Horoscopes for 2013: Eastern, zodiac, pagan, Chinese feng shui horoscope

Predictions for 2013

The coming 2013 will bring us change, forcing rethink the values of life and to identify new horizons. Will he be successful, depends on with what baggage we come to it. That promise us horoscopes different traditions?

Oriental horoscope. Predictions for 2013 Snakes

In contrast to the bright and powerful dragon who likes to shine for all to see, the snake is always very cautious about everything and always ready to repel the danger. We need to look to the mistress of the year: her best qualities — intuition, insight, flexibility and prudence will be valuable this year. According to the Oriental sign, in 2013 we can expect a lot of change, and, most surprising, because the snake is not peculiar stability. Its distinctive features — is to change the skin and regenerate quickly, so you have to learn to lightning fast response, flexibility and ability to adapt to and anticipate change. Very useful patience, ability to wait and carefully prepared.

The dominant element in this year — the water will be associated with it three elements: body, ability and luck. Snake — is a kind of reflection of the inner conscience, she lyutuet where there is a lack of it. It punishes not on a whim. Those who will seek to upgrade and try to be better in 2013, expects success. But the guilty no hope. Able to withstand the test to clear your path and go down the road of prosperity and well-being.

This year is good for business and finance, as Serpent wise, clever and reliable. Its flexibility allows you to penetrate through all obstacles and find a way, even in the most hopeless situations. Less romance in business matters, more slowly and thoroughness in decision-making — and the Snake is sure to bring you success. But the element of water will give all the events in 2013 mobility, variability and dynamism.

Zodiac horoscope 2013

The main planet Jupiter in 2013 will be patronizing us in all activities and undertakings. But almost all the year it will be in conjunction with the Black Moon, which will bring a constant tension and struggle between good and evil. Everything will depend on our choice. Intrigue inflame Scorpio, is in this sign the whole year will be the Lunar nodes and Saturn.

Zodiac horoscope predicts that 2013 will be a success for the professional, research and experimentation, as Snake has patience, excellent memory and a sharp mind, the ability to make informed decisions, and Jupiter strongly supports this behavior. You should not acquire enemies, Snake will wait for the right moment to take revenge.

In marriage will most valued loyalty. Do not pay attention to the little things — and then the year will be no major changes will be beneficial for all zodiac signs. Particularly successful are Aquarians, Libra and Gemini (the element of air.) They will radiate charm that is difficult to resist and mystically to attract love and money. Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) will be able to solve the problems that have accumulated in their professional and personal lives. Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) zodiac horoscope advises to control his temper and not make emotional, ill-considered actions. Water element will Cancers, Scorpio and Pisces find a lot of useful contacts, but they should learn tolerance.

Zodiac horoscope warns that we are waiting for spring shifts in policy. New on the scene will leave people who can reorganize society. By mid-year Jupiter moves from Gemini into Cancer, it will provide us with the ups and downs, getting rid of unnecessary and preparation for productive work.

It is predicted that the second half of 2013 brings to the fore a very different value. Family relationships, culture, creativity, desire for knowledge — all this will be supported from above. By the end of the year exacerbated the contradictions and differences, mostly internal. To achieve harmony, you will need great strength of will.

Pagan horoscope predictions for 2013

Spirits worshiped by our ancestors continue to exert influence on us. 2013 to host a pagan sign — Hedgehog, the embodiment of wisdom and guardian. Its needles were considered among the ancient Slavs powerful talisman, to drive out or kill the hedgehog was a terrible crime. Hedgehog comes to our homes, from 25 December. How did Snake get on with the hedgehog, known hunter of reptiles? The snake senses danger, nothing to meddle ezhinuyu territory will not be all negative will soften ezhinoy magic and good nature.

The family will be a major value in life, to protect you from all over the Hedgehog is dedication. No need to make enemies and fight with rivals, everything will happen by itself according to the laws of cosmic justice — so says the pagan horoscope. Many people improve their living conditions, life would be much more comfortable, and the hedgehog will help to overcome the difficulties and obstacles.

Chinese horoscope predicts for 2013

Chinese Zodiac uses the position of Jupiter and believes that every year there is a patron, in 2013 corresponds to the pupa-moth. Nymph — a creature that does not exist, yesterday it was a caterpillar, and tomorrow will be a butterfly. This is — a symbol of the transformation process, according to the Chinese horoscope awaits us pause space: the past is no more and the future is not to dotyaneshsya. This would not be specific, seemingly as if nothing much happens, but the inner alchemical process is in full swing, it is precisely because of silkworm chrysalis appears valuable material — silk. Elements of fire and water in this year's show a conflict of primary elements, but this will occur at the domestic level.

Predicts that we Feng Shui in 2013

According to Feng Shui at the beginning of each year, there is a redistribution of energy that can be used to improve life. Elements 2013 are Yin Yin Metal and wood. They suggest the desire for stability, strengthening the personal and business relationships. No need to hold back the event that it is time to develop. This can lead to internal conflict and frustration. In order to achieve the dream, we must act subtly and diplomatically. On the advice of Feng Shui for 2013 homes need to take care of strengthening south-east, to intensify the element of water and wood — to put in this area growing tree or its image. Metal elements will help to strengthen concentration, give the ability to see things from the right side, so the sound of wind, metal bells will help attract energy of creativity and self-expression.

According to Feng Shui 2013 — Year of the Green Rooster, which will force to fight for their rights, relying on their own strength. This is a year of adventure and new friendships that will provide green rooster in large numbers.

Summarizing the predictions of all the horoscopes, we can say that in the coming 2013 changes do not have to wait long. The old concept not play a major role, we have to lose unnecessary doubts and worries and clear the way for the future. It is up to us to ensure that all the changes were for the better.

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