Heat in Belarus in reservoirs Rechitsa dying fish

Heat flow from the south made the last three days, especially hot. In the south-east of the country figures thermometer did not fall below 30 degrees Celsius. Such thick negative impact not only on humans. For example, because of the steady hot weather in Rechitsa area begins mass fish die. It is reported Rechitskaya inspection area of natural resources and environmental protection.

Inspection staff claim that the fish ponds reclamation behaves poorly: Keep close to the surface. Water analysis showed that it contains little oxygen. Content standards — 4 units, and here — only 1. Thus, experts have concluded that the cause of death of fish is oxygen starvation, caused by the sharp decline in water levels in reservoirs and rotting seaweed.
Currently, the decision to save the fish. It will be captured and moved to nearby rivers and lakes. Authorities charged the matter to local tenants, fishermen. For private owners is a good chance to spend stocking their rented water areas.
Committee for Natural Resources and Environment said that at the moment it is the only case in Belarus.

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