Gorbuniha river burst its banks. Video

In a small stream Tochilina Gorbuniha peremerzla and went out of their coasts. Residents of the private sector were in the ice prison. Flooded not only expensive but also garages, sheds and other buildings.
Only in this way, along the fence, you can go down the alley Bochatskomu, and cars and do not drive past here. Over the past 30 years people will not remember this from the quiet and small river.

Antonida Batrakova, street committee chairman: "Everything is chained ice. Wicket does not open, the machine can not pass, the children can not go to school. "

In the summer, as they say, a river Gorbuniha even a sparrow to the knee. In the late winter of her the more surprises no one expected. Water came out first on the road, and then began to be selected to the residential buildings.

The inhabitants of the alley Bochatsky, 3 immediately flooded garden, sauna and garage. The water does not even go to the barn with firewood and charcoal. In a word — people were imprisoned in the ice.

Nina Oshchepkova, a resident of the house on the alley Bochatsky, 3: "When did the extreme cold, the river peremerzla and start climbing higher and higher. Now we are flooded. Can not take the coal car is flooded. "

Even flooded vault, where she was a dog Sarah. We had to move it closer to home. In the administration of the Kuibyshev district already know about the problem.

Alex Ermolaev, deputy chief of the Kuibyshev district on housing: "Together with the management of road and utilities decided to restore the capacity of the river. That is, by the service engineering protection of Novokuznetsk will be undertaken for cleaning ice. The water is allowed into the mainstream, where it should be. "

Residents of several streets in Tochilina have some time to wait ice disaster. In the service of protection of engineering structures, we were told that the job of cleaning and clearing of ice formed riverbed will begin here in a few days.


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