Houses of glued brusa.Teply circuit

Our company offers a new advanced technology, which incorporates the best of the existing house-building technologies, such as frame-and-panel construction and the building of houses from glued beams. Combined warm house from glued beams cedar, insulation, imitation timber larch.
Combined warm house of cedar laminated veneer lumber, insulation, timber larch simulate not only provide you with thermal comfort in the home, but also perform the function of sound insulation of the room.
Typical suburban single-storey houses made of glued beam cedar, padding, upholstered in imitation of timber larch. We produce standard sets of houses. Imitation of timber from larch (larix sibirica) and glulam pine (pinus sibirica). Houses built of cedar or finished with cedar, have excreted delicate aroma, imparting health and disinfecting the air of the room. Combined timber pine — cedar. Durability of structures made of larch. Larch and articles of wood do not rot.

• High environmental friendliness;

• The reliability and longevity;

• Ideal treated surfaces that do not require additional finishing;

• The speed and minimum cost in the assembly;

• Bruce does not crack;

• Minimal shrinkage in height;

• does not change its shape during operation;

• The special profile lock firmly and accurately bases beam in the wall is relatively higher — and the underlying timber in the wall;

• No need for reinforced foundation;

• Increased ability to store heat.

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