Global changes that could threaten civilization

Global changes that could threaten civilizationHow about the fact that in the 2012th from the Earth will be seen two suns? Every day we hear and signs that the planet is changing. Many of these changes occur for the first time in modern history, and seems to point to the need for adaptation of human civilization.

Heat and cold to hit all corners of the Earth; seismic activity reaches a peak, even where there are no active faults, the birds, bees, fish and other animals die for no apparent reason, and now walks a lot of talk about galactic anomalies that began to occur.

One thing is certain — we live in interesting times. It seems that the cycle of turbulence will continue to appear apart from all human efforts to stop it. The only thing we can do is to assimilate the information and prepare for the worst, hoping for the best. Sure, people have a much greater ability to adapt through technology than the animals, but it will be much harder to survive, if not to protect the biosphere.

Here are 8 countries, changes in the world that need attention:

1. Ecological collapse:

For some time the global environment is deteriorating at an exponential rate. Our economic system can be compared to Pakmanom (character comp. Games; approx. Mixednews), who eats everything he sees, as long as the game is over. Industrial-chemical agriculture destroys the soil, water and wildlife on an industrial scale. Over-fishing in the ocean, the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, spraying chemicals, mining, water pollution, and so the whole of our habitat in need of healing, so that it can continue to support life. These environmentalists need to wake up from his trance "uncomfortable" (a reference to "An Inconvenient Truth," Al Gore and cheating global warming; approx. Mixednews), and realize that the ecosystem need to be saved on a much larger scale than just reduce carbon emissions.

2. Record tectonic activity.

Many researchers say earthquakes obvious increase in the frequency and strength of earthquakes, and in 2010 reached record levels. Earthquake in Chile rocked the planet, taking away a piece of our calendar year. Such an increase in activity, it is exactly what scientists predicted researcher Lawrence Joseph, who in his book "Apocalypse 2012? wrote that our entire solar system is traveling through interstellar clouds of energy that will make a significant change in the world that can be seen from 2009. In addition to galactic changes, there is growing evidence that human activities associated with industrial fracture with gas, particularly in Arkansas, can lead to seismic activity, where it had not happened. Now we know that FEMA is interested in buying huge amounts of rations, blankets and body bags in anticipation of a potential catastrophe along the New Madrid fault line.

3. The shift of the magnetic poles.

In history, there is clear evidence of the walk, and even a complete change of the magnetic poles. One of the many functions of the magnetic field of the Earth is that the animals rely on it as a compass. The second function is to protect against solar flares and cosmic rays. Recent news reports deaden birds, fish, beached whales die-bee colonies, bees and other animals killed for no apparent reason. Many theories have attributed the death, binding them to local events, but the cause of extinction of animals on a global scale, rather, may be a comprehensive source of such shifting of the poles. In an interesting article on SOTT also states that "a correlation between the magnetic changes, ice ages, the fall of the sea level, and probably a number of other data indicates a catastrophic activity." There is no doubt that the magnetic north pole is moving rapidly in the direction of Russia. The question is whether it will grow to catastrophic proportions, or continue to move that will result in many changes.

4. Volcanic activity.

Last warning about the growth of ground level in Yellowstone, located at the largest supervolcanoes in the world, was the fact that the earth reared by as much as ten inches for miles. Along with earthquakes, volcanic activity also increased significantly. This is further evidence of the global Earth changes, which could lead to the displacement of large numbers of people, and even threaten civilization itself.

5. Extreme weather conditions.

Tom Engelhardt recently wrote, "from now on rising prices, powerful storms, droughts, floods, and other unexpected events are likely to play the role of destroyer of the global society." Engelhardt predicts that high oil prices and food shortages are certain to riots around the world. Extreme weather conditions that more devastate the planet in the last few years, most likely caused by one or more changes of the planet from the list. Droughts and floods occur in unusual places for them with greater intensity, and in Europe, the United States and other countries reigned unusually harsh arctic winter. If we take such weather conditions as a new norm, it is necessary to reconsider the location and method of food production. We are already seeing a sharp rise in food prices, which in 2011 could quickly escalate into a global food crisis.

6. The weakening of ocean currents.

Thermohaline circulation system is the ocean conveyor belt, which transports heat from equatorial waters to cooler regions. Changing ocean currents are now blamed for the extremely cold weather in Europe and the warm weather in Greenland.

Despite the temperature records last summer, some researchers believe that the more stringent the winter due to a change of ocean currents can lead to a new ice age. These underappreciated force so powerful that even small changes make mankind to rediscover their ancient nomadic habits.

7. Galactic anomaly.

Report that the sun rose in Greenland for two days before, and that in 2012, the Earth will be seen two of the sun, which is the same year in which the Mayan calendar ends galactic, and the myth of the convergence of the planets in our solar binary system, all of this seems to make textbooks completely obsolete. Many speculate about the consequences of approaching galactic events, but so far there is no common or the dominance over the other theory. However, there is a good chance that some of the physical effects will be felt in the world, if the force of gravity from the planetary alignment and / or approaching celestial objects will change. Watch the skies.

8. Solar activity.

The sun seems all the same unpredictable, but when it is changing, it affects us. Although many predicted that solar activity will peak in the next few years, NASA declared that the great solar conveyor slowed. In 2006 the they said, "We have never seen such a low speed … slowdown we see now means that the solar cycle, reaching a peak around the year 2022, will be one of the weakest in the last few hundred years." Also in 2001, NASA said on fast moving poles of the Sun, saying, "our star magnetic field has changed." NASA said that it is normal, and the following changes are expected in 2012. Even though they claim that it has no effect on the Earth, the speed of the shift of the poles of the planet over the last decade has increased.

We can not say with certainty about the consequences should it ever be they occur, happen these anomalies, but all of them would be worth to consider seriously. We all should demand clear answers about the real threat, which obviously begins to threaten our civilization. Adaptation will be less painful if we are equipped with the knowledge and resources. The best thing any of us can do is to continue to study the situation, and to be as self-sufficient as possible.

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