How to survive the next end of the world

Doomsday, Of course, ever be sure, but not as quickly as many expect. You still have to pay for all of your loans, raise children, live to dentures and senile dementia, and then had come the end of the world, your personal doomsday, because, sadly, none of us are immortal does not suffer …

During World War II, the Nazis threw from planes in England false quatrains of Nostradamus, who predicted the defeat of the British and various troubles 

If ancient Maya knew that their calendar cause such a stir at the beginning of the third millennium, they probably would have extended it for another few thousand years, so as not to hurt our psyche imminent global catastrophe. So, on December 23 2012 — The date of the next and the next end of the world for us. At one of the sites on the Internet is even counting — until the end of the world is left so many days, it's like clockwork huge bomb that could destroy all of humanity. While a lot of days and not so bad, but when left for three days, then two, one and … Here at very faint of heart can "rip the roof."

Apocalypse is the "safe" justified. For those who do not really believe the Mayan calendar, there is an option to the mysterious planet Nibiru,
She is also the grim date arrives and its gravitational influence would provoke a global catastrophe. Do not believe in Nibiru, so here's the same date in the parade of planets: Mars, Jupiter and Saturn line up in one line (in another version, it will be Venus, Mercury and Saturn). Not afraid of the parade of planets, then got scared though invasion aliens
— On the edge of the solar system seen three giant spaceships, they just arrive to us by the end of December 2012 year … The waiting period of the next end of the world — good time for astrologers, clairvoyants and all writers on mystical themes. It is possible to "light up" on the TV screen, or write a book on such a vital topic. Was recently in a bookstore, one eye on the shelf immediately 7.6 different books on the same topic — Apocalypse 2012. In recent years the world to develop dozens of books about the end of the world, the Mayan calendar, different scenarios anticipated apocalypse. Such literature is in demand, though, in my opinion, read it harmful to the psyche, and for the eyes, too.

However, if the topic you still extremely curious, the necessary information can be obtained through the TV. Thread the end of the world on a regular basis "bubbles" on television. Round tables, Documentaries, debates, interviews with astrologers, clairvoyants, scientists devoted to the upcoming "fateful" date — December 23, 2012.

Some perceive this information with curiosity, others — rather quietly, but with a share of some anxiety, and some use it as an excuse not to deal with their bad habits and vices (alcohol, smoking, etc.) — what strain, if an end soon … In a minority of those who are going to actively oppose a possible catastrophe, they are called "vyzhivaly dikami." They build underground shelters, store food, water, everything will survive the cataclysm. Someone just wants to save his life, even someone obsessed revive humanity …

Nostradamus for all occasions

The fact that the December 23, 2012 no doom will not, have repeatedly reassured the world from the homeland of the ancient Maya. Mexican scientists say that this date falls just the end "of this cosmic cycle." According to the hieroglyphic inscriptions of Classic Maya (III-IX centuries. BC. E.), He began on 13 August 3113 BC and to be completed December 23, 2012. End this cycle will be a new — and all!

Feeling the precariousness of their position to the Mayan Calendar, the apologists of doom took as an ally of the famous soothsayer of all time — Michel Nostradamus. May 4, 1555 in Lyon, he published a small book of his "prophecy." This little book was to become very popular in the XX century, when interest in the predictions of Nostradamus broke out with renewed vigor. Do not forget this work predictor in the XXI century.

Michel Nostradamus outlined his vision of the future in the quatrains, called quatrains. Undoubtedly, the great seer was very gifted person and had a certain gift of foresight. Thus, the claim that he predicted the time and place of his own death, and even the fact that in 1791, his remains will be disturbed. In fact, when Nostradamus died in 1566, his body was immured in a church wall, and in 1791 his remains were disturbed by robbers. They do not stop even that the neck of the skeleton was a metal plate engraved with the date on it, "1791." Believe that they wanted to with the skull of Nostradamus get prophetic. But the one who dared to commit this sacrilege, soon died under mysterious circumstances, and the remains of this great man was again reburied.

Prophecies of Nostradamus quatrains, not very specific, allowing each year to produce more and more books with commentaries and new interpretations of his predictions. This nebula prophecies attributed to the fact that at the time when he lived Nostradamus made predictions openly could lead to charges of witchcraft with the most disastrous consequences for their author. Rather, it is, but I think the immortal glory of the great seer just lies in the possibility of a different interpretation of his prophecies.

Doctor of Historical Sciences EO Berzin, who once wrote a book "Nostradamus and his prophecies, "did a great job on the study of the phenomenon of the great seer. According to him, any of his prophecies, even the most well-known, allows an alternative interpretation. He writes: "The general character of the Nostradamus says the frequency of certain words that occur in them. In a limited one thousand quatrains 139 times the word "death", 111 — "Battle", 89 times — "blood", 78 times — "fire", 45 times — "war" 42 times — "plague", 38 times — " hunger, "36 times -" sword ", 24 times -" robbery ", 19 times -" killed. "

Such a number of terrible words, of course, under any interpretation of prophecy does not promise anything good to mankind. With Nostradamus,
believe me to be even scare scary sorts of prophecies not only our children but the grandchildren … For those who have forgotten to remind you that at the end of XX century, we are pretty parrot with this visionary. They said that in the quatrains have only one specific date and applies it to 1999.

Everyone becomes uncomfortable when they read: "In the year 1999 and seven months from the sky will come great king of terror …" Then, too, there was talk about the end of the world, the fall of an asteroid or comet on a possible nuclear war … That year, the three nines are more or less safely passed, passed more than a decade, much to my surprise now seriously say that Nostradamus foresaw the end of the world was in 2012 …

Curiously, during the Second World War, the Germans were thrown from planes in England false quatrains of Nostradamus, who predicted the defeat of the British and all sorts of trouble. In turn, the British did the same thing, releasing even a fake German astrological magazine.

WHEN wait for the next end of the world?

If I was able to some extent to shake your confidence in Apocalypse 2012, and then you have a certain sadness for the lost sharpness of life, do not be discouraged — ahead is a whole queue of other prospective parts of the world. The most serious version of the apocalypse is currently confined to 2036. In contrast to other, already past "apocalypses"Expected on this date is quite realistic, we can say scientifically based.


Humanity faces a few parts of the world

In 2036 may fall to Earth Asteroid Apophis (As the Greeks called the Egyptian god
darkness and chaos Allen) with a diameter of about 400 meters, which weighs about 200 million tons. If this Kamenyuki crash into the planet, highlighted in 1600 megatons of energy. The diameter of the crater is more than 4 miles. In the fall of an asteroid in the ocean there a giant tsunami that will wipe from the face of the Earth, many cities and even entire countries. Dense cloud of dust rises, comes the so-called "nuclear winter", humanity will survive is very difficult. True, scientists admit that the asteroid in 2036 and can go by, but one day it will necessarily fall to Earth.

If humanity safely tackles Apophis, then in 2060 it expects another doomsday, predicted by Isaac Newton. In his letter, dated 1704 year, scientists predicted that humanity will perish in 2060. This prediction is based on the text of the biblical Book of Daniel. Studying it, Newton came to the conclusion that the world would end in 1260 years after the formation of the Frankish Empire by Charlemagne in the year 800. So that "all the world" and without 2012 year, we have enough.

I have no doubt also that, with the December 23 2012 worldwide, the "discussion" about the end of the world will only gain momentum, it will end when this date passes. The main thing — to stay calm and not do anything stupid. During its history, humanity has at least two dozen times expected by the end of the world, were the specific dates, "theoretical" justification, but as you can see, people are assigned apocalypses safely passed.

By the way, according to the ancient Indians (and they are worse than Mayan?!), We live in the early Iron Age, a period of 432,000 years, mankind has released four hundred thousand years. So do not be nervous, only doomsday, which we can not avoid, is only a personal nature …

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