Global warming in «The Mahatma Letters». On the causes of the current warming

Climate change is already noticeable to average citizens. Scientists say global warming, but no consensus about the cause they do not. Modern science can not tell the public exactly what is happening to the climate.

Forecasts, built by some scientists say, for example, that if all the other polar glaciers from melting will decrease with the same acceleration as in recent years, it is still in this century, global sea levels could rise by more than 1 meter. In turn, this means that many of the coastal countries will lose much of their land, and many small island states in general will disappear from the face of the Earth. And many of these predictions.

The main fault for what happened lies with the warming "greenhouse effect", or rather, his gain from increased greenhouse gas emissions. It is believed that reducing man-made emissions, you can stop the process of global warming. However, there is also no consensus.

However, some clarity to the question of what happens to the climate, can be obtained from a unique document of more than 120 years ago. These documents are called "Mahatma Letters" "[1]. In 1880, the editor of the "Pioneer" A. P.Sinnet, was able to enter into correspondence with the Mahatmas. During the time of this correspondence, which lasted from 1880 to 1884, Sinnett received many letters from the Mahatmas M. and KH originals of these letters now in the British Museum in the Rare Manuscripts.

We are interested in the information in the letter is number 92.

Letter 92 (Received at Simla in October 1882)

Mahatma KH Sinnett answers the question concerning the rainfall, but the answer was given much broader. It reads:

Question 8.
"Do the conditions magnetic anything to precipitation, the rain, or is it entirely depends on atmospheric currents at different temperatures colliding with other currents of varying humidity, all of these trends create pressure, extensions, etc., owe the first case of solar energy. If there are magnetic conditions, how they work and how they can be tested? "

"Without a doubt — they have. We do not know the phenomena of nature, it is not related to magnetism or electricity, for where there is movement, heat, friction, electricity, magnetism, and there is a corollary electricity is always found as a cause or a consequence of, or more likely, both, if we to examine the expression of its foundation. All phenomena of earth currents, terrestrial magnetism and atmospheric electricity from the fact that the Earth is an electrified wire, the potential of which is constantly changing due to its rotation and annual orbit motion, consistent cooling of the air, the formation of clouds and rain, storms and winds, etc. Maybe you can find it in any textbook. But science does not want to admit that all these changes are due to the magnetism of the Akash, constantly generating electrical currents that seek to restore balance. Sending the most powerful of electric batteries — human system electrified known process, you can stop the rain at a certain place, making the "hole in the rain cloud," as it is defined occultists. From others, strongly namagnetizirovannye tools, rain can be caused by artificially isolated within the attraction. I regret that it is impossible to explain to you the process clearer.

You know the actions performed by plants, rain clouds, and how much of their magnetic nature attracts and nourishes the clouds over the tops of the trees. Perhaps science will explain it differently, but I can not help it, because this is our knowledge and the fruits of thousands of years of experiments and observations. Even a simple muscular contraction is always accompanied by electricity and magnetic phenomena, and there is a strong connection between the magnetism of the earth, weather changes and the person who is the best barometer of the living, if only he knew how to read it properly. Again, the state of the sky can be set as modified by this magnetic tools. We have an established fact that the magnetism of the earth produces wind, storm and rain. What science knows about it, there are minor symptoms, always made this magnetism, and very soon it can open your real error. Terrestrial magnetic attraction of meteoric dust and direct effects of the latter on the sudden change in temperature, especially with regard to heat and cold, the question is still not fixed to this day. (Dr. Fipson in 1867 and Cowper Ranyard in 1879 both proposed this theory, but it was rejected by then.)

Also questioned whether the fact that our Earth passing through a region of space in which there is more or less than meteoric masses, any relation to the impact on our environment in its rise and fall, or even the state of the weather. But I think we could easily prove it. And if they accept the fact that the relative distribution and proportion of land and water in the world may be required of him a large accumulation of meteoric dust, snow, particularly in our northern areas, is full of meteoric iron and magnetic particles, deposition of the last-to-find, even on the seabed and oceans. I wonder how science has not yet understood that every atmospheric change and all perturbations are connected by magnetism of two large masses, between which our atmosphere is compressed. I call this meteoric dust "mass", because it really is. High above our earth's surface and the air is saturated and the space is filled with a magnetic meteoric dust, which does not even belong to our solar system.

Fortunately science has discovered that as our earth with all the other planets, rushing through space, it gets much of this cosmic dust on their northern hemisphere than in the southern. Also knows that this explains the numerical preponderance of the continents in the northern hemisphere and a greater abundance of snow and moisture. Millions of these meteors and the finest particles reach us every year and every day. Gaseous constantly added to our atmosphere from continuing meteorite fall, a strong magnetic substances, and yet, for them, it is still an open question — do anything to magnetic conditions to falling rain or not? I do not know of any "form of movement, set pressure, expansion, etc.", "must first of all solar energy." Science, it is too much and at the same time is too short, "solar energy" and even the sun. Sun has no contact to the rain and very little to heat.

I was under the impression that science has been aware that the glacial periods, as well as periods when the temperature is similar to the "Carboniferous age" come from the increase and decrease, or rather, the expansion of our atmosphere, the expansion, which itself required the presence of the same meteor. In any case, we all know that the heat that gets Earth from the sun, is in itself more, only a third, or even less, the amount received by it directly from meteors. ".

In response to another question, this mass of meteoric dust, emphasizing its importance, even called "meteoric continent":

Question 10. Is the photometric quantity of light emitted by stars, true leader with respect to their magnitude?

Answer. I think not. Beam encounters a different quality of conductivity than the air space between the sun and the air meteoric continent over our heads, if they could measure the light on top of our atmosphere, they will soon be convinced that a mistake. (My emphasis, VI)

From these fragments, letters we can learn a very important idea that:

a) our atmosphere really is compressed by two huge magnetic masses. On the one hand the mass of the Earth, on the other — the mass "meteoric continent" cosmic dust;

b) If the mass of the Earth is almost constant, the mass density of the cosmic dust that the Earth together with the solar system overcomes in its motion, the value of a variable;

c) the sun is not the only heat source, heating the Earth. Heat, which got land during its motion through the mass of meteoric dust, more than three times the amount of heat received from the sun. Thus, the heat from the sun is no more than 25% of the total amount of heat. We can open your eyes wide in surprise, but it's true — Mahatma speak only of established facts;

d) the nature of the electromagnetic interaction of the atmosphere with the two masses determine the weather for a particular area, and in the general population defines the climate of the Earth at a given time.

Hence, we are, logically, we can come to an important conclusion that:

a) Climate change in the direction of warming or cooling depends on the density of cosmic dust in space that the Earth goes along with the solar system at the moment;

b) if the amount of heat from solar radiation is not more than 25% of the total amount of heat received by the Earth and almost constant, the second, a large part of the amount received from the mass of "meteoric dust" can vary greatly and affect the climate. Consequently, global warming or cooling can occur regardless of man-made emissions, reinforcing the "greenhouse effect." Strengthening of the "greenhouse effect" in this case may to some extent increase the rate of warming (or cooling curb) and only. In nature there must be sharp jumps. However, some scholars have expressed concern about the sharp acceleration in the melting of glaciers. The explanation may lie in the irrational human activity. Strengthening of the "greenhouse effect" of increased greenhouse gas emissions are now clearly boosts the rate of warming, exacerbating the situation, although a fundamental impact on the situation can not.

So what happens now? Let us for a while on another page of the book. This essays N. K.Reriha collected in the book "Diary Sheets." In the essay "Vibrations" [2] N. K.Rerih in 1939, writes:

"At one time, the warming of the North Pole, scientists have been inclined to attribute the change in the course of the Gulf Stream. But can not explain the warming Gulf Stream water in Baffin Bay and the Bering Strait, where the Gulf Stream does not reach. Gulfstream also does not affect the Siberian rivers, yet over the past 25 years, these rivers freeze later and opened the ice before.

Becomes warmer climate in the southern hemisphere. In Bombay, Valparaiso, Buenos Aires, Kapshtade average annual temperature has increased, due tolkopostepennym warming of our planet. " (My emphasis VI)

From this fragment we see that in 1939, Roerich drew public attention to the gradual warming of the planet. It is known that the Master Roerich was Mahatma M. And you can be sure — Roerich knew of what he wrote.

It took 70 years, and this warming has become noticeably everything. The developed countries of the world community are investing a lot of money into science. The cost of individual projects is comparable to the annual budget of the average developing country. Example is the program associated with the Hubble Space Telescope and the Large Hadron Collider. Modern science, armed with powerful and sophisticated telescopes, considering the far corners of the universe, which are separated from the Earth for billions of light years, building numerous hypotheses about the origin of the universe. We admire the colorful images of distant galaxies, nebulae and other space objects never seen before. Astronomers are stunning us with their achievements in this area. And then such a situation — science has no clear understanding of what happens with the climate on our home planet.

Indeed, the Mahatma KH 127 years can be surprised again, "… as the science has not yet understood that every atmospheric change and all perturbations are connected by magnetism of two large masses, which is squeezed between our atmosphere."

This is true. Among the many possible causes of climate change, put forward by science (see note) [3], the influence of the mass of the space (meteor) dust is not mentioned at all. The climate there is nothing more than a long-term statistical weather regime. But the weather also does not take into account the impact of the "mass" of the dust to determine the future of weather forecasting in the models. The "letter" states: "… We have an established fact that the magnetism of the earth produces wind, storm and rain. What science knows … have minor symptoms, always made this magnetism, and very soon it can open your real error. Terrestrial magnetic attraction of meteoric dust and direct effects of the latter on the sudden change in temperature, especially with regard to heat and cold, the question is still not fixed to this day. " 127 years later, we can add that to this day too.

But under the pressure of evidence, in the form of increasing global warming, brewing discovery and scientific basis of another, more powerful heat source of the Earth — the great mass of meteoric dust, which overcomes the planet in its motion along with the solar system. Belated breakthrough inevitable. Without it there can be a reasonable explanation of what is happening warming. And the prerequisites for the start of such a large research already. The starting point can be a found in the 1989 outbreak, the phenomenon of the flue discharge during a storm in the stratosphere and ionosphere. These flash-discharge occurs simultaneously with the usual linear lightning. They vary in shape and color, and have exotic names — "Jet", "elf", "sprites", "Tiger". [4] Very colorful and good quality is a picture of the "blue jet" in the magazine "Around the World» № 12 (2831) 2009, in the category "Planetarium".

Blue jets shot above thunderclouds during lightning storms. Photo: SPL / EAST NEWS.

Satisfactory explanation of the nature of all these categories yet. But we can assume that they are an extension of linear lightning, and with their help, there is an exchange of charges between the two large masses — rotating "electrified conductor" of the land and the huge magnetic "continent of meteoric dust." The atmosphere also rotates with the Earth, and is an insulating layer between them. In the course of this movement must be fully manifest the laws of electrodynamics. The above picture is clearly seen as a powerful discharges are scattered in the small space dust, which are full of the upper atmosphere. It is well known that there is often a lightning in cloud-free conditions, and they illustrate an electrical breakdown of air between наэлектризованнымимагнитными masses. Often the cause of all the increasing acts of forest fires across the planet are just such lightning. The storm clouds are also active initiators of such breakdowns in all their great abundance, and it is through thunderstorms is basic exchange charges. This is of course a simplified view, as everything in nature is more complex and varied. But if researchers find the determination to revise the perception of the heat balance of the earth and of the nature of lightning, then the rest will be a "technical matter" in the scientific sense, of course. Such a study must necessarily be successful.

Science really ascribes too much sun, the planet as a heater. Evidence of this heater is so great that so far no one has refuted him alone. Indeed, one has to reduce the angle of incidence of the sun rays, for example, in the temperate zone, as coming winter cold, and all life freezes in anticipation of spring.

But Mahatma say about the general energy balance. We know that in space temperature slightly higher than absolute zero, ie -273S °. During the polar night, in the absence of sunlight in Antarctica, the temperature can drop to 89 degrees below zero. But it is still "warm" compared to the absolute zero. What is the heat source provides a "warm"? Previously, this question does not arise — the Sun heats the Earth's surface, the water of the oceans and the atmosphere, which, being mixed, the poles cooled to low temperatures. The heat generated from the bowels of the planet is so small in this balance, which can be neglected. After reading this "letter", it seems that the calculation of climate scientists came heat budget in the world, to put it mildly, is not true. This calculation is reduced to the main source of heat — the Sun and, therefore, consumption of heat, that is, thermal radiation of the planet in outer space, in this equation will inevitably greatly underreported.

Statements of Mahatma turns out that the heat from the sun is no more than 25 percent of the total heat produced Earth. The second part, comprising about 75 percent, comes from the land mass of meteoric dust. Thus, for many hundreds of millions of years of heat on Earth, and therefore, life, were provided mainly due to cosmic dust. Cost the earth to enter an area with a lower density of the dust, as an upcoming ice age. Conversely in the history of the Earth were very warm periods, when even the ocean depths were sufficiently warmed up (the Cretaceous period) when grown tree ferns (Carboniferous). There was a time when it was so powerful in terms of volume and density of the atmosphere, which could be multi-ton monstrous lizards without the danger of being crushed by its own weight and the flying reptiles that could not fly in today's thin atmosphere. All thanks to the areas with high density of cosmic dust that pass Earth in the distant past. On the other hand, if we assume that the thermal radiation of the sun is reduced by any significant amount, as may occur ice age, and perhaps, too, were such periods in Earth's history. Very subtle balance of the balance sheet. That there have been major changes in the climate rather small shift in one direction or the other side of its component parts.

If the cause of warming on Earth is the cosmic nature, the same warming should concern other planets with an atmosphere. Of all the planets in the solar system only Mars with its polar caps can provide an answer. Indeed American scientists from NASA Ames Research Center in California, it was found that the global temperature of Mars for three decades with flying machines "Viking", has increased by approximately 0,65 ° C, which led to the disappearance of parts of the southern polar cap. [5 ] This is good evidence that the cause of warming on Earth is in the physical characteristics of space, which she overcomes with the solar system. U.S. scientists explain themselves warming on Mars more absorption of solar radiation by dust raised by the frequent dust storms, as other causes of warming, they do not see.

Thus, the above fragments of these unique letters do make some clarity as to the cause of global warming, and the observed warming on Mars supports this cause. Figuratively speaking, our Earth with the solar system, in its movement through the "Local Interstellar Cloud" [6] and crashed into a strip of high density of cosmic dust and rushing through it, heating up its atmosphere. As it heats up — the question of science. It is possible that a simultaneous and capacity of the atmosphere, which is difficult to detect. As you can see from the "letter № 92", these two processes are linked, thus increasing the volume of the atmosphere, in turn, will increase the "greenhouse effect." This, though distant, but quite possible prospect, which depends on the length of the field with a high density of cosmic dust.

Perhaps this is a very important question, what is the extent of this area? An answer to this depends on the answers to all the other issues associated with the polar ice, mountain glaciers and the fate of the people whose lives, in one way or another, dependent on glaciers and sea levels.

The international community, in general, the right to know or not to be that glaciers and or may not be many different countries. It is the duty of all men of science. Regardless of the science itself recognizes the Mahatma and the "Letters" or not, it will sooner or later have to reconsider their views on guidelines for the development of climate and climate change, and that's the direction we talked about Mahatma. Or is it necessary to wait until the streets of New York and other coastal cities in the gently rolling waves of the sea?

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