Hedgehogs on the verge of extinction

Hedgehogs on the verge of extinction

Expert on hedgehogs Dr. Tony Bunnell saysurchins may disappear foreverfor some 15 years.

According to him, the number of hedgehogs in the UK declined over the past 10 years by a quarter.

Among the causes of the extinction of spiny animals Bunnell calls pesticides, because of which disappear caterpillars and beetles, represented a major part of the diet of hedgehogs. In addition, good-natured and wise heroes of many tales in many killed during mowing and get stuck in the intake grids, reports Innovanews.ru citing Metro.

As for the features of the environment, the main competitors in the UK environment for hedgehogs are badgers. More prickly in an unequal battle destined to perish.

Research conducted by Dr. Bunnell, showed that up to 50,000 annually urchins moving wheeled various mechanisms, including automobiles.

The results of the study made public in a series of similar: 5-10 years in the death of the complete disappearance predict red squirrels, cane toads and cuckoos, especially if you leave it as is.

But Dr. Bunnell, who managesYezhov reserve in Holgeyte, reported that the number of sea urchins can be saved if instead of pesticides to use eco-friendly means of insect pests, and provide the animals with food and water.

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