Hurricane century went through several states

Hurricane century, which in the U.S. say the past few days, made it to New York. The city announced the threat of tornadoes. Element inexorably moving from south to north, leaving behind destroyed houses and roads, fallen trees and broken wires. Without electricity are over a million people, more have fled their homes to wait out the bad weather in safe areas. Already known about 7 dead, including two children.

Wind storms, high waves and dense wall of tropical rain — Hurricane "Irene" that hit a few hours ago, on the eastern shore of the United States, surely captures all new territory. The first impact of elements has experienced external Shoals residents of North Carolina. A series of islands and the sea spit along the coast, in the path of a storm front.
Even before the hurricane hit the ground, 90 thousand people of this state were without electricity. A little later it was reported that severe shortages are marked with light in other parts of the coastline. The total number of people left without electricity, exceeded one million.
Power of Washington announced a state of emergency, to do the same guide all the states along the East Coast. Despite the fact that in the last days of the hurricane weakened, the power and speed of the wind is still quite high — 140 kilometers per hour.
Washington is slightly away from the trajectory of the hurricane, but even here the weather is deteriorating by the hour. Delayed rains and strong winds — all as it should be in a tropical storm. The water level rises in the Potomac River, and hence, many areas of the capital and the suburbs of Washington, will be flooded. The hurricane is moving very slowly, bad weather can hold out here until early next week.
At headquarters, the Emergency Management Agency, a national coordination center, which receives all the information on the areas affected by the storm. Rescue operations are complicated by the fact that many sections of roads were flooded, to reach the victims interfere fallen trees. The hurricane has already claimed the lives of several people.
First time in many years, the government announced the mandatory evacuation. If the wind does not ease, the narrow streets of the central part of New York can be flooded.
"The hurricane hit New York. Weather will deteriorate rapidly. Evacuation is complete. I call on those who remained in the city, do not leave the house until the storm is over," — said New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.
The transport system of the city is temporarily blocked. Authorities closed the subway, canceled flights from all five airports in New York and New Jersey. When flights resume, no one knows.

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