From the elements tremble five states

In Turkey, say the thousands of victims of a serious earthquake. Echoes of aftershocks felt good in Georgia and Iran, and Azerbaijan, and Armenia.
Thousands of dead now may be under the rubble. Said head Seismological Observatory of Bosphorus University Mustafa Erdik, RIA Novosti reported.

Today southeast Turkey shaken by strong aftershocks, thousands of houses were given a crack, and in Van province counted 50 fully destroyed tower blocks. The bodies have started to get out of the rubble. Accurate data on the number of victims yet. This was announced by Health Minister Recep Akdag. But he stressed that the damage from the earthquake is significant. Now in the elements — power outages and telephone.

Seismologists Bosphorus University for the third time specified magnitude aftershocks. Previously, they were talking about the power of 6.6 points, but now again evaluate the element of 7.2 points.

Underground shock was recorded today at 13:40 local time (14:40 — GMT), the epicenter was located at a depth of five kilometers. After the main shock was followed by a magnitude 5.5 aftershock. The main attack took over the city of Van, located in southeastern Turkey near the border with Iran.
Echoes of tremors were felt in Iran, and Georgia, and Armenia. Yerevan residents felt tremors, their strength assessed within 3-5 points on a 12-point scale. The National Survey for Seismic Protection of Armenia MOE assured that no casualties or damage.

Approximately the same power felt something hit the residents of Azerbaijan. In the Center of Seismological Service of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences of aftershocks recorded by 3-3.5 points. No one is hurt.

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