Hail in the Krasnodar region turned into a sieve roofs

As reported vesti.ru, the Krasnodar region tonight Hurricane wind and hail. Hardest-hit village Kurganinskogo district. No light left about 600 people. As a result, disaster destroyed 2000 hectares of farmland, dozens of homes destroyed roofs, toppled power line poles.

"This hurricane blew, all we have here in pieces and see. Everything here is turn" — offers a local resident.

Rooftops like a sieve. Fences are broken, toppled trees. The night before, there was heavy hail. It was a local, but a very powerful punch. Seriously injuring two of the village, in the vicinity of almost completely destroyed crops and fields and gardens.

"Tomatoes, I, look, all broke. Tu zucchini were, and over there — tomatoes. All wallop" — lamenting woman, looking the picture ruin the garden.

Chunks of ice melted quickly, but a few minutes hail struck the roof of fifty houses. Greenhouses and sheds, where there was no slate, was blown to pieces.

Hail hit with such force that it left a trail of long even on the walls. All the houses of the street is now similar in that plaster all repulsed.

Dozens of families spent the night, Room Decoration basins to collect the water that flows through the ceilings.

"There was water everywhere. Water poured down the walls, everywhere. Beams even caved in a mere 15 minutes, the water in the house was," — says a resident of the village.

The amount of damage is not yet established, the local administration bypass the streets trying to find out what damage in each household. None of the people, according to preliminary data, fortunately, was not injured.

"Damage serious — so for the plots. People we live with them, as they say. Potatoes perish vegetables that people planted. Virtually no foliage in the gardens," — says the head of the Village of the settlement.

About the impending storm in the Krasnodar region known in advance. Evening gradoboynaya artillery shelled the clouds. But these measures were not enough to prevent a disaster. All emergency services ready to beat the next strike element. In the next few days in several areas of southern Russia will once again be squally winds, heavy rains and hail.

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