Harvest from the fields washed away by rain

July 13, 2011. Element in society "Mukomol" Khabarovsk, which is 19 km Vladivostok highway, was played on Monday about an hour of the day. Sky closed the dark clouds, lightning, thunder, rain poured, according kp.ru — Khabarovsk.

As eyewitnesses say, the water was flowing down from heaven wall. In an instant flow, carrying stones and gravel on the roads poured directly on the plots, washing away everything in its path. Some hosts nearly demolished cottages. "Rain is so strong that it was impossible to go out," — says summer resident Arthur Abramov.

Another our problem — society "Oilman-3 ', whose chairman has arranged on its territory a huge garbage dump, garbage which flows blown by precincts. Waste even got into a single drinking fountain. Now, water can not drink from it.

And if the house, located on a hill, only slightly podtopilo, on the site, located below the water literally blown all landings, flooded cottages.

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