Hundreds of people have seen UFOs in Yugoslavia

Hundreds of people have seen UFOs in Yugoslavia — further proof of the existence of UFOs

Hundreds of residents Montenegrin village Godidzhevo saw a group of giant UFO reports Ananova.

Witnesses said that they had run out of their homes after several loud explosions. Then they saw a huge luminous objects hovering above the ground. However, residents of villages can not tell the exact height at which amuse unknown objects. "When I went outside, I saw about twenty large fluorescent laps before my eyes hovering UFO. Their light the sky, I think, was lit by hundreds of meters ", — said one of the locals.

While scientists are not ready to give an explanation of what happened. Meanwhile, the authorities have already rejected the assumption that the next would be a light show. They note that in the village there are no discos, as well as hundreds of kilometers there is no technical items that could produce such a powerful light.

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