible youths of 80-90, which can entice paint candy wrappers or give a command. We do not believe any more perfect words — believe only cases. And educate the kids as well. Gorbachev for Prokhorov campaigns? Well, then we differently against — as they say in the East, "a friend of my enemy — my enemy." This traitor who destroyed the majestic power, now dare to give advice and make political proposals. He, on whose co-lead more people than the Nazis! If there is Hell, it waits for the largest pan (and do not let the devil up the oil — albeit strong liking to the edges) …
In the afternoon came in comments, but my did not appear. The last shining (apparently tired modernization Moder)

13-02-2012 18:30:30
In the afternoon, while driving, listening to "the Head of the hero" with Gorbachev, but managed only commented at the moment. Very hunt to speak out.
In 1-x, for which you have invited my grandfather to the transfer? He's 2-words can not, it answers the vast majority are not exciting and informative.
In-2-x, I wish Mike Sergeyevich good and health, but wished that he did not "lecture" read in the United States and lived in the middle of the pensioner retired, so to speak prochuyal to discover the fruits of their own work.

So, Alex, I'm with you in solidarity. Komenty can take a look:

We will have presidential elections. So let's come w ALL mind and vote (each will decide who is who), but not heart (as called for in his time EBN) to no later excruciatingly painful ….

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