If a loved one has died, what to do

Death will take all of us, it is a fact, but we are increasingly concerned if a close loved one dies, than the idea that we are ever going to die.


The death of a loved one — it's usually a big loss that shows how much we were attached to him.

Faced with this phenomenon, a person may experience a variety of negative emotions and experience the unpleasant state:
— a state of shock, stunned, numb, confused. Usually it happens in the first few minutes after receiving the sad news.
— feelings of guilt, remorse, self-reproach — if a person believes that by commission or omission brought harm to the deceased.
— rage and anger arising from powerlessness in fact happened.
— The loneliness and sadness, especially if the husband dies, the wife or other family member.
— apathy, fatigue, unwillingness to do anything.
— anxiety and fear for the future — as a result of failure or inability to cope alone with the difficulties of life.
There may be other emotions and that, over time, tends to lose its edge. But what happens when emotions are strong, and the soul is very bad?

If someone died, that make us suffer?

It is no consolation, these are facts that are taken from the scriptures and added the perspective of psychology. Although, as a consolation, too, will come down.

The first thing to understand — the real tragedy is not that someone is dead, but the fact that modern man is so identified with the body, he had forgotten his true nature. The soul, unlike the body, can not die, and death for the soul — it is liberation from the mortal shell, susceptibility to disease, aging and suffering.

If a loved one dies, we suffer the most part not because of worry, where he gets (the soul) after death, and because of the false concept of "I am the body, it is also the body," but also because of their selfish attachment to it. Few people really going through, which freed from the material body soul gets after death.

Therefore, we can say that almost all the suffering caused by our selfish attachments,
— or rather, the desire to enjoy the presence of a loved one or a loved one who has left this mortal body and can not satisfy our selfish desires.

In rare cases, we suffer because of the experience, which reaches the soul after death. Each for himself honestly can determine the cause of this, or, after all, in their own self-interest.

What exactly should I do if dead dear and beloved man

If you ask this question, you should understand that all of us — all of the soul — are linked to the higher plane. And when we think about this or that person, or he thinks about us, contact occurs at the level of the soul. Moreover, it does not matter, the person (soul) in the body, or the body is already dead. From this we must proceed.

If you believe in God, can read the appropriate prayers, go to church, and do all the other religious orders. This is very good for the soul, which left dead body. From your prayers and faith to some extent dependent on its fate.

If you do not believe in God, but admit the possibility that the soul is eternal, and does not die during the death of the body, fit the following:

If you feel guilty about the soul, leaving the body, ask her forgiveness. It implies a sincere repentance for their misdeeds and humble request to forgive you. This should be done until you feel the need, that is, while retaining a sense of guilt.

I wish you happiness departed person (ie shower). Best wishes for happiness charges it with positive energy, and this his future fate can significantly improve. Your way, too.
— thank a loved one (and now just the soul) for all the good things he has done for you.
— Forgive him what, in your opinion or feeling, it made you feel bad.

release the soul that has left the physical body, as it is no longer part of this world. You can not get it back, and your constant thoughts about the deceased loved one gave him anxiety and can interfere with the thread break attachment to you. Will not do better than you or deceased relatives.

What not to do when a loved one has died

no need to constantly crying and moaning, with the aim to show the neighbors and friends as you do suffer — is selfish, and unreasonable.

Since we are all interconnected in the higher plane, your unwanted emotions and endless talk about the dead man gave him concern. And according to the law of karma, if we bring someone to worry, we will return it. In addition, their superfluous emotions and talk about the death of a loved one, we were drawn to the negative attitude of other people that are talking about these issues, and they are (in a negative frame of mind), once again, too, remember the person who died, thus bringing him even more of a concern than you. You are karmic responsibility for it. Do not do worse than yourself, others and the souls left the body. Payment for such behavior can be severe diseases, and other troubles.

And as a consolation

We do not know why people die from the disease in the early years, or why kill a stupid death, so as itself can not know where he went after the body dies.

Perhaps, in this body he has completed the bad karma, and now he is supposed to be born into a new healthy body, a good family and a better country, or even in the heavenly planets.

Maybe he completed his last mission in this mortal world, and God brought him back home — to the spiritual world.

Only deeply spiritual people and sages can roughly determine where to send the soul of the dead, but even they can be wrong, as the mysterious ways of God.

The material is based on the Vedic and esoteric materials.

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