HDTV soon and in your home!

"Tricolor TV", the largest operator of commercial television in Russia, plans to start broadcasting channel HD. To use this service, and it uses 25 channels of high-definition video, subscribers will have to pay 900 rubles per year as license fee, which is much cheaper than competitors' prices, requiring up to 600 rubles a month.

According to the General Director of "Tricolor", Alexander Makarov, for the second half of this year, this operator provides its services to approximately ten million customers, of which about eight million have signed contracts for the purchase of paid packages.

As for the next two years, "Tricolor TV" plans to rapidly move forward. All the fun, many residents of the country will now be able to see the high quality of HD televisions. More specifically, the company is planning to sign some 7 million contract to use the HD-pacts.

Building on their own projections, "Tricolor TV" in the event of a successful implementation of the plan will be able to get the three largest operators in the world and come out on top among the operators in Europe the number of sold packages HD television. At the end of last year, took first place BskB — British cameraman, the number of HD subscribers who passes a little over four million.

The main objective of the project is to create a project HDTV ARPU, which means an increase of the average income of the individual subscriber. At the end of the previous year it amounted to 630 rubles a year, and the end of 2012, the average yield per user per year with a new project plans to grow to nearly 900 rubles.

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