Hurricane Berit hit Northern Europe

Storm "Berit" went through Norway, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia. In Estonia, left without electricity for six and a half million homes. Power failures were registered in Latvia and Lithuania. Suffered most Klaipeda and Kaunas, where the element is almost completely destroyed the beaches. Knocked down hundreds of trees, partially disrupted road and rail links.

Tallinn Town Hall Square squalls broke down and collapsed the main Christmas tree of the country.
Meteorological Service of Sweden announced a third, the highest level of alert. In Norway, the 20-meter high wave washed away in a sea of two people. Their searches have yielded no results. According to preliminary data, the losses from the disaster could exceed $ 8.5 million.
A similar situation exists in Denmark. All local operating units are translated into enhanced mode.

A massive power outage recorded in the Kaliningrad region. Canceled classes in the schools, residents advised to be careful and do not go without the need of a house. In St. Petersburg, the threat of flooding port is closed.

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