Great blind XX century. Wang and Matrona of Moscow

A documentary film by Russian director Igor Vereshchaka, which tells about the fate of two amazing psychics — Bulgarian seer Wang and canonized Matrona of Moscow.

Much they have in common: both early blind, both from childhood to "see" beyond the bounds of the world, and to recognize not only the present, but the past and the future, as predicted by both the fate of people and historical events.

Before his death, Wang has built on their savings church of St Petka. And thanks to the transfer of the relics of Matron female Pokrovsky monastery was reborn from the ashes rose and attracted hundreds of thousands of Orthodox believers. In the film, attended by people who knew Wang and Matrona, including folk healer Lyudmila Kim, a former political prisoner Hope Zhdanov, president of Kalmykia, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, winner of the "Triumph" Zoya Boguslavskaya and many others.

Category: The prophecies and predictions, visions and hypotheses

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