Hermit predicted Volgograd big wave

Strength test will come in December

In his youth, Alexander kamyshanin Merenkov was border guard officers and workers, but for the past six years of living away from the creature comforts of an ascetic in like-minded people. He predicts the future and revives a dead village.

Solar water from a well

Cool windy afternoon, around, on the outskirts of a small village in the north of Kamyshin district, not a soul. Land of former Volga Germans. Primer on which slowly moving our combat "penny", wrapped in luxurious herbs. "That's our village Leyhtling, she's in Russian Ilovlinka" — recommends escort.
On the left in the German village of nothingness resemble a grassy hills and white stone ruins. "Yes, it's the cellar German settlers remained, surrounded by a stone wall joint to joint, they can bring down unless the multi-ton" Kirov workers ", and that is not a fact," — says a leading expert administration of the rural settlement of Ust-Gryaznukha Kamyshin district Anatoly Kuanchaliev.

On the ruins of the hopeless, the long-dead village appeared a new life now. Tall shrub suddenly opens construction of boards, neat stack of firewood, a tiny orchard, kitchen garden. Next — some huge deep trenches, as it turned out, the future stages of ponds for watering gardens.

Six years ago in these depopulated areas came to live with his wife and niece admirer of unity and creativity in nature Alexander Merenkov. He is now the most respected man in the tiny settlement of former citizens. And summer and winter Merenkov lives in a modest building plank size of a small shed. The age of seventy, and vivacity, energy to spare. Good-natured face with the classic squint "Old Man Ham", slow motion, open look attentive eyes.

"I'm in a lot of life lessons and crafts tried, — willingly talks about himself Alexander. — Once served as political commissar in the border troops, then at home in Kamyshin blacksmith at the factory, engaged in retirement chasing on iron, inlaid wood mastered well, painted pictures. I got carried away Agni Yoga theories Blavatsky, Roerich idea ecovillages. When we came here, my wife Nadine with their hands and housing, and to shed quickly gathered. And when there were building wells and ponds, sold in the familiar flat ugrohali to ensure that pond Copanca do. Excavator drove to the pit, three feet dug into the ground, and the water does not come. How I Maybrodskim settlers say you remove the bit of land is 30 inches, and will itself Vodicka, there it is. I see it all over the circuit. They have done so — and now they have a pond filled with water. And I put my hand, and I see a man with what pain, trouble, which is disorder in the body. No I do not need special equipment, it is my ability since childhood, in the military this guy hit. "

Here, in the middle of nowhere on the border of the Saratov region, Merenkov moved with great intent. "Here life is all real, and not in the city — just explains settler. — Here are the springs that I have chronic pyelonephritis is gone and the water wells, so good growing. Only it is necessary so to prepare: to raise water from a well and just six hours in the outdoor swimming pool to hold, charge the sun, then all will be well to bear fruit. "

Once told Merenkov, while still living in Kamyshin, his future family homestead it exactly in a dream I saw. Just not in the form of heath, and in-furnished form. The picture was in a dream feast for the eyes is good — ponds, Mansion House, built, and like the voice from above recommended settler, "You live here." Now half of that dream has come true prophetic.

"I was in the district administration did not want to give ground at the beginning — says Alexander. — They say, "to revive the dead village, and have here the road, gas, run, and it cost millions." I say, do not have to. I even do not need a light and gas, too. Buy some kerosene — and lighting in one lamp. Dead wood and wood burning range in bulk — about forty cold this winter cracked, and I'm ok, even an old mother-in-law lived here all winter in comfort. I always special oven, keep warm. "

Waiting for the Flood

Such as Alexander, supporters living community or individual family away from the city and the other blessings of civilization is called differently. Hermits, ascetics, recently also "anastasiytsami" — the name of popular movement arrangement of ecovillages in the area from Ukraine to Kazakhstan. Forego the benefits of civilization, solitary life, ease of comprehension and wisdom of the world order.

In a conversation with me and my partner Alexander and then mentions a "flood're coming out of it, on the 23rd, my neighbors and settlement Maybrodskie Silyutiny already left in a safe place." What a flood, ask again.

— Here comes a very large wave, as in the Krasnodar region, only more powerful, I even painted the schedule by the hour, when that happens. In late December, I do not know what will happen, but a very strong test comes. For three days, the Earth's magnetic poles will adjust. Call it the end of the world is wrong. It's like even a healthy planet. A magnetic pole is so "left" to the desired point, the birds can not normally migrate, whales are released on land. Sick planet and the sun it overheats, all these fires. This all makes the sun itself.

Alexander Ivanovich day begins with wellness meditation aimed at all life. Chopping firewood, watering the garden. Slowly crawl your site. "Today, the strong rain will not — see, ant not closed — told Merenkov. — But the flood will fail. Earth itself tells everything in advance. "

To the "prophecies" Merenkova inhabitants of the nearest village of Ust-Gryaznukha skeptical attitude, though closely-guarded. Sad case Krymsk Krasnodar on everyone's mind. "Personally, I believe Alexander Ivanovich, — said one of the locals, who asked not to call themselves — when the freeway Kamyshin — Syzran were snow drifts and people died there, Alexander us all informed. And when the storm will go, where snowfall increase, the depth of snow predicted. All came to pass then. It's no joke! "
Will there be life after the coming flood, and magnetic "self-healing" of the earth? Alexander Ivanovich replied in the affirmative: "You just sit tight a little where pobezopasnee. You never know — the earthquake still go anywhere. And then I have my grandchildren to learn to swim in the local pond. That there have been lily white, the beauty of my neighbors brought. "

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