Hidden office again disgraced U.S.

The U.S. Secret Service again disgraced

Suffered a new blow to the reputation of the Hidden Service USA, which happened in the spring of this year in the center of the scandal because of the sonorous improper conduct of its employees in the course of the visit of President Barack Obama in Colombia. Now one of its representatives from among lured to the safety of Barack Obama during his election campaign trip to Miami (Fla.), was arrested by local police in an intoxicated state.

According to representatives of the police, of early afternoon Aaron Francis Engler was found lying on the ground near the 1st of the nightclubs in downtown Miami, the ITAR-TASS news agency. In accordance with the protocol development, from employee Hidden service United States came a strong smell of alcohol, he just turned his tongue and his eyes were bloodshot.

Police found a man tried to prevent the search itself, the arrest perpetrate a brawl, causing patrol punch to the chin. Rowdy detainee transferred management Hidden service USA in Miami.

As reported, caused a stir nedavneshnee emergency services in the Hidden U.S. was caused by the behavior of eleven of its employees, lured to the safety of Barack Obama's time his visit to Colombia. The agents were convicted of that resulted prostitutes to his hotel "Caribe" in the resort town of Cartagena, where the head of the U.S. administration arrived at the second Summit of the Americas in a row. The hotel staff said that the representatives of the Service, which is, namely, first ensure the protection of the USA, durable drinking.

In that scandal were involved and eleven American soldiers of the advance team of white houses, the suspect in a similar behavior. According to the results of the internal investigation was dismissed a number of employees at fault, but the director Hidden service Mark Sullivan, the U.S. managed to stay on his own place. According to U.S. media disk imaging, last week, his agency formalized old unwritten rules that prohibit staff, namely, excessive use of alcohol, even in his free time. These innovations have been communicated to all employees Hidden Service USA.

It is clear that agency staff did not once violated discipline. We are talking about the muddled concept of leaks and disk imaging, sex appeal violence, unauthorized eavesdropping of telephone discussions tacit acceptance of guns. So, in August 2011 in time Working trip of the agents tried to rape his employee, and in 2005, according to the data of the field office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Washington, one of the officers Hidden Service USA was arrested for harassment to the girl in the park. Known is also the case when one of the officers, having standard-issue weapon for himself, threatened to close the strip club because there prices are set for dancing on the table, on his knees, in his opinion, contrary to federal law.

In 2008, another employee Service was seen with a woman of easy virtue, as in execution. According to the documents, after which he was sent to the "administrative leave." At a hearing in the U.S. Congress head of department Mark Sullivan confirmed that the man was fired.

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