Hidden South American space plane returned to Earth

Secret U.S. spaceplane returned to Earth

Mysterious south american X-37B space plane, designed in the manner of experience commissioned by the U.S. Air Force, which landed last Saturday at the base of Vandenberg, California.

Unusual aircraft apparatus sat in silent mode, completing its own long flight, which lasted 15 months with excessive.

Secret U.S. spaceplane returned to Earth
Minishattl X-37B. © US Air Force

Initially, unique shuttle, representing a unmanned flying apparatus new generation have been return to Earth earlier, but was delayed for reasons unannounced orbit for another six months.

The essence of the mission minishatla the U.S. government does not open. It is also unclear tasks for which the new device was built and will be used.

X-37B systematized as unmanned orbital plane, it is designed by Boeing. According to the views of a number of professionals, the ship may be intended for nuclear strikes from space or the war in a vacuum.

Secret U.S. spaceplane returned to Earth

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