Great mysteries with Igor Prokopenko Ether 07. 01. All issues of 2013

1st edition. "Guardian Angel":

Illness, accident … In everyone's life there are times when it seems that no one can help. But there are miracles … As if someone gives more than a hint helping hand … Heavenly helpers, who are they?

2nd edition. "Secret stars"

In 1912, Italy was found one of the most mysterious books in the history of mankind — the Voynich manuscript. It is written in an unknown language, the amazing illustrations show plants unknown to science, the mechanisms of the constellation. For over 100 years the best cryptologists world are trying to unravel the content of the manuscript.

3rd edition. "Addicted to the Universe"

NASA officials recently received pictures from orbit, where expanses of space captured metropolis, night lights illuminated. Explain this film defects can not, because you can see in the photos, and roads, and buildings …

4th edition. "Running in the heavens"

The ability to levitate and teleportation would give a person infinite possibilities. Who has blocked our access to the old dream: to rise above the Earth and conquer the universe?

5th edition. "Star whispers"

Prophets and soothsayers have the ability to transcend space and time, to get information from the future. This makes them a cult figure, especially due to the pending end of the world …

6th edition. "Gentlemen of Fortune"

Sense of adventure and adventure in the blood of all of us. Maybe humanity and survived due to the ability to take on risky business in the hope of a random success …

7th edition. "45 seconds to eternity"

Atmosphere of mystery around the death of the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin has generated a lot of rumors. The official version of the disaster will only intensify. Those who know what really happened in the skies over Kirzhach, could not speak …

8th edition. "Star Door"

There are people who say that they — witnesses or even participants in experiments with bio-robots that can travel through time and space. However, the governments of countries which allegedly conducted similar experiments, these experiments deny … Why?

9th issue. "Heirs of the devil"

How did Nazi Germany to conquer half the world? Experts tend to believe in supernatural forces that supported Hitler. As the leaders of the Third Reich to contact them and how to pay for it?

10th edition. "Aliens of the past"

There are facts that prove: other civilizations have repeatedly tried to make contact with humans. And sometimes they succeed. That the inhabitants of the cosmos brought to humanity?

11th edition. "Dad are from Mars, mother of Venus"

So if women are weak, as it seems to men? Who has a better chance of winning the battle of the sexes? Why not answer the question remains: is it really true — men are from Mars and women — from Venus

12th edition. "Foreign Land"

It is believed that man evolved from apes. But modern scholars increasingly disprove this theory. Too little evidence to Darwin's theory, too many unexplained facts in the history …

13th edition. "Concubines of the ancient gods."

Harem … hidden from view realm of bliss and secrets. In this dream come true, a golden cage and broken heart, hand in hand were the birth and death, happiness and envy. Beautiful women forget about their desires and dedicated themselves to the person who in his life could not bestow upon them and look …

Category: The prophecies and predictions, visions and hypotheses

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