Gluboksky journalist pulled into court

Constantine Shytalya accused of violating election laws. Administrative report on the activist made in Gluboksky executive committee. The District Court appointed a trial at 9 am on March 10.

According to the activist, the agenda sent to the address of his mother. However, even though he did not receive the document by hand, Constantine Shital going to go to court.

In District Court He has already visited Mar. 3, since that date was originally recorded in the minutes of the offense, the district executive committee composed counsel. Given the fact that the court should not subordinate to the executive, in the case of Constantine Shytalya tloy day apart did not.

According to the Administrative Article 9:10 (violation of the electoral law), Mr Shytalyu threatened or legal warning, or a fine of 15 basic units.

The initiator of the case Matsulevich was Maria, who was an observer at the presidential election from "the Belarusian Union of Women." She wrote a complaint to the prosecutor's office, Shital allegedly Constantine, who was an observer at the polling place, illegally conducted a survey of students vocational school, whether they voluntarily came to vote early.

The activist believes that initiated administrative case against him — an attempt to pressure for cooperation with the independent website In particular, Constantine Shital covered the participation of regional events in Minsk on December 19, and the most high-profile had his article, "An independent observer saw a falsified election results in the Deep, "written with his own observation experience.



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