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The possibility of boycotting the 2014 World Cup Championship in Minsk returns to the dilemma of sports achievements in authoritarian regimes — to the benefit or detriment of society?

On the negative side, "championship medal" supposedly clear: the popularity of athletes commonly used regimen without resistance champions themselves — often with the active consent. Support for policy out of the mouth of Olympic champion for the electorate is more than from the pen of the writer (for example, in 1994 Olympian gymnast Scherbo added votes Kebich and Olympian boxer Janowski — Poznyak. Won, however, the one for whom none of the Olympians did not agitate).

Supporters of a positive attitude as a result of arguments of patriotism in the days of sporting victories of "our" and mention of the word Belarus in TV or even a millionth billionth audience.

After 1995, in honor of the victories lifted not a white-red-white, and the other flag

But this patriotism has nothing to do with national consciousness and did not seem to affect the fact that during the game with the Russians, Slovaks, Czechs or Finns for the majority of Belarusian fans "we" — are Russians. But the joy of the fact that someone in Eritrea or in Argentina recognizes Belarus — in the twentieth year of independence — expresses our complex provincialism. In addition, since 1995, in honor of the victories lifted not a white-red-white flag and the other — there is already starting the arguments of those who are "against."

I know the answer to this issue — about the benefits and harms. Perhaps there is no universal answer at all, and it all depends on the situation.

I only know that there have been cases where not only the power but also the opposition successfully used sports victories.

There have been instances when the opposition successfully used sports victories

…. In March 1969, at vsyasvetnym Championships in Stockholm Czechoslovak ice hockey team defeated the Soviet team 4-3. A few weeks later came to Prague next CPSU delegation — to support the pro-Moscow Husak, share experiences set "correct" Marxist-Leninist line, six months before the Prague pracherchanay asphalt tracks of Soviet tanks. Come and have a drink of beer, as without it. The delegation was also invisible against the background of Moscow's "aces" Secretary of the Stavropol Regional Committee Mikhail Gorbachev.

The other day, when asked about the events of the late 60's in Czechoslovakia, the initiator of the Berlin Wall remembered not endless meeting of communist and workers' parties, where "reduce a brain" Czechoslovak comrades, not collective dissident protest letter to Brezhnev with the requirement to withdraw from the occupied country, and — drawn with paint on Prague buildings "4:3" — as if it's not at all a political form of political protest.

The reason for this discussion was the discussion in the U.S. Congress of a draft resolution which, among other things, provides for a boycott of the championship in 2014 in Minsk. But regardless of whether or not adopted such an item, and how to treat it Vsyasvetnaya Hockey Federation, in the "leading" hockey democratic countries of the world — in Canada, the USA, Finland and Sweden — this issue — "Participate or not to participate?" — Will be discussed more actively.

So, will be referred to the names that are "Young Front" written on Minsk, Vitebsk and other streets.

For the most important amateur hockey is probably more painful than the goal of the Belarusian team.

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