Houses made of laminated veneer lumber. New domestic wood processing plant.

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In the Vyborg district, Leningrad region, in paragraph Fur, under the brand ECO HOUSE GROUP started production of a new timber plant for the production of housing sets of laminated veneer lumber. Already housing sets of laminated veneer lumber under the brand ECO HOUSE GROUP Building a cottage settlement "Peter's gardens." Where is completing the construction of a demonstration house.

The official representative of the company was "Petromar development" — a developer of cottage settlements Vsevolozhskogo district.


To date, the plant's capacity — 15,000 cubic meters The total production area — 10 000 sq.m. At the house-building plant involved equipment of last generation of leading European manufacturers.

Streamlined production process, automated lines and strict quality control of products, produce domestic product of the European standard competitive prices comfortclass.

For the production of standard designs approved ten cottages ranging from 106 sq.m. 255 sq.m. Section width laminated veneer lumber is 170 * 270, 210 * 270, 250 * 270.

ECO HOUSE GROUP — is a brand that brings together all the activities for the production of high-quality houses from glued beams "Turnkey" project architectural firm, house-building, construction company and an official representative of production of laminated veneer lumber in the North-West.

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