Hidden gallaktichesky drone U.S. Air Force has successfully passed the tests

Secret U.S. Air Force space drone has been successfully tested

Unmanned test flight of a secret military unit gallakticheskogo U.S. Air Force X-37B ended safely.

Reminiscent of a reduced level of orbital space shuttle Orbital Test apparatus (UIA) reusable landed Friday at Vandenberg Air Force Base (California), ITAR-TASS reported.

"We are very pleased that this project embodies all of the goals outlined in orbit for the first mission of the unit," — said Lt. Col. Troy Giese (Troy Giese) management of operational deployment of the U.S. Air Force (Air Force Rapid Capabilities Office, AFRCO), the governing applets X-37B, RIA "Novosti".

The subsequent start X-37B (OTV-2) is scheduled for spring 2011. Earlier it was reported that the U.S. Air Force will conclude a contract for the second X-37B Regardless of today's mission of success.

Secret U.S. Air Force space drone has been successfully tested

X-37B was launched on April 22 in an atmosphere of secrecy. To power on orbit, he used solar panels, which, in theory, could allow it to autonomously is in near-Earth space for 270 days. At the same time, extra fuel tanks with jet engine allow it to orbit maneuver. This also explains the sudden change of course occurred.

In August X-37B misled watching him astrologers around the world for three weeks, "disappeared" from view and reemerging, but on the other orbit.

# {Weapon} Experts believe that this mysterious maneuver in which the shuttle was replaced orbit, demonstrating their stealth properties, may give a clue to the next destination of the South American unit.

Made of aerospace division of Boeing, X-37B first developed under the control of NASA. But then the curator of the project was the secret unit USAF.

Officially reported that the layout of the orbital drone X-37B was created for testing new technology start-up into orbit and descent of cargo with it. Meanwhile, the media is saying that only a few people in the leadership of the armed forces of this country are aware of this appointment "space tug".

But many experts they say that the creation of such apparatus, which cost the South American taxpayers 173 million dollars, for the declared purpose economically feasible. They believe that X-37B created for the purpose of exploring, and one of his present assignment may also be a function gallakticheskogo interceptor, which would be permitted to inspect foreign ships gallakticheskie and, if necessary, remove them from the system by means of the kinetic impact.

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