How to edit video at home?

Domestic developers presented to the users new video converter with the ability to record DVD. It's called a miracle VideoMaster is expanded and modernized version of the previously created converters.
VideoMastera application does not cause any difficulties to understand all the functions of the program can even inexperienced in such matters by the user.
To change the format of the video file just open it in VideoMastere and under the words "convert to" choose the desired format and click "Convert."
Video converter has an integrated file editor, if desired, you can add text, clip file, and apply various effects. The video quality can be significantly improved, and you can change one or more parameters, and automatically apply comprehensive improvement.

Video files can be converted to popular mobile phones, gaming consoles and music players, as well as to post a video on various sites on the Internet.
VideoMaster has few resources of the operating system on the computer that allows you to work with other programs during the conversion process.
Besides the optimized video settings file this wonderful video converter allows you to remove or replace the audio track, and change the volume of a sound recording.

Everything else, in addition to obvious advantages and benefits over earlier created similar programs VideoMaster can be used like a normal video player, and video can also be viewed with the quality or the use of visual effects.
This function is useful when recording for some reason can not be changed, or just do not want to save changes.

In order to save favorite frame in the right frame enough to click on the image the camera in the upper right corner and select the path to save the image.
Having experienced VideoMaster, would not want to use other similar programs, the simplicity and functionality is superior to all existing converters.

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