Hazardous waste hardware plant leaked into the Dnieper

Dnepropetrovsk, look set to get the head of the pollutant Dnieper, which launched two weeks ago in the river a huge reddish stain.

Recall that the unauthorized discharge into the Dnieper was a collector of metal works of Karl Liebknecht, which is connected to six other companies. Officials from the Environmental Protection gorupravleniya asked environmental inspectors to investigate water samples to determine who is really polluted water.

And on Friday, the head of Oleg Semenko announced the results of the examination. "The concentration of sediments in the water exceeded standards 32 times, iron — 82 and petroleum products — by 2.6 times. All these results indicate that the water was waste of hardware production, and we sin by "Dneprometiz", but eventually the culprit, and the amount of the fine on July 25 will be called the law enforcement agencies that have reported results of the examination, "- said Oleg Semenko and added that the inspection found that "Dneprometiz" use a different collector, illegal, which is not marked on any map.

Wastes that are thrown through it, too, fell into the Dnieper. "Now, our experts examine this collector. Also, I think, and the plant will suffer the punishment of Karl Liebknecht, who, as it turned out, it is not carefully controlled emissions that go into his header from subsubscribers "- says Oleg Semenko.

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