Human rights activists condemned the dismissal of an attorney Sapelka

Belarusian human rights activists speak out about the exclusion of the Bar of the defense of political prisoners Paul Sapelka.

Vladimir. Labkovich: "It is also absolutely illegal decision"

Labkovich: "Of course, it continued pressure on lawyers, it is a huge blow to the independent legal profession in general. Indeed, without further ado here we can say that Paul Sapelka was one of those who always helped and participated in the political process, not paying attention of intimidation and threats. fact it ends — it reiterates in Belarus there is not only an independent legal profession, prosecution and trial, but it's also absolutely illegal decision. "

Bialiatski: "This is the collapse of all the independent bar in Belarus"

The head of the human rights center "Viasna" Ales Bialiatski:

"This is what is called the collapse of the entire independent advocacy in Belarus with all the tragic consequences, in fact, for all Belarusian citizens. Not only do we have courts padalezhnyya power, but today, a situation is created that lawyers will not defend their clients in the event if the citizens would oppose any government agencies. And it's absolutely all cases, not just political. Thus, we avoid, in fact, the last opportunities for the objective of protection, and the state is completely totalitarian without any obstacles.

In addition, so lawyers are denied the right to work and, of course, first of all, there is the question of holding on December 19, since the beginning of this repression has been actively involved in the protection of lawyers of the accused in those events. And it suggests that the process of Dec. 19, it becomes an absolute political overtones, if the lawyers will serve as silent extras. The Ministry of Justice, in fact, shut their mouths, and it again emphasizes that it is very difficult to expect any objective consideration in litigation. "

G. Pahanyajla: "This is an unprecedented pressure, and I think that this practice will continue,"

"I think everyone is under the same pressure on the Minsk City Bar Association, defending the accused on the events of December 19 last year. Sapelka Paul defends Andrei Sannikov, Paul Sevyarinets and Dmitry Dashkevich. What can I say? Of course, bad, when an independent institute legal profession is subject to pressure from the executive branch. When lawyers are forced to literally go "toe the line", so that, God forbid, do not give reasons for their expulsion from the college. course, this is unprecedented pressure, and we all understand that this is due to the fact to intimidate lawyers paralyze their will to ensure that they are defended with courage and principle business of its customers, the accused in the riots. course, this is all very sad. And I think that this practice will continue. "

Valentin Stefanovich, deputy chairman of the Human Rights Center "Viasna":

"In fact, it means that he now has the right to practice law. Whatever legal justification is not covered, in my opinion, the reasons are obvious. Sapelka Paul as a lawyer known for his integrity and honesty. He participated in uncomfortable for the government affairs matters politically motivated and defended the opponents of the government. Deprivation Paul Sapelka right to work on — a continuation of the pressure on lawyers, we observed earlier. means also the first attempt to exclude Mr. Sapelka of the college, when it was first precept of Justice, but the board did not go for it . I mean the loss of four lawyers license. All of these events — from a single row.

Very annoying that Sapelka expelled from its ranks is the board members. It is sad that the tune of the KGB and the Ministry of Justice have now started to dance in including and bodies of self-government advocates. Thus the whole of society eliminate the protection of professional and honest lawyers. "(Taken from the sites of Human Rights Center" Viasna ")




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